Rules for Selecting Words

Rules For Synonyms and Antonyms

There are a number of tests and mock tests in which questions related to synonyms and antonyms can be found. Individuals find it difficult to identify the similar and opposite of the synonym and antonym, respectively. On this page we’ll learn the Rules for Synonyms and Antonyms – 

In the contemporary and highly educated world, mastering vocabulary skills is utterly important, and synonyms and antonyms are an utmost crucial part of it.

Rules for selecting Words

Rules for Selecting Words

Rule 1 – Proper Selection of Words

  • While forming the sentence proper selection of words is very important.  
  • Words should have accuracy. 
  • The words should be absolutely right, not close to right.
  • The words has to be appropriate  to the context so, writer or reader can understand it easily as per the idea of sentence.
  • Use the words as a way they are commonly used.

Rule 2 – Use Attractive Words

  • The message reader got from the sentence often depends on the words used in sentence.
  • Use of poor, incorrect and invalid words can make reader distract so whatever the message you want to convey is missed.
  • Always use the attractive words in your sentence so it will be more interesting for audience or reader.

Rule 3 – Conciseness

  • Good writing starts with profound respect for words – their denotation, their connotation, their force, their rhythm.
  • The sentence should have briefness, compactness and concision.

Rule 4 – Word Choice and Audience

  • Choose the words in your sentence have no difficulty, too technical and too easy so, reader may not face any communication barrier.
  • Always use the interesting and understandable words so, reader or audience may not get bored.

Rule 5 – Examine the Prose

The choice of words is probably the aspect of prose style that is easiest to discuss.

Principles of Selecting Words -

  1. Choose understandable words.
  2. Use specific, precise words.
  3. Choose strong words.
  4. Emphasize positive words.
  5. Avoid overused words.
  6. Avoid obsolete words.

Examples for Selecting Words -

Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Question 1:

I Saw a _______ of cows in the field.

a. Herd

b. group

c. Swarm

d. Flock

Correct answer – a. Herd


The correct and complete sentence should be – I saw a herd of cows in the field. Here herd is used as group of cows is known as Herd.

Question 2:

The grapes are now ______ enough to be picked.

a. Ready

b. Mature

c. Ripe

d. Advanced

Correct answer – c. Ripe

Explanation –

The correct and complete sentence will be – The grapes are now ripe enough to be picked. Here Ripe is used as grapes is fruit.

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