Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts On Error Identification

Error Identification Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts:

Numerous examinations include sentence error questions to test the communication and language skills of the individual.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to quickly solve such types of questions

  1. Read the sentence carefully and try to find errors or words that are illogical and contains grammatical errors.
  2. Look carefully for all the possible choices and check if the sentence needs change or not, as there are many sentences that do not require change and are given to confuse the reader.
  3. In the above case, if you feel the sentence seems right, then try replacing or putting the words in the place to check if any other option seems correct or fit in the context.

Error Identification Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts:

tips and tricks for error identification

More Error Identification – Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts

  1. Once you are able to locate an error, eliminate the options having the error and see what you are left with.
  2. It is advisable to not waste time in comparing each and every question with the incorrect word, as it increases the chances of confusion and inaccuracy. 
  3. Underline the wrong words while reading the sentences or paragraph and articulate in mind the reason why the word is incorrect.
  4. If there are no options given, start putting similar verbs and pronouns, which will make it simple to answer the questions.

Type 1. Identify Error 

Question 1.

No one dares to disobey Ms. Johnson, as she is the strictest between all the teachers.

A.  Dares
B.  Strictest
C.  Between
D.  No error

Correct answer: C


Between is used to denote two people, and the above sentence talks about all the teachers, where “among” should be used.

Question 2

Shia hearing the news of mars mission which was initiated by ISRO.


A. Hearing
B. Of
C. Which
D. was
E. No error

Correct Option A.
Shia heard the news of mars mission which was initiated by ISRO.