TCS Placement Papers 2019

TCS Previous Papers with Solutions for Recruitment 2019

Looking for TCS placement papers for your recruitment test? Don’t worry you will find all the tcs previous papers with solutions, tcs written test papers are of moderate difficulty. We have all the TCS Previous Questions from TCS Test Papers. These TCS Previous Question Papers are as observed constantly in each drive of TCS Placement Papers 2019 and all TCS Online Test Papers TCS Previous Year Question Paper, TCS Off Campus Drive Question Papers and On Campus Questions papers, TCS Sample Papers with Solutions PDF, TCS Model Papers with Solutions PDF for Exam, TCS 2019 Placement Papers, TCS Previous Year Papers, TCS Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions PDF, TCS Previous Year Placement Papers, TCS Multiple Choice Questions, TCS C MCQ Questions, TCS Question Paper TCS TNSLPP Anna University Pattern for Off campus 2019.

Info: TCS has changed its pattern and even questions bank in 2018 October,  We have the latest questions and the latest pattern updated in May 2019.

Note – If you have any question regarding the exam, comment at the end of the page we will answer within 10 mins.

TCS consists of the following Sections according to the latest pattern changed this year –

Get all the questions asked Today in TCS here – 

TCS Ninja Live Questions Dashboard

TCS Online Test Papers & TCS Placement Papers 2019

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TCS Previous Year Papers Pattern

  • TCS English Questions
  • TCS Questions on Quantitative Ability
  • TCS C MCQ Questions on Programming and Computer Science
  • TCS Questions on Coding Test

If you like you can check detailed TCS Syllabus and Pattern here on this page.

First we suggest you to check the eligibility criteria for TCS here on this page.

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TCS Previous Test Papers and Answers

TCS Test Papers -Quantitative Ability Part 1

TCS Placement Papers – Quantitative Ability Part – 3

For 2020 Passouts :  

  • No Of Questions:- 15(11+ 4 Star Marked) TCS Questions
  • Time:- 30 mins

For 2019 Passouts :   

  • No Of Questions:- 20(15+5 Star Marked) TCS Questions
  • Time – 40 mins

Star Marked Questions have 2x more marks and have negative marking in tcs online test papers.

TCS Technical and Programming Logic MCQ Questions

Our TCS Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions PDF our TCS Programming Logic Dashboard should help you a lot in practice

For 2020 Passouts :   

  • No Of Questions:- 10(7+3 Star Marked) TCS Questions
  • Time – 20 mins

For 2019 Passouts :   

  • No Of Questions:- 10(7+3 Star Marked) TCS Questions
  • Time:- 20 mins

TCS Verbal English

This topic has just been introduced in TCS and there are 10 questions and the time given is also 10 mins.

For 2020 Passouts :   

  • No Of Questions:- 15 Questions
  • Time – 10 mins

For 2019 Passouts :   

  • No Of Questions:- 10 Questions
  • Time – 10 mins

TCS Questions on Coding Test Paper

In this section you have to solve a Coding Question in Language of your choice. Number of questions are 1 in 20 mins which is simple and have to code in in-built online compiler in TCS Online Test Papers.

For 2020 Passouts :   

  • No Of Questions:- 1 Question
  • Time – 30 mins

For 2019 Passouts :   

  • No Of Questions:- 1 
  • Time – 20 mins

TCS Online Test Paper –  Interview Preparation Dashoard

Find all the Technical Interview Quetions, Managerial and HR round pattern and most asked questions on this dashboard here.

TCS Placement Papers Syllabus and Paper Pattern Analysis

Negative Marking in Recruitment Test

  • There is negative marking of 0.33 per wrong question in TCS Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Negative marking is only applicable in the Quants section, English and Programming Logic, there is no negative marking for the Creative Coding section.
Important Note : TCS has just introduced new test pattern for 2020 Batch pass-outs students. The pattern for 2019 pass-outs being the same. Below are the tables with detailed analysis on the same. Make sure you do not refer any other paper pattern as below one is the most updated paper pattern for both 2019 and 2020 Passouts.

For 2020 Passouts 

TCS Sections For 2020 PassoutsNumber of QuestionsAllotted Time No. of Star Marked QuestionsNegative Marking
TCS Questions on Quants15 Questions30 Minutes3-4Yes
Verbal English15 Questions10 Minutes0Yes
Programming Logic efficiency MCQ10 Questions20 Minutes3Yes
Coding Round1 Question30 Minutes0No

For 2019 Passouts 

TCS Placement Papers Sections For 2019 PassoutsNumber of QuestionsAllotted Time No. of Star Marked QuestionsNegative Marking
TCS Questions on Quantitative Aptitude20 Questions40 Minutes5Yes
Verbal English10 Questions10 Minutes0Yes
Programming Logic efficiency MCQ10 Questions20 Minutes3Yes
Coding Round1 Question20 Minutes0No

TCS Previous Papers with Solutions based Facts in Hiring Trends

TCS will hire lesser number of Engineers this year, as there is slow down in hiring trends of all IT companies thus these TCS Previous papers PDF should help you a lot.

TCS Previous Papers based Hiring2011 – 122012 – 132013 -142014- 152015 -162016 – 20172017 – 182018 – 2019
No of Emplyees Hired by TCS70,00069,27861,20067,00070,00081,00060,00045,000
Net AdditionN.A59,00046,00035,00045,00030,00012,0009,000
Total Employees1,70,0002,29,0002,75,0003,10,0003,55,0003,75,0003,87,0003,96,000

TCS Previous Papers excelled – Success Story in TCS Question Paper

If you want to read more such On campus and Off Campus Interview Experiences you can read them on our TCS Interview Experiences Dashboard here.

  • Name – Akshit
  • College – MIET, Meerut
  • Branch – CSE

TCS Previous Year Placement Papers Story

Coming from a Tier 3 college, I wasn’t expecting a lot of CS companies to visit our Campus. So TCS was one of the Big Companies I was hoping to get selected into. All my seniors had suggested to prepare from PrepInsta for any company including TCS. I had purchased the paid material also, for TCS Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions PDF will recommend other as well to buy since a samll amount may land you u in a job in TCS by studying TCS previous papers with solutions and questions so you clear the first round with ease in TCS previous yera questions.

TCS Placement Papers 2019 was of very high difficulty as TCS is looking to hire lesser number of Freshers this year due to slow down in the Software Services Industry.

Akshit Ram

Selected in TCS , KIET Meerut

Here is Step by Step details for TCS 2019 Placement Papers By Akshit Ram – 

Round 1: Online Round

For TCS Previous Year Papers these are the following sections in TCS 2019 Placement Papers –

Do note that you need to do all the rounds well as all of them have sectional cut offs in TCS Previous Year Placement Papers. Even if you cant score well in one round you wont be selected even though you had done the other rounds well.

Verbal english

This is round is of 10 minutes and 10 questions were there most of them were Fill the Blanks and Sentence Completion Questions.

TCS Questions on Quantitative Ability & Reasoning

This section has quantitative questions. Please refer previous year TCS papers and prepare. Prepare for TCS specific quant topic, thanks for letting me know PrepInsta.

TCS C MCQ Questions on Technical MCQ Section

This round is of 20 minutes. It is based on C language and please prepare all the basic concepts of C to clear this section.

Coding Test

From This year we didn't have code in Command Line Programming and we could code in any of the following languages - C, C++, Java, Python etc.

TCS Multiple Choice Questions Tech Round

Round 2: Technical Round

After TCS Written Round we had this face to face round where you will be tested what you have done in years of your engineering. I  had revised my engineering subjects basics. The person interviewing you may ask you your strong subject so please tell the subject that you have prepare well (I told C and Java).

I was asked to write a simple program to find all the prime numbers less than a number. I wrote a separate function for prime numbers and used a for loop to check all the numbers less than N, to check if they are prime or not. If they were prime i displayed the number. Then he gave coin weight balance puzzle which i stumbled with but after some clues i understood the problem, but i couldn’t give an accurate solution.The next series of questions was from C, which i managed to answer. Some of my friends got questions from OS and DBMS too in TCS Previous Year Placement Papers. It depends on your luck, so do prepare subjects like Networks, DBMS, OS, JAVA, C, C++  for tcs off campus placement paper.

For Non CS/IT people questions were on projects resume and branch based questions like circuit diagram of project and basic questions, definitions.

TCS Question Paper Round 3: Managerial Round

I was asked about my projects here. I was asked about my interests. My views and ideas of technology was tested. My friends had a few questions from programming here. This round basically checks your attitude and behaviour. Please try to be the person whom you are, if you pretend here ,the recruiters are smart enough to know that. If you don’t know something, then tell you are not sure about it. Also ask any query regarding the company when you are given a chance ,failing to do so will show your lack of interest for the company in TCS 2019 Placement Papers.

Round 4: HR Round

After TCS Question Paper Round this round will be a round where your knowledge for TCS will be tested. Do prepare your introduction and also about TCS very well. If you had participated in  CodeVita or testimony ,please mention that in your introduction. You should be able to convince the HR about why you want to join TCS. Again, try to be yourself here. If had done the other rounds well, then you are mostly in. Ask 1 or queries about the company or your role when you are given the chance.Before leaving, greet the person who was interviewing you and leave.

Proper aptitude and 2 week’s preparation is enough to get the job via TCS Previous Year Placement Papers provided you are determined. I felt the first round to be toughest Solve as much as TCS Previous Year Papers that will be very crucial So, prepare well, all the best! for both tcs off campus placement paper and On Campus Paper.

Check this video for the latest TCS Pattern for the year 2019.

TCS Placement Papers 2019 based FAQ's

What all questions can come in tcs exams??

Prepinsta has provided the most favourable topics that can come in TCS Exams with no of questions to practice every topic and achieve a good score in every exam.

What is the level of difficulty for TCS Previous Question Papers?

Generally in TCS Question Paper from what we have seen that the questions asked in TCS Previous Question Papers are tough and are of high difficulty. We suggest you to do preparation for TCS Exam from PrepInsta’s TCS Placement Papers 2019.

which is the most important section in tcs previous year question paper?

For tcs previous year question paper we will suggest preparing well for the coding section a new Coding section was there in which you could use any language of your choice and last year’s command line programming section has was removed. This year coding will be an important section as TCS looks to higher lesser number of Fresher Graduates via tcs online test papers for Recruitment.

What are some most asked TCS Questions?

Foe TCS previous year questions here you can find in decending order the list of most asked TCS questions Click here

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