Cognizant Interview Experiences

cognizant interview experience

Cognizant Interview Experience

Looking for latest Cognizant Interview Experience? You are at the right place. Here you will find the latest Cognizant Interview Experience for 2022-2023 batch. 

Page Highlights:

  • About Cognizant
  • Cognizant Interview Experience of Selected Candidates
  • Cognizant Interview Questions with Answers
  • Interview Preparation Course

Cognizant Interview Experience

Looking for latest Cognizant Interview Experience? You are at the right place. Here you will find the latest Cognizant Interview Experience for 2022-2023 batch. 

Page Highlights:

  • About Cognizant
  • Cognizant Interview Experience of Selected Candidates
  • Cognizant Interview Questions with Answers
  • Interview Preparation Course
cognizant interview experience

About Cognizant

Cognizant is a US based multinational technology company. It provides services in business consulting, information technology and outsourcing. To know more about the company  visit:

Recruitment Process

Cognizant hires through:-

  • On Campus Drives
  • Off Campus Drives


The most common profiles Cognizant hires for are:-

  • GenC
  • GenC Elevate



For GenC profile there are 3 rounds:-

  • Aptitude Test
  • Communication
  • Interview + HR Discussion

You can read more about GenC recruitment process here: GenC

GenC Elevate:-

For GenC Elevate the Recruitment Process is divided into 2 parts:-

  • Skill Based Assessment
  • Technical Interview + HR Discussion

You can read more about GenC Elevate recruitment process here: GenC Elevate

Interview Process:-

Depending on the profile/college the number of interview rounds vary.

Gen C and GenC Elevate:-

Cognizant conducts one Interview Round in which both Technical and HR Round is conducted.

For On Campus Drives:-

For Grade A colleges like VIT, NITs, Technical Round is not conducted.

For Grade B and C and most state colleges Technical Round is conducted.

For Off Campus Drives

Technical Interview Round is always conducted for Cognizant Off Campus drives.

1.Cognizant GenC Interview Experience

Cognizant was my dream company, and so when our TPO informed about Cognizant coming for hiring I immediately began to prepare.I followed PrepInsta’s materials and got there paid materials as well. These helped me a lot in the whole process. This is my entire Cognizant Interview Experience.

Round 1:-

It was an online written exam. The exam was conducted on the Amcat platform.

Topic Number of Questions     Time duration
Quants      25      35 minutes
Logical      35      45 minutes
English      20      20 minutes
Total      80      100 minutes

Round 2:-

After completing Aptitude Assessment, I was invited for the Communication Round.

There were 3 sections in the communication round:-

Total time: 45mins

  • Reading and grammar
  • Comprehension and listening
  • Speaking 

Round 3:-

After clearing both the aptitude and communication assessments. I was selected for GenC profile, and was called for the interview round.

It was conducted on AMCAT platform and time duration was around 40 minutes.

Technical as well as HR questions were asked in the interview including:-

1.Introduce yourself.

2.What is TCP/IP protocol?

TCP/IP protocol or Transmission Control/Internet Protocol is a set of communication protocols used to interconnect network devices on the internet.

3.How to add new rows and columns in a table?

4.Query to find 2nd largest salary from a table.

select *from employee

group by salary

order by salary desc limit 1,1;

5.What are pure virtual functions?

A pure virtual function is a function for which we only need to declare it, we do not need any definition for it.

6.What are tokens in C++?

A token is the smallest meaningful element of a C++ program, which the compiler identifies.

7.Can a database table exist without a primary key?

Yes, a database table can exist without a primary key.

8.What are aggregation and encapsulation?

Aggregation:- Aggregation is a type of Encapsulation technique where child objects have one parent object, and they cannot be accessed by any other parent object.

Encapsulation:- In encapsulation the fields of a class are made private, while the access to these fields are provided by public methods. Here, since a private field cannot be accsessed by anyone outside its class, the field stays hidden within the class.

9.Differentiate between C and C++.
C C++
It is a procedural programming language It is both procedural and object-oriented programming language
does not support OOPS concept Supports OOPS concepts like polymorphism, encapsulation
It is a function driven language It is an object driven language

10.Why do you want to join CTS?

11.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

12.Are you willing to relocate?

13.Some aptitude questions.

I was confident and answered all the questions to the best of my abilities. After a few days, I got the mail saying that I was selected.

2.CTS GenC Interview Experience

I was following PrepInsta on Instagram, and from there I got to know that Cognizant was conducting an Off Campus drive. I registered through their registration link and got the assessment link a month later.

There were 2 rounds:-

1. Written exam

    • Aptitude Assessment
    • Communication Assessment

2. Interview

Round 1:-

Below is the exam pattern.

Topic Number of Questions     Time duration
Quants      25      35 minutes
Logical      35      45 minutes
English      20      20 minutes
Total      80      100 minutes

Round 2:-

Below is the exam pattern:-

SectionsTime alloted
Reading and grammar45mins(shared)
Listening and comprehension45mins(shared)

The exam was moderate. After some days the interview was conducted.

Round 3:-

I appeared for the GenC profile. There is only one interview for this profile. The questions included both technical as well as HR type questions.

1.Introduce yourself.

2.Explain the OOPs concepts.

  • Encapsulation- It is the mechanism that binds the code to the data it manipulates. Thus the data is wrapped under a single unit.
  • Abstraction-It is the process of exposing the details that are necessary and hiding the rest.
  • Inheritance-Through this, a class can acquire the properties of another class.
  • Polymorphism-The same action can be performed in many different ways.

3.What is method overloading and method overriding?

Method Overloading:- It is used to increase the readability of a program.

Method Overriding:- It provides specific implementation of the method that is already provided by super class.

4.Difference between having and group by clause.

Group ByHaving
used to group data according to a particular row/columnused to apply an extra condition to a query
cannot contain aggregate functionscontains aggregate function

5.Explain BCNF.

BCNF or Boycs Codd Normal Form, is an advanced version of 3nf form.

For a table to be in BCNF form it must fulfill the following properties:-

  • should be in 3nf
  • every functional dependency, A->B, must be a superkey

6.What is the latest technology you learned?

7.What was your final year project?

8.Why CTS?

9.What are the pros and cons of online education?

10.Willing to relocate?

After a few days I got the mail saying I had cleared the round and was offered the role of Programmer Analyst Trainee under GenC.

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3.Cognizant Interview Experience 2022-23

I got selected in Cognizant as Program Analyst Trainee. It was an OnCampus drive for GenC profile.

Round 1

The first round was an online test on SHL AMCAT platform. The duration to complete the test was 100mins.

It included questions from aptitude, verbal and logical reasoning. I had prepared from PrepInsta’s Cognizant materials and found many questions to be similar.

Round 2:-

The second round consisted of three components that I had to finish in 45 minutes.

The rounds are:-

  • Reading and grammar
  • Listening and comprehension
  • Speaking

Round 3

The third round was a Technical Interview conducted on Superset. The questions in this round were mostly from Python as I had mentioned that I am most comfortable in Python programing.

Questions included:-

1.Introduce yourself.

2.Tell me about a project on which you worked recently.

3.Which programming language are you most comfortable with?

4.What is a constructor?

Constructor in Python is a special type of method which is used to initialize the instance members of the class. The task of constructors is to initialize and assign values to the data members of the class when an object of the class is created.

5. What is Pass in Python?

Pass statement is a null statement. It is used to delay the time of compilation. In any function of a parent class which is useless to that class, but is a useful function to it’s child classes to avoid any error in base class then we use a pass statement.

Round 4

There was also a brief HR Round where they asked for introductions, document verification and spoke about the internship. Some of the questions asked in this round were:

1.Introduce yourself.

2.What is your greatest strength?

3.Why do you want to join Cognizant?

Cognizant Interview Preparation Course

In PrepInsta Prime, we have created a customized  Cognizant Interview Preparation Course. This course includes:-

  • Cognizant Interview Questions
  • Cognizant Technical Interview Questions
  • Cognizant HR Interview Questions
  • Cogniznt Interview Experience Videos of selected candidates
  • Cognizant Interview Experience of candidates
  • and much more…

To read more Interview Experiences of selected candidates, visit:

FAQ on Cognizant Interview Experience

Question: Is Cognizant GenC Interview easy?


The Cognizant GenC exam is relatively easy. The candidates are expected to know about the basics of new and advanced technologies and basic to medium coding questions.

Question: What type of questions are asked in Cognizant Interview?


In Cognizant Interview questions are asked on new technologies like ML, AI. Along with that you can basic programming questions and coding questions. And some questions about Cognizant.

Question: Is there any chance of upgrading to GenC elevate is I perform good in GenC exam?


No. For whichever profile you have registered you will be shortlisted for that only. No upgrades are done.

Question: Are coding questions asked in Cognizant Interview?


Yes, coding questions are asked in Cognizant Interview.

You can practice coding questions here : Top 100 codes

Question: What questions can I expect in GenC Elevate Interview?


GenC Elevate interview is a combination of Technical and HR Questions. 

Question: Can I get rejected in Cognizant HR Interview?


All the rounds in Cognizant are elimination rounds, and there is always the chance of getting rejected after the Interview stage.

Question: How long is the whole Cognizant Interview process?


The Cognizant Interview usually lasts for 30 minutes. But it varies as per candidates and interviewers.

Question: Does Cognizant reject after document verification?


Cognizant does a proper background check and document verification after hiring. And if there is any misinformation then they can reject the candidate.