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Wipro National Talent Hunt 2021 Syllabus | Wipro NLTH Syllabus 2021

Wipro NLTH Syllabus 2021


Number of Questions


type of test

Type of test


Negative Marking

Negative Marking


Time Duration

Time Duration

128 mins (approx)

Wipro NLTH Syllabus | Table of Content

Wipro National Talent Hunt 2021 Syllabus

Additional Facts

Interview Experience

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8 comments on “Wipro National Talent Hunt 2021 Syllabus | Wipro NLTH Syllabus 2021”

  • Indulekha

    Sir how can I join in ur online class for Wipro NLTH examination.the only payment method we have is Google pay. Please say the way to join in ur classes

    • PrepInsta

      Hey Indu,
      Don’t worry, we accept all kind of payment methods.
      So, hurry up and start up with your preparations

  • Vikram

    Thnk you prepinsta for providing the updated syllabus for Wipro ELite NLTH , it has helped me a lot for preparing,, i have one more request, i am a regular commentor on your youtube videos, please qualfy me for a giveaway of wipro nlth online classes, as i am unable to buy it

  • Nirosha S

    Thank you instaprep i got placed in Wipro because of your. Around 30-40% questions were similar in the exam. Love you

  • Kshitija Shitole

    I am in mechanical engineering. Will coding be covered in detail for mechanical engineering students in your online classes?