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  • 200+ Courses Under One Subscription
  • Nano Degree Certificates
  • Prime Mocks, Previous Year Questions, Mock Tests
  • One on One Mentorship
  • Doubt Resolution Support
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • and more

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  • Subscription model, so no need to pay per course. Get access to all the courses with one time subscription.
  • Study at your own pace with our recorded lectures. No interference with your daily schedule.
  • Reputed mentors from various IT giants like Google and Amazon.
  • Nano degree certifications per course. 

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“You guys are amazing!
The best in the market. In this world when everyone
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A Sushmita Ram


“One of the most impressive aspects of PrepInsta Prime that I noticed while using it was its content and courses. Additionally, their doubt-solving sessions allowed me to get a reply to every question I had within 5 minutes, which is lacking on other platforms. Thank you for building such an excellent platform.”



“Purchasing the Prime subscription was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I thank the entire team for the helpful content and constant support I received while preparing for my placement. You guys are incredible. I’m grateful that you created such a platform. I wish you all luck in keeping up the good work.”

Masoob Ahmed


“The best stuff in the market. The best platform for placement preparation, I consider myself fortunate that I found it. I was able to access more than 150 courses here at a very cheap rate. I struggled to prepare for placements in top MNCs because I wasn’t from the IT or CS branches, but it was only thanks to PrepInsta that I was able to land a position at a top MNC.”

Priyanka Prasad


One of the best learning platforms as far as I know is PrepInsta Prime. Your assistance helped me to land a job in my dream company. Thank you very much for offering such high-quality content at such a low cost. Also, thank you for helping students like us with job placements. I wish you guys would continue assisting students in finding jobs.”



“PrepInsta! It’s hard to put into words how amazing this platform is. This platform really helped me enhance my skills, which helped me land a job at my ideal company. Kudos to the entire team for coming up with an initiative. I hope you guys continue to do this and assist those who are in need.”



You guys provide the best skill upscaling courses at such an affordable price. I was quite satisfied with the course content. My coding skills were not very good at first, but after using this platform and understanding its content, it improved. I identified my areas of weakness and sought to improve them, which helped me land three offers from prestigious MNCs. I want to express my gratitude to PrepInsta for consistently assisting the students.



“PrepInsta Prime is a lifesaver for students like us. A platform that offers excellent courses and content to help candidates upgrade their skills. Kudos to the entire team for always being available for the students 24*7.Thank you for providing great stuff at such a minimal price. Keep working in this manner!”



“PrepInsta Prime is the greatest learning platform for students who are looking for a job or who want to improve their skills. This platform played a vital role in finding a job at my dream organization. I am impressed with the quality of content and courses you offer, which is essential for today’s company requirements.”




“I wanted to work with Capgemini since my first day of college, and I recently received a job offer from them. This is only possible because of PrepInsta Prime. The only motive for purchasing this subscription was to gain access to all of the placement and upskilling courses at a low cost. Both the content and the technical support are trustworthy. Thanks to the team and best of luck.”

Pragati Jain


“I could get a job in my dream organization only because of PrepInsta Prime. You guys work tirelessly to assist students like us with placement preparation and upskilling courses. Thank you very much for providing this platform. Both the courses and contents are 100% authentic. I strongly recommend all students to use this learning platform.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get access to one course or all the other courses as well on


With the subscription package, you will get the access to each and every course on

Can I just buy one course and not other courses?


No, subscribing to a single course is not possible, it is a complete website subscription model.
You can access this course and other courses offered under PrepInsta Prime Subscription by making a single payment.

Will PrepInsta Provide Placement Assistance?


Yes, all Prime Subscribers will be provided placement assistance on successful completion of courses, last year we introduced more than 200+ opportunities to our PrepInsta Prime Subscribers. Rest assured with our help, you will have plenty of jobs to apply to.

Can i check PrepInsta Prime Placement Statistics ?


Yes, you can check our placement report here: Placement Report of PrepInsta Prime.

If I have some questions/queries, I need to speak with PrepInsta Team?


Yes, you can reach us by dropping us a mail on [email protected] or calling on +91-8448440710

Will I get access to website as well?


Yes, you will get complete access to every course in PrepInsta Prime and PrepInsta in a single subscription package. After your successful purchase of the Prime subscription, we request you to reach out to us on +91- 8448440710 requesting access and you will be provided access within 24 to 48 hrs

Are certifications and projects included?


PrepInsta provides its own certifications for courses and here is the list of the certifications:-

  • AI/ML Certification
  • Certification in languages like C, C++, Java, Python
  • Certification in Coding based courses like DSA,DBMS, SQL and more.

Can I increase the duration of my subscription later?


Yes, once you purchase you can upgrade to a higher duration plan. You can call our team and they will manually upgrade you after successful payment of the difference amount