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Prepare for a job with PrepInsta’s Interview Preparation dashboard. This page is a complete guide to prepare for job interview for freshers and experienced candidates. 

How To Prepare For An Interview?

Interviews are the most important round of placements. It is the final metric on which whether you are selected or not. Hence, interview preparation is crucial if you are preparing for placements. Interviews are mainly divided into four rounds;-

  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview
  • Managerial Interview
  • Group Discussion

On this page, you will find complete information and details about all of the interview rounds, and more.

Top Companies To Prepare For

Tips To Prepare For an Interview

Review The Job Description

Read the job description and analyze what the company is looking for. JDs list out important skills and technologies that the candidate should possess in order to be selected. Hence, it is known that the interview will contain questions on this skills and technologies.

Research About The Company

Read about the company you are interviewing for. You can find information about the company on their official website and social media channel. You can read on any new project the company had taken or any notable achievements they have had in the recent time.

Prepare Expected Questions

List out questions that can be expected to ask in the interview. You can do so by reading interview experiences of candidates who have previously interviewed for the same role. Additionally, you can check questions that are commonly asked for the position you are applying for. 

Prepare Answers 

You can expect certain questions to be asked in the interview, like introduction, skill-based questions, etc. You can also refer to the list that you created of expected questions and also make sample answers for the same.

Practice Mock Interviews

Do mock interviews so that you are more confident in your ability to deliver answers. Communication skill is a very important part of interviews, and most interviewer look for the same. Hence, mock interviews will help you in becoming more confident and at ease to answer different questions.

Keep Your Documents

Do not forget to keep all the required documents. Whether you are seating for an Online or an Offline interview, always keep the necessary documents at hand. This includes, resume, ID-card, Aadhar card, marksheets, etc. For an online interview upload the documents and keep them ready on your system.

Preparing For A Job Interview


Resume is the first step in preparing for a job interview. Depending on the resume, a candidate is shortlisted for the job profile. During the interview the interviewer refers to the resume and ask questions accordingly. Hence it is crucial to have a good resume that is ATS friendly and conveys your skills and expertise to the recruiter.

Important Points to remember while creating a resume:-

  • Use an ATS friendly format
  • Make sure resume is updated with latest information about you.
  • Use a minimal and clean format.
  • Do not use too flashy and complicated formats that will look unprofessional.

For more information, check out:-

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Interview Puzzles

Puzzles are commonly asked in job interviews, especially for Product-Based companies. Most companies ask puzzles to test the candidate’s cognitive ability and how well they can perceive information and form readily form solutions. This shows their decision making and judgement skills.

Some of the most common interview puzzles that are asked include:-

  • Gold Bar Puzzle
  • Pirates and 100 coins puzzle
  • Horse puzzle
  • 6 Digit number puzzle
  • Heaven or Hell puzzle
  • 3 mislabeled jar puzzle
  • Aircraft puzzle
  • Matchstick puzzle
  • Einstein puzzle
  • Sherlock Holmes puzzle

Get these puzzles and a 100 more puzzle with solution on our top 100 puzzles dashboard. Check it below.

Group Discussion

Group Discussion is one of the rounds where you can score the highest points. GD is conducted among a group of 5 to 8 members, and the best performers are shortlisted for further rounds. The candidates who are confident, with an ability to convey their points comprehensively to all the participants and jury are selected from this round.

Important points to remember before a GD round.

  • Brush up on current affairs
  • List out important topics that can be asked in GD
  • You will get the GD topic normally 30 minutes before the round start, use this time to research about the topic and make points that you can use in the GD.

To know more about Group Discussion check out our Group Discussion Dashboard.

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Technical Interview

Technical Interview is a mandatory interview, especially for engineers. This round tests the candidate’s ability to check their technical skills, and whether or not they are fit to carry out the roles of the job. The commonly asked topics for technical interview are:-

  • C Interview Questions
  • C++ Interview Questions
  • JAVA Interview Questions
  • Python Interview Questions
  • DSA Interview Questions
  • Software Engineering Interview Questions

Find technical interview questions of all topics listed below.

HR Interview

HR Interview is conducted by the HR officer of the company. It is usually the last round of recruitment, and often considered a decision-making round. This round heavily checks an individual’s personality and whether or not they fit the company’s culture. Some of the most common HR Interview Questions are:-

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you comfortable with night shifts?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • Tell me something that is not mentioned in your resume.
  • Are you comfortable relocating for this job?
  • Have you led any team efficiently?
  • How do you manage stress?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
job interview preparation
interview preparation for freshers

Managerial Interview

Managerial Round focus on situational and behavioral questions. This round checks how a candidate will react in certain situations. The candidate has to answer, detailing their response/ experience for a specific situation.

  • What were your previous posts?
  • What technologies have you worked on till now?
  • Why should I hire within 200 students?
  • What is you are not given your preferred location?
  • If you make a mistake, how do you resolve it?
  • Are you comfortable working in a team?
  • Why do you want to leave your current job?

Interview Experience

Reading interview experiences of candidates previously appearing for an interview gives an idea of what questions to expect. Check out our All Companies Interview Experience Dashboard to read the latest interview experiences of selected candidates.

  • TCS Interview Experience
  • Wipro Interview Experience
  • Microsoft Interview Experience
  • Amazon Interview Experience
  • Goldman Sachs Interview Experience
  • Cognizant Interview Experience
  • Capgemini Interview Experience
  • Accenture Interview Experience
  • PayPal Interview Experience
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Interview Questions

Different companies have different standards and criteria for questions they ask. Check out the All Companies Interview Questions Dashboard to know which questions to expect for a particular company.

  • TCS Interview Questions
  • Wipro Interview Questions
  • Capgemini Interview Questions
  • Cognizant Interview Questions
  • Accenture Interview Questions
  • Goldman Sachs Interview Questions
  • Infosys Interview Questions
  • Microsoft Interview Questions

FAQs on Interview Preparation

Question: What are the common questions asked in Interview?


Most common questions asked in interviews include questions on:-

  • introduce yourself
  • about the company/profile
  • relocation/salary

Question: What type of questions are asked in Interview for freshers?


Most common Interview Questions for freshers include:-

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses
  3. Challenges
  4. Short term/long term goals
  5. Why should I hire you?

Question: How do I prepare for my interview?


To prepare for an interview you should:-

  • research about the company
  • research about the job profile
  • prepare set of questions that can be expected
  • go through interview experience

Question: What are the interview skills?


Some skills that you need to prepare before interview:-

  • Researching about company/Job profile
  • Being able to control your emotions
  • Communicate effectively
  • Asking important questions

Question: What makes an interview successful?


For a successful interview you should:-

  • Prepare well for the interview
  • Wear a proper outfit
  • Keep all your documents ready
  • Answer sharply

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