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You will find some cool things below and well its a very long and best page on the internet #BragAboutIT. But first read the basics below

  • How to get placed in Mass Recruiters Like : TCS, Infosys, Wipro CTS etc
  • How to Get Placed in Top IT Companies
  • How to Get Placed and Prepare for Product based companies
  • Why Preparing Aptitude is more important than studying coding (Placements in India)
  • Do Certifications matter for companies?
  • Do internships matter for companies?

HR Interview

Well HR Interview questions can’t be ignored right ? We all think that we cleared aptitude, coding, technical interview and rejecting in HR would be embarrassing right? For companies it is very important as they want to check “You may be good in coding/skill are you a good and creative co-worker?”


Technical interview

Technical interview well, we wont say anything, it depends on company by company and branch viz branch

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Quick Preparation


We don’t know how to classify further dude !!! All we gotta say is below are cool too
  • How to make a kickass LinkedIN Profile for Placements
  • How to Make a Dope GitHUB profile for interviews
  • What are the certifications most valued for companies