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Microsoft Previous Papers for Online Test Papers

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Microsoft Placement Papers with solutions

Microsoft Aptitude Questions and Answers

There are the following rounds for Microsoft –

  • Technical Aptitude – 20 Ques, 20 Mins
  • Written English Essay Test – 1 Essay 150 – 180 words, 20 mins
  • Coding Round – 2 Questions, 1 Hour

However, in some Campuses there are only Coding Round which has 3 Questions to be solved in 75 mins.

Cocubes Microsoft Online Test Questions

Microsoft Previous Papers : Coding Questions with Solutions

Here you will find Previous year Coding Questions asked in Microsoft Exam. The content for Microsoft Online Test Cocubes is updated very frequently and you will find the best study material for the Exam on our website.

  • Number of Questions – 3 Coding Questions
  • Total Time – 75 mins

or if Aptitude rounds are also there in Campus then

  • Number of Questions – 2 Coding Questions
  • Total Time – 60 mins
Microsoft Test Papers for Online Exam

Microsoft Online Test Cocubes

Microsoft Previous Papers for CSE

Microsoft Placement Papers Computer Science(Domain Module)

This sections has 20 Ques and time will be 20 mins.

Microsoft Previous Papers with answers and Syllabus and paper pattern

Find Microsoft Questions on Quants

Microsoft Test Papers Essay Writing Section and Topics

The essay writing section is also based on Cocubes and needs to written in 20 mins, where in essay needs to be of around 150 – 180 words.

Find Cocubes Questions in Microsoft Test for Verbal English Previous 

Cocubes Microsoft Questions and cocubes microsoft online test questions

Find Microsoft Questions for Analytical Reasoning previous

COCUBES SYLLABUS and Paper Pattern Analysis

It was observed that Microsoft had two types of Campus Placement Pattern this year, you may get the information to which of the two will be used by Microsoft from your placement cell. But for Off campus/ pool campus they surely do have aptitude rounds also.

Cocubes Microsoft Test Questions Pattern

All of them are based on Cocubes Microsoft Questions in Microsoft Aptitude Questions and Answers

Microsoft Aptitude Questions and Answers when Aptitude Round is there

  • With Aptitude Rounds
    • Quants – 20 Questions in 20 mins
    • Technical – 20 Questions in 20 mins
    • Essay Writing – 1 Essay in 20 mins
    • Coding – 2 Coding Questions in 60 mins
Microsoft Online Test Questions TopicsNumber of QuestionsTotal TimeDifficulty
Microsoft Aptitude Questions and Answers2020Medium
Microsoft Technical Questions2020Medium
Essay Writing120Medium
Coding Questions260High

microsoft online test questions and answers

  • Without Aptitude Rounds only Coding Section
    • 3 Coding Questions in 75 mins

CoCubes Papers Cut off Percentile

For Cocubes Papers here is the Cutoff percentile as observed from cocubes previous year question paper.

  • Technical – 60 – 70%ile (14 – 16 Correct Ques)
  • Quants – 70 – 85%ile (15 – 17 Correct Ques)
  • For Coding – 1 Complete Outputs and 1 partial or both complete output.

Cocubes Previous Questions and Papers based FAQ’s

Ques. How would I know that if they will conduct just coding section or all the Cocubes sections for Microsoft hiring in my campus for Cocubes Microsoft Test?

Ans. You should contact your Placement cell to get information on it since we have observed that 50% is probability for both.

cocubes microsoft online test questions based FAQ’s

Microsoft CoCubes Test FAQ’s

Ques. Microsoft takes Cocubes microsoft online test questions is it enough to prepare for it ?

Ans. Yes Microsoft Cocubes questions are used by the company and our dashboard is enough to prepare.

Ques. Cocubes Microsoft Test is conducted on campus or off campus?

Ans. Conducted both on campus and off campus using Cocubes Microsoft Test. We have the latest questions that are asked in the exam.


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