Microsoft Verbal English

Microsoft Verbal Ability Paper and Questions with Answers

This section has been discontinued by Microsoft to be asked in the CoCubes exam. 

If your placement department tell you that this section will be asked then you may study the same.

Microsoft Verbal English Previous Questions Part-I

Microsoft Wet Test

Cocubes English previous questions with answers

Cocubes English Papers with Answers Part-II


  • Number of Questions:
    • Synonyms & Antonym – 3 Questions
    • Idioms and Phrases – 2 Questions
    • Speech and Tenses – 2-3 Questions
  • Difficulty Level: Med-High
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 1min each
Cocubes Verbal English Questions

Cocubes Syllabus(English Verbal)

TopicExpected Questions(Difficulty Level)Importance LevelAverage Time Allotted per Question
Grammar3 QuestionsMediumMedium1 Min
Sentence Correction2 QuestionsMediumMedium1 Min
Prepositions1 QuestionEasyLow45 sec
Reading Comprehension1 Para with 4 QuestionsHardHigh1.5 Min
Synonyms & Antonym2 QuestionsMediumMedium1 Min
Idioms and Phrases1 QuestionsHardHigh1.5 Min
Speech and Tenses2 QuestionsMediumMedium1 Min

Cocubes English Paper Pattern and Best Strategies

English Sectional Cut-Off – 80 percentile +

Number of Ques for 75%+ percentile – 11-13 Questions

CoCubes Verbal Questions with Answers based FAQ’s

Ques. How many Questions should I solve correctly for getting through the cut off in Cocubes Verbal Test Paper for Cocubes verbal questions with answers?

Ans. You must solve atleast 10 questions in Verbal English paper of Cocubes Section to be able clear the cut off for the same.


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