Capgemini Placement Papers and Answers 2019

Capgemini Previous Papers and Questions with Solutions

Find all the Questions asked in Capgemini placement papers with answers. The difficulty level of the paper has been increasing every year as observed consistently in  Capgemini previous questions. Now, Capgemini placement papers are conducted by Cocubes. Capgemini previous year question papers are of moderate to high in difficulty, we suggest that rather than solving Capgemini sample papers or Capgemini model papers and Mock test papers for Capgemini exams, study from our Capgemini Cocubes questions with Answers asked Capgemini Cocubes placement papers. We have the latest papers in accordance with Capgemini placement process for 2018 and 2019. The hardest section is Capgemini Quants Questions with solutions, Capgemini previous papers, Capgemini previous placement papers with answers Download PDF.

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Find the latest Capgemini Syllabus and latest pattern here on this page.

Capgemini Placement Papers with Solutions

Capgemini Free Section

There are a lot of free section don’t worry. They should should keep you busy for atleast 1 week.

Capgemini Previous Placement Papers with Answers

Capgemini Written Test Papers

Capgemini uses CoCubes to conduct its first round in placement papers this year thus you must study from capgemini placement papers by cocubes. We have provided all CapGemini Questions that were asked in Capgemini Cocubes Questions below thus, studying from capgemini cocubes placement papers 2019 is recommended for capgemini question paper.

CapGemini CoCubes Questions with Answers

Capgemini Questions

Here you will find cocubes capgemini placement papers with answers –

Capgemini Placement Papers Process for 2019

Pattern for this year in Capgemini –

Cocubes Pattern of Questions for Capgemini Pattern

  1. Quants
    • Time – 25 mins
    • Number of Questions – 16
  2. Logical Reasoning
    • Time – 25 mins
    • Number of Questions – 16
  3. Essay Writing
    • Time – 30 mins
    • Number of Questions – 1
  4. Capgemini Pseudo Code MCQ
    • Time – 30 mins
    • Number of Questions – 20 Ques

Read our Post on Detailed Syllabus and Online Test Pattern for Capgemini here, they have just changed their Syllabus in March.

Capgemini previous papers with answers

Capgemini Quants Questions and Answers Dashboard

Capgemini Papers and Questions and Answers

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Paid Papers

This section in capgemini written test papers is a little lengthy and most students are unable to solve the whole paper in time. Thus we will suggest to Practice well for capgemini previous questions and answers.

Logical Reasoning Previous Capgemini Model Papers

Capgemini Questions on Logical Ability and Analytical Reasoning

Paid Papers

This section in capgemini written test papers is not lengthy but its tough, you must have practiced a lot of complicated Logical Questions since exam fear is always there.

CapGemini Essay Writing Section and Topics

In 2017 as analysed by Capgemini Previous Papers had Introduced a new section called essay writing where they basically check if you can write emails. Since, you will have to contact many clients by email in US, Europe etc. So, its very vital for them.

  • Time Duration for Essay Writing – 30 mins
  • Number of Essay – 1

Capgemini Pseudo Code and Coding MCQ Section

Capgemini Coding Pseudo Code

This sections has 20 Ques and time will be 20 mins in capgemini question paper

Paid Papers

The below sections are not asked anymore please ignore the below sections still are good Capgemini Model Papers.

Capgemini Paper Pattern Cut off and Paper Analysis

Capgemini Computer Fundamentals Dashboard with Solutions

Capgemini Previous Papers Computer Science(Domain Module)

This sections has 20 Ques and time will be 20 mins in capgemini question paper

Capgemini Previous year Questions and Syllabus

Capgemini Verbal Ability Questions and Previous Papers

Capgemini Previous Placement Papers with Answers Verbal English

These are actual Capgemini Questions thus there is no need to study from any Capgemini Model Papers as studying from actual questions in the exams will be better for capgemini question paper.

Paid Papers

Capgemini Paper Pattern Analysis and Syllabus

CapGemini Placement Papers Analysis and Syllabus

Capgemini Placement Papers TopicsNumber of QuestionsTimeCut offImportance
Capgemini Aptitude Questions1650 mins Shared with Logical75%ileMedium
Capgemini Logical16Shared with Aptitude 50 mins75%ileMedium
Written English Test(Essay)110 mins70%ileHigh
Pseudo Code Test2030 mins70%ileMedium

All Branches – English Essay + Analytical Reasoning + Numerical Reasoning 

  • Ques – 16 each in Logical and Quants 1 Ques for WET and 20 Ques for Pseudo Code
  • Total Time – 50 mins + 30 mins(WET) – 

Written English Test (WET) – Essay type question. Need to Write an article in 30 mins.

Branch Specific(Not for this year, used be earlier) – English Usage + Analytical Reasoning + Numerical Reasoning + Domain Module (20 min)

  • Ques – 15 each/20 for Domain Module
  • Total time – 45 mins+ 25 mins(WET) +20 mins (Domain Module)

Capgemini Based Paper Performance Analysis

Valid for Capgemini Previous Placement Papers with Answers

  • For Essay – Not Available
  • For English –  (9 – 13 Correct Ques)
  • For Analytical Reasoning – (8 – 11 Correct Ques)
  • For Quants –  (10 – 12 Correct Ques)
  • For CS –  (10 – 14 Correct Ques)

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Capgemini Placement Questions and Papers based FAQ’s

Ques. Which Platform does Capgemini use to conduct its first round in CapGemini Placement Papers based Process?

Ans. Capgemini has been using CoCubes as the first round of the placements since the last few years in Capgemini Test Papers with Solutions Thus you should be studying from CoCubes CapGemini Previous year papers.

Capgemini Test Papers with Solutions 2019

Ques. What is the average difficulty for Capgemini Previous Papers?

Ans. These are hosted by Cocubes so instead of Capgemini Previous Papers we analyse Cocubes, which generally is of moderate difficulty level thus Capgemini Previous Papers are also of the same difficulty but you must atleast give 1 week for preparation.

Ques. From where should I prepare for Capgemini Previous Placement Papers with Answers Download PDF?

Ans. For Capgemini Previous Placement Papers with Answers PrepInsta is the best website you should be preparing from we have all the previous year questions the best material anywhere for Capgemini Test Papers with Solutions.

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