Formulas For Profit And Loss

Profit and Loss Formulas

Cost Price – It is basically the price at which a commodity or object is bought at. e.g. Shopkeeper buying Sugar from Farmer to sell in his grocery store. In its short form it is denoted as C.P.

Selling Price – The price at which the commodity is sold at. e.g. Shopkeeper selling sugar to his customer. In its short form is denoted as S.P.

Gain or Profit – If Cost Price is lesser than Selling Price, gain is made.

Loss – If Cost price is greater than the Selling price, Loss is incurred.

Formula for Profit and loss

Formulas for Profit and Loss

  1. Profit or Gain: SP – CP
  2. Loss – CP – SP
  3. Percentage Profit or Gain Percentage
    Gain x 100
  4. Loss Percentage –
    Loss x 100
  5. C.P in Case of Gain =
    (100)x S.P.
    (100 + Gain)
  6. C.P in Case of Loss =
    (100)x S.P.
    (100 – Loss)
  7. S.P in Case of Gain =
    (100 + Gain)x C.P.
  8. S.P in Case of Loss =
    (100 – Loss)x C.P.
  9. If you sell two same items, first at x% profit and 2nd one at x% loss. Then a loss is incurred always, which is given by = (x/10)2

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