Group Discussion Questions and Answers

Most Important Group Discussion Topics of 2024

most common group discussion topics

Most Asked Group Discussion Questions and Answers

most common group discussion topics

What is Group Discussion Round?

Group Discussion or GD Round is conducted as one of the recruitment rounds and it is also held in MBA admissions. In a GD round, participants are required to share their views and opinions on a given group discussion topic. Normally a group discussion round is about 20 minutes.

Group Discussion Round Checks your:-

group discussion topics for students

Communication Skills

group discussion topics for social issues

Critical Thinking

group discussion topics and answers

Interactive Skills

group discussion topics for interview


what are the latest group discussion topics

Leadership Skills

group discussion topics 2022

Listening Skills

group discussion topics pdf


group discussion topics for engineering students


Group Discussion Topics

Group Discussion Topics can be broadly classified into 3 categories:-

Top 30 Group Discussion Topics of 2024

Abstract Topics

Social Issues

Current Affairs

FAQs on Group Discussion

Question: What are the group discussion topics of 2022?


  • Covid 19
  • MeToo movement
  • Citizenship Amendment Act

Question: How many topics are asked in GD Round?


Commonly only one topic will be given to you for Group Discussion.

Question: How can I prepare for Group Discussion?


  • Read about the current affair topics.
  • Stay updated with the news.
  • Check what are the most common group discussion topics.

Question: What is important in a GD Round?


Your ability to communicate your opinions and debate with the opposition, is most important in a Group Discussion Round.

Question: What are the rules of GD?


  • Give everyone a chance to speak.
  • Be respectful to your opponents.
  • Criticize their ideas, but do not be rude or offensive.
  • Do not make any personal remark.

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