Is Caste-Based Reservation Good or Bad?

Discuss your opinions on Caste-Based Reservation Systems.

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Extempore Topic: Is caste based reservation good or bad?

What is caste based reservation?

Caste Based Reservation is a controversial topic in India. Reservation in India refers to the practice of reserving a portion of the available seats in government organizations (schools, colleges, universities, jobs) for the marginalized and underprivileged section (SC/ST, OBC, MBC), etc.

This clause was put in the constitution to facilitate the growth of oppressed classes, pre-independence. Initially put in place for ten years, to boost the growth of marginalized classes, it is still in practice seventy years later.

Is caste-based reservation good or bad?:- Points in support

  • This system is important to uplift the marginalized classes who are still today drowning in poverty.
  • Years after the independence, caste-based discrimination is still prevalent in our country, where people belonging to the upper classes are constantly oppressing and harassing the lower class people.
  • This is especially common in villages where marginalized classes are constantly oppressed by upper caste, not allowing them to enter religious places, not allowing inter-caste marriages, restricting their use of village resources, etc.
  • Here, the reservation system gives these people a means to make a better life for themselves, by providing them with education and jobs.
  • I agree that there are some marginalized class people, who have accumulated wealth in the last seventy years. However, we cannot discredit that a huge portion of backward classes makes up the poorest population of the country.

Caste-based reservation policy still does more good than harm to society. There is still a huge portion of the backward classes who are unable to escape the grasp of poverty. They desperately need some extra help to make it easier for them to succeed.

Is caste-based reservation good or bad?:- Points against

  • Over the years, instead of uplifting the underprivileged, the policy has become a political tool. It is used to manipulate votes from the mass during elections.
  • The biggest proof is the fact that more than seven decades later, marginalized groups are still struggling. This shows that caste-based reservation has not succeeded in its original purpose.
  • Reservation is a problematic approach because it promotes the idea that for one section to prosper the other section needs to be put down.
  • This policy has not succeeded in uplifting backward groups. Instead, it has created more rifts among the sections of society.
  • The practice of giving jobs and admissions in educational institutions based on one’s caste rather than their merits is wrong. This has developed a system where deserving candidates lose opportunities over less deserving candidates, simply because of their caste.
  • Over the past years, people are creating fake ids and false documents claiming that they are from backward classes. They do this to get the privileges of reservation, which discredits the whole point of caste-based reservation.
  • Rich people from backward classes gain a huge advantage over poor people who belong to the upper class.


Today, caste-based reservation has lost its purpose. It is not helping anyone, instead, it is being used by privileged classes for their gain. For us to help underprivileged people and better the state of the country, we need a better alternative. Which does not use caste as the only deciding factor.

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