TCS Interview Experience

TCS Interview Experience

Find the latest TCS Interview Experience of selected candidates on this page, along with important TCS Interview questions and answers.

Page Highlights:

  • About TCS
  • TCS Interview Experience for Freshers
  • TCS Interview Questions
  • TCS FAQs
tcs interview questions
tcs interview questions

TCS Interview Experience

Find the latest TCS Interview Experience of selected candidates on this page, along with important TCS Interview questions and answers.

Page Highlights:

  • About TCS
  • TCS Interview Experience for Freshers
  • TCS Interview Questions
  • TCS FAQs

About TCS

TCS or Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian  multinational IT company. It is the second largest Indian company by market value and one of the most respected IT company worldwide.

To know more about TCS visit: TCS

Recruitment Process

TCS hires all year long. They have both On-Campus as well as Off-Campus drives. TCS also conducts multiple exams every year for hiring, including exams like:-

  • TCS NQT(National Qualifier Test)
  • TCS Digital 
  • TCS Codevitta
  • TCS iON


Most of TCS drives have the following pattern:-

  • TCS online assessment exam
  • Technical Interview
  • HR/MR Interview

Interview Process:-

  • Mostly TCS conducts either one Interview where they have one Technical session, one HR and one MR session.
  • Or they have two separate rounds, one for Technical and one for HR+MR.

TCS Online Test Pattern

TCS NQT Recruitment Process

1. TCS Interview Experience 2024

Name:- Shubham

College:- PCETS NMIET, Pune

Profile:- Assistant System Engineer

I appeared for the TCS National Qualifier Test. Since I had already heard about this drive, and cause TCS has always been one of my dream companies, I had started preparing for this exam way before, they even announced it. I had heard about PrepInsta and their study materials about TCS and I followed the same. And when the Prime website, I got a membership and prepared from there as well. So I would like to share my entire Interview Experience with TCS.

Round 1:-TCS NQT Test

The first round was the national qualifier round. It is an online exam, conducted on the TCS iON platform. There were two sections:

  • Foundation section

Foundation section had  4 sections:

    • Traits
    • Reasoning Ability
    • Numerical Ability
    • Verbal Ability
  • Advanced section

Advanced section had 3 sections

    • Advanced Reasoning ability
    • Advanced Quantitative ability
    • Advanced Coding ability

Round 2:- TCS Technical Interview

I got the results of the NQT exam after a few weeks. There were two interviews, which were conducted on the same day. I first received my Technical Interview link on my email.  The round was conducted on Microsoft Teams. The interviewer asked me a lot of programming and technical questions.

1.Introduce yourself.

2.What was your project? Explain in detail.

I explained about my project and she cross examined me on my project topics, especially on the output and the technologies which I had used.

3. Which is your preferred programming language?

I replied Python.

4.What is a list and tuple?


  • Lists are used to keep information within a single variable.
  • Lists in Python serve the same purpose as arrays.
  • A list, on the other hand, differs from an array in that, whereas arrays can only contain homogeneous elements, a list can store heterogeneous elements.


  • Tuples are similar to lists, with the exception that tuples are not mutable.
    Tuples are preferred over lists because they can be created more quickly.

5.What is pass and break statement ?

Pass Statement:-

The pass statement is simply a null statement. Pass statements are used to postpone compilation time.

Break Statement:-

Break is a loop control statement that is used to end a loop if the required target is satisfied.

6. What is call by value and call by reference?

Call by value:-  Calling a method with a parameter as the value is referred to as call by value.

Call by reference:- The call by reference method sends variable values from the caller to the caller function.

7. What is local and global variable?

Local Variable:-

These variables are defined in short blocks of code like as functions, control statement blocks, and so on. The default value of local variables is “garbage value.”

Global Variable:-

Global variables exist outside of functions and are available to all functions; their values can be altered by any function. Global value is set to zero by default.

After the technical interview was over, the interviewer gave me a link for the HR interview. The HR interview was very short and there were a few questions only.

Round 3:- TCS HR Interview

Thus was also on Microsoft Teams. The questions asked here were,

1. How was your technical interview?

2.  What did you do during the pandemic at home?

3. Will you be able to relocate?

4.Any questions?

2.TCS Interview Experience for Freshers

Name:- Madhumitha

College:- Christu Jyothi Institute of Technology and Science

Profile:- Assistant System Engineer

I applied for this drive through PrepInsta. They provided us with the registration link, and I used it to register for the same.

Round 1:- TCS Online Assessment

The first round was an online written exam. There were 2 sections:- 

  • Foundation section
  • Advanced section

Question 1:TCS Advanced Coding Question

Given a maximum of 100 digit numbers as input, find the difference between the sum of odd and even position digits.


int main()
int a = 0,b = 0,i = 0, n;
char num[100];

printf("Enter the number:");
scanf("%s",num); //get the input up to 100 digit
n = strlen(num);
if(i==0) //add even digits when no of digit is even and vise versa
else //add odd digits when no of digit is even and vice versa
printf("%d",abs(a-b)); //print the difference of odd and even

return 0;

Round 2:- TCS Technical Interview

I got an email for the TR interview a day before the interview. It was conducted on MS Teams. The questions asked included:-

1. What are strings?

A string is defined as an array of characters that can be extended with extra predefined methods via headers.

2. What are the features of C?

  • case sensitive language
  • middle level language
  • fast

3. What are loops? What is if loop?

A loop is defined as the process of repeating a series of statements until the condition becomes false. The main function of loops is to execute code repeatedly.

Because the execution flow forms a cycle, loops are also known as iterative statements.

If loop:-

The if loop is used to compare two or more sets of values, and if that condition or comparison is met, the part of the code contained in the statement is executed.

4. What is method overloading and method overriding?

Method overloading:- 

Method overloading is a polymorphism approach that enables the creation of numerous methods with the same name but distinct signatures.

Method overriding:

Method overriding occurs when a subclass provides a specific implementation of a method that is already offered by its parent class. It is used to implement interface methods as well as runtime polymorphism.

5.What do you mean  by type-casting?

Type casting is a data conversion mechanism that converts data from one data type to another.

6. What is the difference between unions and joins?
Join Union
It integrated information into new columns. It integrates data to create new rows.
It retrieves matched records from two or more tables. It combines the results of two separate select statements.
Different datatypes from relevant columns might be used. The data types of the selected relevant columns should be the same.

7.What is the difference between primary and unique keys?

Primary KeySecondary Key
A primary key identifies data within a table.A secondary key is a key that is used in addition to or instead of the primary key to locate data.
Only one primary key can exist.There may be multiple unique keys.
It builds a clustered index.It generates an index that is not clustered.

8. What is the query for deleting a row in SQL?

We can use the DELETE command.

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE required_condition;


If we want to delete  from students table the record of student name Jenny, we will use

DELETE FROM students WHERE StudentName='Jenny';

These were all the questions that were asked in my Technical Interview round.

Round 4:- TCS HR Round

The HR round was conducted shortly after the Technical round. I got the interview link and joined the meeting. It was also conducted on MS Teams. This was a very short round and the questions were very simple.

1.Who is the CEO of TCS?

Rajesh Gopinathan

2.What is the difference between a service based and a product based company?

3.Have you ever experienced failure in your life? Tell me about that experience.

4. Have you participated in any of TCS’ competitions like codevita?

5.Are you ready to relocate? Are you ready to sign the service agreement?

This was all for my TCS interview experience. For anyone attending the interview I will advise you to be confident and patient during the procedure.

Best of luck.

TCS Interview Preparation Course​

In PrepInsta Prime, we have created a customized  TCS Interview Preparation Course. This course includes:-

  • TCSInterview Questions
  • TCSTechnical Interview Questions
  • TCS HR Interview Questions
  • Video of candidates sharing their TCS Interview Experience  and more

FAQ on TCS Interview Experience

Question: What is the interview process in TCS?


To get recruited in TCS a candidate first has to clear the online assessment round.

Once a candidate has cleared round 1, the next step will be the interviews. 

There are two interview rounds that are conducted in TCS, one Technical Round and one HR/MR round.

Question: When can I expect my TCS interview results?


Within 1 to 3 weeks TCS sends out their interview results.  

Question: Is TCS interview difficult to crack?


Every interview can be cracked with the right preparation. 

For TCS, the technical skills of candidates is thoroughly tested as well as problem solving skills. Preparing aptly for the interview will make it easy to crack.

Question: Is year gap allowed in TCS?


TCS allows 2 years of gap. However candidate needs to present a proper reason for the gap.

Question: How many days does TCS take to give joining letter?


It usually takes around a month for the whole interview process to commence and the  offer letter to come through

Question: Can I join TCS with one backlog?


TCS allows one backlog during registration period. However during the time of joining the candidate must have no active backlogs.

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