TCS Verbal Ability Questions and Answers 2023

TCS Previous Year Verbal Questions with Solutions pdf

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Time Allotted

75 mins (shared)



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TCS Verbal Syllabus

TCS Verbal Questions and Answers

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Preparation Section

Interview Experience


There were three rounds in the process of the interview. They were:

  1. Written Test Round
  2. Technical Round
  3. HR Round

Written Test

ROUND 1 includes:

  • Traits
    • Total Question: 1 (image selection question)
    • Time allotted: 75 mins (shared)
  • Numerical Ability

    • Total Question: 20
    • Time allotted: 75 mins (shared)
  • Verbal Ability

    • Total Question: 25
    • Time allotted: 75 mins (shared)
  • Reasoning Ability

    • Total Question: 20
    • Time allotted: 75 mins (shared)

ROUND 2 includes:

  • Advanced Quantitative Ability

    • Total Question: 10
    • Time allotted: 35 mins (shared)
  • Advanced Reasoning Ability
    • Total Question: 10
    • Time allotted: 35 mins (shared)
  • Advanced Coding
    • Total Question: 2
    • Time allotted: 55 mins

Technical Interview Round

The technical round was divided into 2 different sections. First was TCS Ninja and second was TCS Digital. In TCS Ninja interview, the interviewer asked me some coding questions on Arrays, String, Stack and Queue, Recursion, and Bit Magic. Then he asked me about my last semester project and asked me about my greatest fear and strength.

After that, I was sent for the second TCS Digital interview. It was quite tough. The questions asked to me were:

  • What is a relationship management database system?
  • Difference between DBMS and RDBMS?
  • What is the concept of SQL?
  • Solve the 10 coin puzzle.

The TR round was the tricky part of the selection process, hence needs to be mindful while answering the questions.  

HR Round

The final interview was taken by the company HR. Some of the questions asked were:

  • Tell me something about yourself in brief.
  • Tell something about your background?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to work in TCS?
  • What type of projects is the company dealing with?
  • What is the difference between hard work and smart work?
  • What are your familiar software packages?

The HR round went well, and I received my joining letter within 3 weeks.

Note: I applied for TCS NQT test.

Analytics 2022-23

Stats about TCS Exam 2022-23

Number of Questions 25 Questions
Cut-off Questions
Difficulty Medium

Topic Wise Analytics

Reading Comprehension Number of Questions 0-4
Difficulty High
Importance High
Grammar Number of Questions 1-4
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Synonym and Antonym number of Questions 2-3
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Cloze Test number of Questions 2-4
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium



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