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How To Solve Error Identification Quickly

How To Solve Quickly Error Identification Question:

Definition: Errors in a sentence can be caused by missing punctuation, grammatical mistakes such as tenses, and subject-verb disagreement. Communicating ideas clearly to the reader in a written form is important. Thus, avoiding errors in a sentence is and maintaining the theme of the sentence is utterly crucial.

Here Find How To Solve Error Identification Tips to Solve:
how to solve error identification

Points To Be Remembered:

Here are few points mentioned how to solve Error Identification Easily-

  • Step-by-step Identifying Sentence Errors strategy
  • Full breakdown of errors to check for
  • Walkthrough of real ACT questions
  • Summary of key Identifying Sentence Errors tips

How To Solve Quickly Error Identification Question:

Below you will find few important points one must keep in mind before solving Error Identification Questions:

  • Use of appropriate Preposition.
  • Use of Conjunction – One conjunction in one sentence
  • Use of silent words such as h in Hour- use of article depends upon this
  • Subject- Verb Agreement- Singular Verb for Singular subject and Plural Verb for Plural Subject
  • Use of Much and Many should be clear- many for countable noun and much for uncountable noun
  • Collective Noun can be used with Singular as well as Plural depending upon the use.

Error Identification – How to Solve Quickly

Question 1. 

People claim to have seen Unicorns, but not one have proof that it exists.

A.  Have seen
B.  But
C.  Have
D.  Exists

Correct Option: C


The sentence talks about one person not having proof. There is a subject-verb disagreement, instated of “have” there should be “has.”

Question 2. 

Last month, the organization announces “Take your children to work day”, in an attempt to build employee’s morale.

A.  Announces
B.  In an attempt
C.  Build
D.  Employee’s

Correct Option: A


The sentence is grammatically correct as the tense used is wrong. The tone is of past as it says “last month.” Therefore, there should be “announced” instead of “announces.”

Question 3. 

Students that need assistance with university applications can take instant help from the Guidance Department.

A.  That
B.  With university
C.  Can take
D.  Help from the

Correct Option: A


Here the pronoun is “students”, reflecting people where “that” should be replaced with “who.”

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