Rules for Sentence Completion

Rules for Sentence Completion

The Rules for Sentence Completion are necessary to know because this particular topic in grammar tests the skill to read the given information in an incomplete sentence and then choose words / sentence that can complete them.

It aims to analyze a student’s vocabulary and logical skills pertaining to a contextual sentence

Rules for Sentence Completion

Rules for Sentence Completion

Before starting off with the main rules for Sentence Completion, let’s look at its types:

There are approximately four types of Sentence / Word Completion:


These are the words that we use to amplify the importance of the first clause or add more information to the already stated facts.


In other words, in fact, that is, etc.


The boy was too lazy to even move about during the day, in other words, he was ________.

a. slumber

b. promt

c. trickster

d. lethargic

Answer – Lethargic.

Since we use the phrase ‘in other words’ it means that we need to use a word that re-states the already given description.So lethargic can be the answer.


The words that we use in this type reflect a comparison between two subjects in the two clauses.


likewise, and, just as, as like as, similarly etc.


Just as we hope to be forgiven, so we should ______ others.

a. burden

b. forgive

c. criticize

d. conspire


Here, we have used the comparison word, ‘just as’ which means that the second clause should have a word that presents a similar meaning in the first clause. So we use ‘forgive’.


This type comprises the words that reflect a stark and definite contrast between two or more clauses.


though, yet, although, despite, but, on the other hand, but, however, despite, or, on the contrary, etc.


Although her son is a happy to go soul, her daughter is _______ and grumpy

a. rude

b. peaceful

c. merry

d. casual


Here the answer should be ‘rude’ because we are presenting a contrast between the natures of her son and daughter. While the son is peaceful and happy, the daughter is rude and grumpy.

Cause and effect:

The Cause and Effect type comprises words that act as a consequential evidence of some previous action or cause or present an impactful situation post an action.


therefore, consequently, because of, due to, as a result, leads to, etc.


Ginger practiced everyday for the competition, as a result, she _______ it.

a. lost

b. eliminated

c. won

d. ditched


Here the answer is ‘won’ because ginger practiced regularly and so she won it. her efforts resulted in her win.

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Rules for Sentence Completion

Once we are done with the types of words used in sentence completion, let’s had over to the practical types of the same:

TYPE – 1: Quantity Based

A Quantity Based Question means the number of blanks that we get in a sentence.It can be divided into:

  • One Blank
  • Two or More Blanks


TYPE – 2: Length Based

A Length Based Question means the length of the question that is given to us. It can be divided into two parts:

  • Sentence Based – the question is only 20-35 words long.
  • Paragraph / Passage based – the sentence given to us in compiled into a bigger passage with multiple blanks to fill in.


TYPE – 3: Element Based

A Sentence Completion Question that is element based means the type of answer that we need to fill in to complete the sentence / passage.

  • Word – based: It requires us to fill the blank with a single word.
  • Phrase – based: This type needs us to choose a phrase in order to complete the sentence given to us
  • Sentence – based: It requires us to insert a complete sentence in the blank. This type is mostly used in passage-based questions.

Sample Questions

Below are few example for you to understand Sentence Completion:

Question 1:

The opposition parties allege that prices of essential commodities are __________ like a runaway balloon.

A. soaring
B. reviving
C. flying
D. leaping

Answer – Soaring


Since the sentence compares the prices with runaway balloon,it means that the prices are going up high. Out of all the options, Soaring means to go up high.

Question 2:

_______is a person who dabbles in art and letters.

A. chauvinist
B. connoisseur
C. philistine
D. dilettante

Answer – Dilettante


Here, the second clause of the sentence gives us the description or definition of the word that should be used in the first blank. Since it defines a person who dabbles (to take superficial interest) in art and letters, we can say hat the person is Dilettante.

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