How To Solve Contextual Vocabulary Quickly

How To Solve Contextual Vocabulary Quickly

Solving Contextual Vocabulary can be difficult if you do not have the knowledge of basic words, their synonyms or antonyms and how to extract a context from the sentence. Here we will learn How to Solve Contextual Vocabulary Quickly – 

How to solve contextual vocabulary

How To Solve Contextual Vocabulary

There are various types of questions asked from Contextual Vocabulary in recruitment exams and selection process and especially in Interviews where the managers use terms that may be vital but you miss on them. Let’s learn How To Solve Contextual Vocabulary and understand the usage of new terms.

The contextual vocabulary has been divided into three different categories:

#1 – Passage Based Question

Passage based questions generally refer to the inferential comprehension type question where the context is given and you need to point out the meaning of a given word. The context of the passage could be based on any topic and it is easier to figure out the word meaning in a passage than just the word given alone.

For example: This passage is given as a context. The word in bold is highlighted for you to extract its meaning in the context of the passage. You need to relate the word with the context and find its meaning from the give options.

It is due to science contribution we can create new innovation and build new technological tools. Apart from that, the research conducted in laboratories contributes a lot to the development of technologies. On the other hand, technology extends the agenda of science.

  • calendar
  • plan
  • program
  • schedule.

Here, all the words are a synonym of agenda but not every word fits into the context. The best word that fits is ‘plan’ to suit the ‘plans of science’

#2 – Sentence Based Question

For a sentence based question in contextual vocabulary, a short or a bigger sentence is provided to you as a context and the word that is highlighted will have to inferred or replaced from the options given to you. Solving sentence based questions become a little difficult because the context to refer to is limited and can be confusing too.

For example: This sentences given below is the context to refer to replace the bold word with another word that will not change the meaning or ‘context’ of the sentence.

New technologies lead to over exploitation of natural resources which ultimately disturbs the balance of nature.

  • misuse
  • squeezing
  • unfair
  • victimizing

Here, the words given in the options hold a similar meaning to the word ‘exploitation’ but symbolize different contexts when used in a sentence. The right replacement would be ‘misuse’, which would mean ‘over-misuse of resources’.

#3 – Antonym / Synonym Based Question

The most difficult ones are the Antonym / Synonym based questions. In this category there is no context to refer to. All you can do is just brainstorm and replace a word with its antonym or synonym as directed in the question. It is easy to replace words that you have a faint knowledge of, but those words that are completely vague or new to the eyes and ears can be tricky and difficult.

For example: The word given in bold has to be replaced with a synonym or an antonym each. There is no context, only your brain and vocabulary.

Give the synonym for the word ‘SPECIOUS’ –

  • Loyalty
  • Erroneous
  • Vast
  • Valid

Here, though with the word alone, it sound be spacious, but it is not. The answer here will be erroneous. Specious means deceptive or erroneous. Hence, the difficulty for this category is comparatively high.

Grab more knowledge and improve your vocabulary skills with this page that has the most useful list of words (approx ) for you.

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Sample Questions for How To Solve Contextual Vocabulary

Type 1. Passage-based questions

Working women must follow these brilliant ideas, to avoid morning hassle. Plan the meals for the next day in advance. Go to bed on time. Wake up at least 2 hours early before the scheduled work time. Involve the other family members in trivial tasks.

Question. 1

What is the meaning of the word “Trivial” in context to the above paragraph?


A. Minor
B. Essential
C. Important
D. Weighty

Correct Option: A
Explanation: Trivial means information or task requiring little knowledge or efforts respectively. Hence the word that best suits the given word ‘trivial’ in context to the above paragraph is Minor. Since as per the paragraph, the majority of the work is done by women, but they can lower their morning hassle by assigning some minor or less critical task to her kids.

Hence option A is the correct one.

Question. 2

What can be the best title of the above passage?


A. How to plan a meal
B. Working women.
C. Working women-Brilliant ideas for a calm morning.
D. None of the above.

Correct Option: C
Explanation: Since the whole paragraph is talking about different ideas to make the mornings hassle-free for working women, hence the title that best suits the paragraph is Working women-Brilliant ideas for a calm morning.

Therefore option C is the correct one.

Question. 3

Strong tremors were felt in the northern part of Italy. However, no casualties or damage was reported. Mild tremors of 3.6 magnitudes were also felt in the southern part of the country. But no one felt the shake.

What is the meaning of the term tremors in context to the above passage?

A. Vibration
B. Stillness
C. Numbness
D. Stableness

Correct Option: A
Tremors means vibrations or random movements on a surface.

Hence, Option A is correct

Type 2. Sentence based questions

Here we will be given a sentence, and below that, we will be given the word, and our talks is to find the meaning of that word in context to its usage in that particular sentence.

Question. 1

Sam was extremely stressed out after the examination. He immediately went for a relaxing spa, so that he could banish all his anxieties and tensions.

Find the meaning of the term banish as per the above sentence.

A. Get rid of
B. Accept
C. Include
D. Permit

Correct Option: A
Explanation: The sentence begins with a negative connotation where there is a mention of stress, so Sam booked himself a spa that helps him relax, so if we relate the word banish in a contest to the sentence then we can get an idea of the meaning of the given word (i.e., Something that stops his stress), and since the word banish consists of a prefix ban which means to abandon or to get rid of.

Hence option A is the correct one, as all the other options are just the opposite of the given word.

Question. 2

It is the last working day for Jack; He served this company for 25 years. But due to his overweening attitude, all his subordinates were feeling relieved that he was retired.

What is the meaning of the term overweening as per the above sentence?

A. Bossy
B. Democratic
C. Unassertive
None of the above.

Correct Option: A
Explanation: By looking at the sentence, it is evident that this term has a negative connotation. Hence the meaning must also be negative.

Hence the option is A.

Question. 3

Samantha has a beautiful house. The interiors are fantastic with an eclectic mixture of modern and traditional.

What is the meaning of the term eclectic in the above sentence?

A. Diversified
B. Similar
C. Specific
D. Sweet

Correct Option: A
Explanation: Eclectic means broad or diverse, and since there is a mention of amazing interiors, which makes it evident that its meaning must also be positive.

Hence option A is the correct one as other options are somewhat narrow and conservative.

Type 3. Antonym/Synonym based questions-

The third and the last type of contextual vocabulary questions is antonym and synonym based questions.

Here we will be given a word and shall be asked to find either its meaning (In case of Synonym) or its opposite (In case of antonym).

Question. 1

Find the antonym of the below-mentioned word?


A. Sexist
B. Chauvinist
C. Moderate
D. Start

Correct Option: C
Explanation: Bigot means a biased person or a racist. Hence its opposite will be moderate. Thus option C is the correct one.

Question. 2

Find the synonym of the below-mentioned word?


A. Horrific
B. Friendly
C. Magnificent
D. Harmonious

Correct Option: A
Explanation: Heinous means any evil or a hateful crime. Hence option A is the correct one, as friendly, magnificent and harmonious are the opposite of the above word.

Question. 3

Find the antonym of the below-mentioned word?


A. Lively
B. Hopeful
C. Colorful
D. Depressed

Correct option: D
Explanation: Sanguine means cheerful and confident, hence its opposite will be Depressed or gloomy. Thus option D is the correct one; and other options are somewhat similar to the said word.

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