Rules For Jumbled Sentence

rules for jumbled sentence

Jumbled Sentence Rules:

Some important point and rules for Jumbled Sentence:-

  1. Try to find out the topic explained in the paragraph or in the sentence. This can be done by looking for words that are repeated frequently in the sentence.

  2. If a specific word is repeated in more than one sentence then the sentences can be placed one by one in the paragraph.

  3. If a sentence starts with a ‘name’ of person, then that sentence will surely be the 1st sentence in the paragraph.

  4. If a sentence starts with pronouns other than ‘You’ and ‘I’, then definitely that sentence will not be the 1st sentence of the paragraph

  5. The sentences starting with the words ‘That’, ‘These’, ‘Thus’ and ‘Those’, then also those sentences will not come 1st in the paragraph.

More Rules To Arrange Jumbled Sentences:

6). If an article is present at the starting of a sentence. Then the chances of that sentence to be the 1st in the paragraph is more

7). If all the articles are present as the starting words of different sentences then they are arranged as follows

  • The sentence starting with ‘A’ comes first
  • The sentences starting with ‘An’ and ‘The’ will follow the sentence starting with ‘A’.

8). If there are 3-sentences starting with ‘But’, ‘So’ and ‘Now’ respectively. Then those 3-sentences will be arranged in the following order

  • Sentence starting with ‘But’
  • Sentence starting with ‘So’
  • Sentence starting with ‘Now’

9). If the given set of sentences consists of  a simple, compound and complex sentences they are arranged in the following manner
Simple sentence –  A sentence consisting of only one clause, with a single subject and verb.
For example:

  • Rohan waited for the cab.

Compound sentence – a sentence that consists of 2-independent clauses connected to one another with a conjunction
For example:

  • Rohan waited for the cab, but the cab was late.

Complex sentence – a sentence that consists of an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses connected to it
For example:

  • Rohan realized that the cab was late while he waited at the cab stop. (Or)
  • While he waited at the cab stop, Rohan realized that the cab was late.

10). If a sentence starts with the words HenceFinally or Therefore then that sentence comes last in the paragraph.

rules for Jumbled Sentence

Jumbled Sentence Rules Example:-

Question 1

A. Till date it has no cure.
B. Ebola outbreak is the most deadly virus in human history.
C. Research is still at large to find the cure.
D. It has taken numerous lives in Africa.

What is the correct order of the sentences?



Correct Option D, as clearly from that Rules of Jumbled Sentence we can varify

jumbled sentence rules