How To Solve Synonyms Questions Quickly

Solve Synonyms Questions Quickly

Synonyms are a pair of words that are spelled differently but hold the same meaning. They can be used in place of each other. A single word can have several synonyms to it. 

So on this page we we’ll see How To solve Synonyms Questions Quickly – 

The main rules to learn synonyms are:

  • Associative Words
  • Prefix and Suffix
  • A Word Tree
  • Word Charge

Apart from these rules, there are certain tips that you will need to solve the synonym questions during your exam. The synonym questions can come in the form of contextual vocabulary, reading comprehension, inference, fill up, cloze test or as simple synonym question. So knowing how to solve it is very important to not go wrong in it.

How To Solve Synonyms Questions Quickly

how to solve synonyms

Tip 1 – Understand the context

If you come across any synonym question in a comprehension, fill up or any other contextual question then it is best that you try to understand the meaning of the word with reference to the context given. Once you know whether the context is positive or negative it’ll be easy for you to choose an appropriate word from the following options.

Tip 2 – Go through all the options

If you are unsure about what word should be the exact synonym of the word given then you should carefully trace all the options that are available to you. Once you go through them one by one it’ll help you to gradually eliminate the ones that may seem wrong or inappropriate with the blank. This will help you to reach to the answer.

Tip 3 – Break the Word

It might so happen that the words may be too difficult for you to crack at one look. Give it some time and break the words down systematically. You might see that the words separately give it more meaning and then put them back together. You’ll will see a significance in the word instantly.

For Example: DISINTEGRATION. How to break this word?

  • Dis  – negative prefix.
  • Integrate – to form or build
  • tion – a suffix that represents an undergoing process

Hence we come to know that if INTEGRATE means to build then DISINTEGRATION would mean the opposite of it. that means “the process of breaking down” i.e. Disintegration.

Tip 4 – Regular Reading

If you wanna learn new words and fill your notebook of words it is best that you start reading more. A regular habit of reading something, a newspaper, book, magazine, articles etc, would help you enhance your vocabulary. This will certainly help you to get higher scores in solving verbal questions.

Want to learn new words? Here’s a list of Most Important Words for Synonyms and Antonyms for you to read and crack the questions!

Tip 5 – Keep the Context In Mind

While attempting to answer a question that requires to fill up the space or replace a word with a synonym, it is very important that you do not change the context of the entire passage or sentence with the use of  a wrong word. This word might be a synonym but should also match the context here.

For Example – HARD.

This exam was too HARD to crack.

  • Difficult
  • Stiff

Here, both he words are synonyms of hard but only one suits the context of the sentence. The answer would be DIFFICULT since an exam can’t be STIFF. So the sentence would be, This exam was too difficult to crack.

Tip 6 – Beware of Homophones and Homographs.

Homophones – words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meaning.

Example –

  • Bear and Bare
  • Sun and Son
  • Sea and See
  • New and Knew

Homographs – words that have more than one meaning.


  • March and March
  • Ring and Ring
  • Kite and Kite
  • Right and Right

These words can easily confuse you and may even play with your mind when you attempt the questions. Make sure that you don’t misplace the words and mark the wrong options. Be careful.

Tip 7- Practice More

It is always recommended to practice more questions and quizzes to improve your skills that might help during the exams. Practicing from sample questionairres, quizzes, mocks and  other sources is essential to your growth and accuracy in attempting the questions. Practice your verbal ability regularly along with reading more to improve it and score better marks. After all practice makes a man perfect.

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How to Solve Synonyms - Sample Questions

Question 1.

Find the word which best expresses the meaning of the word:


A.  Solid
B.  Gaseous
C. Abstain
D.  Drinkable

Correct option: D


If we bifurcate the word, we get Pot as a prefix, whc=ich (as per the table mentioned in the introduction page) means to drink. Hence its synonym must be something related to a liquid or a drink.

Which makes it evident that option D is related to the given the word, other options are opposite in their respective meaning, like solid means something not liquid. Similarly, gaseous has an airy impact. Abstain on the other hand means to control.

Hence option D is the correct one.

Question 2. 

Find the word which best expresses the meaning of the word:


A.  Diverse
B.  Homogeneous
C.  Consistent
D. Alike

Correct option: A


By splitting Multifarious, we get multi as a prefix which means many. But the possibilities have words like homogeneous, which has homo as a prefix which means one or single, next is consistent which means same or regular, and alike again means similar. All these three options cannot be relatable to the given the word.

However Diverse, which means different or multi, carry a similar meaning to the given the word. Hence option A is the correct one.

Question 3.

Find the word which best expresses the meaning of the word:


A.  Convert
B.  Preserve
C.  Stagnate
D.  Secure

Correct option: A


Transmute contains a suffix mute, which means to change, and by looking at the given options only option A carries a similar meaning to the given the word.

As preserve means to secure or to save, which is the opposite of the given word.

Hence option A is the correct one.

Question: 4

Find the word which best expresses the meaning of the word:



B. Vague

C. Lethargic

D. Indifferent

Correct option: B


The synonym for “Keen” is Eager. “Keen” and “eager” both indicate enthusiasm, interest, or sharpness of perception.

Question: 5

Find the word which best expresses the meaning of the word:


A. Praise

B. Criticism

C. Blame

D. Indifference

Correct option: A


The synonym for “Kudos” is Praise. “Kudos” and “praise” both refer to expressions of admiration or recognition for achievement.

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