Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts For Prepositions And Conjunctions

Preposition and Conjunction Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts:

The Tips an Tricks and Shortcuts for Preposition and Conjunction are easy to understand if you how to place the respective words with a given context.

Prepositions are connecting words that connect nominal into a sentence.

Words like an, with, against, over, etc. comes under preposition, helping a noun or pronoun to connect in the sentence.

Likewise, conjunctions are also connecting words, however, they can change much more in a sentence as compared to prepositions.

tips and tricks for preposition and conjunction

Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts For Preposition And Conjunction:-


  • Use of Preposition:
    • on with days of the week,
    • at for a particular place or while defining time,
    • in for year and month, and more.

            Identifying the theme of the sentence will help you think the possible or right preposition.

  • Prepositions usually go before a noun or a pronoun. Some of its types are:
    • time,
    • place,
    • position,
    • direction, etc.

      You should know which preposition is suitable with the sentence or the noun or pronoun it is used with.

  • If a preposition is followed by a verb, then the verb will always be in the gerund form (ing).
    • Example – I always wonder about winning the game.
  • You can even identify a preposition from an adverb. A preposition always takes an object with it, whereas, an adverb never takes an object.



  • A conjunction can never be used before a sentence which is in direct narration
  • Never use conjunction with an interrogative adverb or interrogative pronoun when the sentence is in indirect narration.
  • The most common hint is, if a verb is included in a sentence, you are most probably dealing with conjunctions.
  • The three different types of Conjunction are:
    • Simple Conjunctions
    • Compound Conjunctions
    • Co-relative Conjunctions

Question 1.

Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition.

The outcomes of his haughtiness were that his services were dispensed ___ by his master.

A. About
B. With
C. Up
D. From

Correct Answer: B

“Dispensed with” means ‘forgo’, which is why dispensed will take with.

Question 2.

Identify the error and replace it with the suitable preposition:

She was relieved from the pain after the checkup.

A. With
B. For
C. Of
D. None

Correct Answer: C

“Relieved” should go with ‘of’ instead of “from.”

Question 3.

Pick out the conjunction in the below sentence and identify its type:

You cannot achieve your goals unless you work harder.

A. Cannot
B. Unless
C. You
D. Work

Correct Answer: B

Unless is the conjunction in the sentence. It is a subordinating conjunction. Unless is acting as a connector between the two sections of the sentence.

Question 4.

Complete the sentence by filling the right conjunction:

Ana is tall, __ Shawn is taller.

A. But
B. And
C. Than
D. While

Correct Answer: D

“While” is suitable conjunction when there is a comparison in the sentence.

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