Infytq SP Interview Experience 2024

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Read the Infosys InfyTQ SP Interview Experience of 2024 batch selected candidates on this page. You will also find InfyTQ DSE Interview Experience and InfyTQ SE Interview Experience on our page. We have also included InfyTQ Technical Questions asked in interviews.

Infosys InfyTQ SP Interview Experience

Infosys InfyTQ Interview Experience

I got selected in Infosys for the specialist programmer profile through Infosys InfyTQ exam. I will be sharing my InfyTQ SP Interview Experience here, for everyone.

So InfyTQ, for those who don’t know, is an exam which Infosys conducts  for engineering students in their third year. It is basically a thorough coding exam, but candidates from all branches are eligible.

InfyTQ Registration Process:-

The registration process starts almost a month prior to the exam. I got to know about their registration through PrepInsta’s instagram post. I’d definitely suggest anyone reading to be connected with PrepInsta on their instagram handle, as they are always posting job details and preparation tips.

So anyways, I got the registration link. To appear for the exam you have to make an account in InfyTQ. Then you will be given a time and date slot for the exam. I selected the slot most suitable for me. They will also give you the option to select between Python and Java for the first round.

Round 1:- InfyTQ Certification Round

The first round of InfyTQ is the InfyTQ Certification Round. It is a 3 hour test, with MCQ and hands on coding questions.

  • The first section consists of 10 programming Multiple Choice type questions from either Python or JAVA
  • This depends on your selection previously
  • The second section consists of 10 MCQs on DBMS/SQL
  • Two hands on coding questions
  • My coding questions were:-
    • Reverse a string given keeping certain special characters same
    • A matrix based question

In Certification Round one needs 65% to clear. 

I cleared the round, and I was called for the second round. They also mentioned that if I was not interested in attending the second round, I can also appear for the interview directly for the profile of System Engineer.

However I applied for the second round, as even if you do  not clear this round you can still attend the interview for System Engineer based on your previous round results.

Round 2:- InfyTQ Advantage Round

The second round of InfyTQ is the InfyTQ Advantage Round. This exam consists of 3 questions and is also 3 hours long.

The questions are marked differently. Third question carries more marks than the other two. So try to solve that one correctly. The cutoff for this round is also 65%.

Round 3:- InfyTQ Interview Round

Clearing the InfyTQ Advantage Round, we can sit for the interview round for Specialist Programmer.  Performance in this round basically determines where you will be placed. 

If you perform exceptionally well you will be placed in Specialist Programmer.

To prepare for this round I studied PrepInsta’s questions. I also read Interview Experiences of previous candidates to get an idea of the interview.

On the day of the interview, as it was conducted online I made sure to keep a stable network connection. Even got a portable hotspot device from a friend as a backup.

The interview was conducted on WebEx and was almost an hour long.

Below I will mention the questions that were asked in the interview.


1.Introduce Yourself

2.How was your experience in the previous two rounds?

3.Do you remember the coding questions that were asked in the second round?

4.Can you solve one of them?

5. What are Search and Sort Algorithms?

Search Algorithms are algorithms which are used to find or bring any particular element from a data structure.

Example:- Linear search, Binary Search etc

Sort Algorithms are algorithms which are used to arrange the data present in a data structure in a specific order.

Example:- Quick sort, Merge sort etc.

6.Write the code for Bubble Sort

You can find the solution for this code here:-Bubble Sort in Java

7.Comment on it’s time complexity.

It’s time complexity is O(n2).

8.Difference between Hashmap and Hashtable.

non synchronizedsynchronized
allows null keysdoes not allow any null keys

9.What are ACID properties?

  • Atomicity- It states each transaction is all or nothing. If one part of the transaction fails, the entire transaction fails.
  • Consistency-It states that data must follow all validation rules. A transaction never leaves the database without being completed
  • Isolation-Isolation provides concurrency control. It ensures that concurrent property of execution should not be met.
  • Durability- Once a transaction is committed it will remain committed regardless of the situation,power loss, crashes etc.


10.What do you understand by joins?

Joins are used to retrieve data from multiple tables. There are six different types of joins:-

  • Inner Join
  • Right Join
  • Left Join
  • Full Join
  • Cross Join
  • Natural Join

11.What was your project?

12.What qualities you have that makes you suitable for Infosys?

13.Any questions for me?

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