What is InfyTQ?

What is Infosys Certification Program?

Answer to – What is InfyTQ? It is Infosys Certification is a technological certification that validates your industry preparedness and allows you to pursue your dream job. Your programming and database expertise will be tested throughout the Infosys Certification testing procedure.

After passing the test, you will have the choice of participating in a pre-placement interview for one of Infosys’ specialty technical positions or appearing in a technical interview for the Systems Engineer post and becoming an Infosys Certified Software Programmer.

Every year Infosys conduct InfyTQ exam for the students who wants to be the master in Programming.

What is InfyTQ?

InfyTQ Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for InfyTQ 2024:-

  • Make sure to apply through official Infosys InfyTQ app/Website.
  • B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech., M.Sc., MCA, or an MCM student graduating in 2024.
  • Must be an Indian Citizen.
  • You don’t need a minimum percentage to apply for The Infosys Certification.
InfyTQ Eligibility CriteriaRequirement
Apply throughOfficial InfyTQ App/Website
DegreeB.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech., M.Sc., MCA, or an MCM student graduating in 2024.
PercentageNo minimum percentage
Mandatory Documents
  • Government issued ID Proof
  • Original college ID
  • Updated Resume
  • Colored passport size photograph.

InfyTQ Exam Pattern 2024

InfyTQ conducts two rounds –the Certification Round and the Advantage Round.

InfyTQ Certification Round

  • In the Certification round , you will be tested on the basis of your basic JAVA/ Python Skills as well as on your programming skills.
  • There will be SQL questions asked in the certification round.
  • There is no negative marking in the certification qualifier round.
  • You can switch to any section.
  • There is no sectional cut-off in this round but if you score 65 %ile above then you will be able to sit for the Advantage Round.
InfyTQ Certification RoundNo. of questions in QualifierTotal Time
Hands- On Coding2 Ques3 Hours (Shared)
JAVA/ Python (MCQs)10 Ques3 Hours (Shared)
DBMS (MCQs)10 Ques3 Hours (Shared)
Total22 Ques3 Hours

InfyTQ Advantage Round

  • Students who clear the certification round with a score of 65 %ile will be eligible to give this Advantage Round.
  • There is only one section in this round which will be Hands-On Coding based on Java/ Python
  • There is no negative marking in the Final Round.
Section No. of Questions Timing Marks
Java / Python Hands On Coding (Question 1) 1 180 minutes (combined) 50
Java / Python Hands On Coding (Question 2) 1 180 minutes (combined) 75
Java / Python Hands On Coding (Question 3) 1 180 minutes (combined) 100
NOTE: If you will score 65% or above you will become ‘Infosys Certified Software Programmer” and will get chance to appear for Behavioral test.

InfyTQ Behavorial Interview-1

  • This is nothing but technical interview on the basis of which you’ll be offered “System Engineer Role” at Infosys.
InfyTQ Behavioral Interview-1PostPackage
Interview-1(Compulsory)System Engineer role3 LPA

InfyTQ Interview-2

  • If you clear the cut-off of InfyTQ Upgrade Test, you will get a chance to appear for the behavorial interview-2.
  •  Based on your performance in interview you’ll be offered the role at Infosys such as
    • “Power Programming Role”,
    • “Systems Engineer Specialist”
    • “System Engineer”.
  • It might be possible you still get the System Engineer Role. It totally depends on your performance in Interview.
InfyTQ Behavioral Interview-2PostPackage
InterviewPower Programmer role8 Lakhs per annum
InterviewSystems Engineer Specialist role5 Lakhs per annum

Some important guidelines for Behavioral Test you must know:


The entire duration of the test is Web-proctored. You will be on video, and therefore, please ensure the
• You must dress as though you are in a public setting
• You must not use headphones, earphones, or any other type of external audio equipment
• You must not communicate with any other person by any means
• You must not leave the video frame during the exam for any reason.

InfyTQ Certification Exam Flowchart

InfyTQ Certification Program 2023

FAQ's related to InfyTQ


Written test of InfyTQ is divided into 3 subsections:-

  • Certification Round
  • Advantage Round
  • Behavioral Interview/Test

For more details please visit here InfyTQ Previous Year Papers.

What is Behavioral Test?

Behavioral Test is nothing but technical Interview conducted after final round via Online Platform like Cisco Webex, meet etc.

You can read important instructions given for “Behavioral Test” on this page before attempting the exam process.

Which year batch is eligible for InfyTQ EXAM?

Students graduating in 2024 of B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech, M.Sc., MCM, or MCA branches can apply for this drive.

How can I apply for InfyTQ Exam 2024?

Visit the InfyTQ Registration Process Page and get Step by Step guidance to apply for InfyTQ 2024 Drive.

Which programming language will I be tested on during Infosys Certification examination?

  • When reserving a test session for the Certification Round, you will have the option of choosing between Java and Python as a programming language.
  • The programming language you choose when scheduling a Certification Round test slot is the one you’ll be tested on during that round.
  • In the Advantage Round, in addition to Java and Python, you will be able to select your chosen programming language from a list of other computer languages.

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