InfyTQ Result 2022-21

InfyTQ Result For Freshers

There are 2 different Rounds for InfyTQ Exam. On this page, you will get all the information related to InfyTQ Result related to InfyTQ Exam 2022-21.

There are mainly 2 Rounds for InfyTQ Exam followed by a Behavioral/Test Interview. After this behavioral interview, there is InfyTQ Advance/Upgrade Test only for those who perform very well in Interview.

InfytQ Results

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What is InfyTQ Certification Exam?

InfyTQ Results

Points to be Remembered:-

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InfyTQ Analysis Result 2022

This table below gives detailed analysis on InfyTQ Exam 2022.

Round 1
Qualifier Round
  • Total Number of Questions - 40 Questions in 3 section.
  • There will be 1 marks for each correct marks and 0.25 marks each incorrect option
  • Quants, Logical, Programming(Java/Python) and DBMS
Round 2
Final Round
  • Total Number of Questions - 22
  • 20 Question on Objective and 2 Coding
  • There will be no "Negative Marking."
  • You get Certificate from Infosys after clearing Final Round and you if you clear the final round with more than 65% you will be eligible for behavioral test.
  • Also, you get the chance to work at Infosys as "System Engineer" if you clear behavioral .
Round 3
Advance Test
(optional after clearing
behavioral test)
  • Students will be interviewed for either the Power Programmer role (remuneration: 8 Lakhs per annum)
  • Systems Engineer Specialist role
    (remuneration: 5 Lakhs per annum).
    Note: Only after clearing the InfyTQ Advance Test/Upgrade Test.
    (3 competitive ques will be there in the test before the 2nd behavioral test/interview)
Infytq results overview


In this post, we will be discussing about InfyTQ Results based on rounds.

  1. Qualifier Test
  2. Final Round
  3. Advance/Upgrade Test

Qualifier Round

Qualifier Round Results

Qualifier Round or commonly known as Screening test and is first round of InfyTQ Test.

You will be provided 40 Questions on Quants, Logical , DBMS and Programming.

There will be negative marking in this round.

After clearing InfyTQ Round, you will get update regarding the final round through mail.

Final Round

Final Round Results

Final Round of InfyTQ will provide you InfyTQ Software Programmer Certificate.

You will be provided 20 Questions on DSA, SQL i.e Objective and 2 Hands On question i.e Coding Question.

There will be no negative marking in this round.

If you score 65% or above then you are eligible for the further Technical Interview Round and will be provided Infosys Certificate

Advance/Upgarde Test


Advance/Upgrade Test Results

Based on the performance of those who opt for the upgrade test, students will be interviewed for further test.

Either for Power Programmer role (remuneration: 8 Lakhs per annum)

Systems Engineer Specialist role (remuneration: 5 Lakhs per annum).

Additional Information (FAQ's)

What is the process for InfyTQ Exam Registration?

If you want to register for InfyTQ exam, then go through step by step process given on InfyTQ Registration Process Page.

What is Infosys Certification Program and is there any difference between InfyTQ or Infosys Certification Program?

There is as such no difference between the two. In InfyTQ exam, You will get chance to work at Infosys by clearing the Behavioral Test. Visit What is InfyTQ? and Infosys Certification Program.