Infosys Placement Papers for SP and DSE Role

Infosys Placement Papers 2024

Infosys Placement Papers Previous Year Questions for the role of

Infosys DSE and SP Exam Pattern 2024

For the profile of Specialist Programmer (SP) and Digital Specialist Engineer (DSE) roles the first stage of the selection process for these roles is the Infosys Online test.

  • Infosys test will contain 3 questions in 3 hours:
  • The test will have a sectional cut-off as well as the total cut-off.

Programming languages allowed to submit solutions for the above questions are:-

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript

Each Question will have a different “Difficulty Level“.

  1. Easy- that can be solved by applying the basic application of aptitude, algorithm, and data structures.
  2. Medium- that can be solved by applying the basics of the Greedy algorithm.
  3. Hard – Usually a question based on Dynamic Programming.

You can practice the Infosys online exams questions for DSE and SP role by clicking the link given below :

Topics that you need to prepare for Infosys online exam for DSE and SP role :

Topics for Easy Level Question 

 Easy level question in Infosys Online exam for DSE and SP role are based on the following topics :

  • Aptitude
  • Algorithm
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Tree
  • Graph
  • Hash Map
  • Linked List

 Topics for Medium Level Question 

   Usually medium level problem is based on Greedy Algorithms it may be one of the following type  :

  • Pure Greedy Algorithms
  • Orthogonal Greedy Algorithms
  • Relaxed Greedy Algorithms

Topics for  Hard Level Question 

 Hard level  problem is generally based on Dynamic Algorithm. 

 If the problem accumulates the following two properties then you need to solve it using dynamic approach :

  • Overlapping Subproblem.
  • Optimal substructure properties.

   Some common examples of dynamic problems are :

  • Knapsack problem

  • Fibonacci Numbers

  • Palindromic Subsequence

  • Longest Common Substring

  • Dijkstra’s algorithm

Round 2 Virtual Interview

  • Virtual interview will analysis your technical and behavioural skills.
  • Based on interviewer, interview will held for 45 minutes or 1 hour.
  • Interviewer may asked you logics behind the questions that you solved during coding round, puzzles and Data Structures etc.
  • You might be tested on the basis of your branch like ,

    BranchQuestions based on
    • Algorithms
    • Data Structure
    • Compiler
    • Automata theory
    • Computer network
    • Computer Organisation
    • Operating systems
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Digital signal Processing
    • Algorithms
    • Data Structure
    • Computer networks
    • Digital electronics
    • Digital signal processing
    • Mathematics
    • Control Systems
    • Object Oriented Programming

Additional Information (FAQ's)

What is the exam pattern?

Infosys online exam will contain 3 coding questions of easy, medium and hard difficulty levels.

How much time do I need to prepare for Infosys online exam?

It depends on your capability but generally it takes 15-20 days for practicing all the stuff. 

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