Infosys DSE and SP Syllabus 2024

Syllabus for Infosys Specialist Programmer and  Digital Specialist Engineer hiring 2024

Infosys has announced its special hiring for Specialist Programmer and Digital Specialist Engineer for the batch of 2024 graduates. These are two new roles other than the ASE, and  Power Programmer roles that Infosys Offer. Here, in this article we will be explaining you the procedure and steps that will be undertaken for this hiring, make sure you read through all the details.
Infosys DSE and SP Syllabus 2022

Details for Infosys DSE and SP Syllabus 2024

The following table contains all the important information that you should have if you are preparing for Infosys Specialist Programmer and Digital Specialist Engineer

Infosys HiringDetails
Number of Questions3
Time allotted3 hours

Infosys SP and DSE Coding Round will have 3 questions and each question will belong to a different topic and different difficulty level. In total you will have 3 hours to solve the 3 given coding problems, so you have to plan accordingly so that you can solve all the 3 coding questions, with all the test cases in the given time slot.


Coding Round explained in details

Infosys Coding RoundDifficultySuggested Avg. Time
Question 1Easy30-35 mins
Question 2Medium45-60 mins
Question 3Hard60-75 mins

The Coding Round of Infosys SP and DSE Hiring consists of 3 coding questions, each question can belong to a different difficulty level:

  • Question 1 – Easy level – Simple Question that can  be solved by basic applications of aptitude, algorithm and data structures.
  • Question 2 – Medium Level  – Usually a question based on Greedy Algorithm
    • A greedy algorithm is any algorithm that follows the problem-solving heuristic of making the locally optimal choice at each stage. Types of greedy problems are-:
      • Pure Greedy Algorithms
      • Orthogonal Greedy Algorithms
      • Relaxed Greedy Algorithms
  • Question 3 – Hard level – Usually a question based on Dynamic Programming
    • DP is an algorithmic technique for solving an optimization problem by breaking it down into simpler subproblems and utilizing the fact that the optimal solution to the overall problem depends upon the optimal solution to its subproblems.
    • Principles of Dynamic Programming-:
      • Breaking the problem down into subproblems and calculating their values. Next time, upon encountering the same subproblem, the value can be reused instead of recalculation
      • Avoid repeated work by remembering partial results, a common approach for performance enhancements.

Note-:  Programming languages allowed to submit solutions for the above questions are:-

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript

You can even use different programming languages to solve different coding problems, for eg – you can use C++ to solve ques 1, java to solve ques 2 and python to solve ques 3, or you can use either C,C++,java etc to solve all the 3 coding questions. Read more about the Digital Specialist Engineer and Specialist Programmer through here-:

  • Digital Specialist Engineer
  • Specialist Programmer


What is the time limit for the coding round?

You will be given 3 hours to solve all the 3 coding questions.

Is it compulsory that all the test cases should run ?

It is not compulsory that all the test cases should run, but if we consider each question, then at least

  • Ques 1 – all the test cases should run
  • Ques 2 – 80% of the test cases should run
  • Ques 3 – 75% of the test cases should run

What will be the next round after this round ?

If you successfully clear this round, then the next round will be the interview round, post which you will be offered the position accordingly if you clear the interview

Is there any sectional cut-off ?

There may be sectional/topical cut-off in the coding round.

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