What is Specialist Programmer?

System Programmer role In Infosys

The Infosys Power Programmer (PP) role has been redefined as the Specialist Programmer (SP) Infosys . Power Programmer is one of the career stream that comprises development and growth character for each programmer who joins the Infosys Strategic Technology Group as a Specialist Programmer (SP) Infosys. 

Specialist Programmers are programming ‘polyglots’ who are experts in deep programming, full-stack capabilities, high complexity coding, developing rapid applications/platforms, and building technology-enabled solutions.


What is SP?

How to get SP role In infosys

Infosys recruit students through on-campus coding test and conduct off-campus coding competition Infytq and HackWithInfy where they allow students to take part in this competition and one who clear one rounds out of two will get the golden opportunity to got interview for SP role at Infosys.

InfyTQ conducts two rounds –the Qualifier Round and the Final Round, And there is one Advance/Upgrade Test through which one can get the chance for SP role .

Hackwithinfy also conduct two rounds –

  • Round 1 – Online Contest 

  • Round 2 -Grand Finale a 48-hour hackathon at Infosys Meridian

You can practice the Infosys coding questions for SP role by clicking the link given below 

Exam Pattern
For SP/DSE Role
Online TestCoding Test
No of Ques3 Questions
Types of Ques1 Easy + 1 Medium + 1 Hard

Coding Questions Type

  • Easy problem based on Algorithm , Aptitude and Data structures
  • Medium level problem is based on Greedy Algorithm.
  • Hard difficulty level problem is usually based on Dynamic Programming.
  • Code can be written in any one of the following languages C/C++/Java/Python/Javascript

Eligibility Criteria

Year of passing
Job Role:-
Candidates will get Pre-placement opportunities for Specialist Programmer and Digital Specialist Engineer roles at Infosys
Opportunity: :-
Their will be opportunity for candidates explore their passion for programming, and an opportunity to compete and earn a chance to work with Infosys.
Regisrtration Fee:-
There is no Regisrtration fees for the exam

Additional Information (FAQ's)

Is there any percentage criteria?

No, there is no percentage criteria for the students to apply for HackWithInfy and Infytq exam. The only criteria for registration is that you should be an engineering graduate.

Is there any registration fee?

No there is no registration fee for participation. Infosys does not charge any fee at any stage of the competition.