What is Specialist Programmer?

Specialist Programmer Role in Infosys

Infosys Specialist Programmer previously known as Infosys Power Programmer profile hires individuals who are proficient in Full Stack Development with an aptitude for latest technologies like Machine Learning, Big Data etc. In this page we have provided the complete guide about the Specialist Programmer role in Infosys, and how you can get placed for this role.

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What is Infosys Specialist Programmer?

As an Infosys programmer in SP role  , you are expected to work in high end projects using technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Some of the technologies that you should know before getting into Infosys SP role include:

  • Functional Programming– Scala, Akka
  • Java Microservices– Spring Boot, JEE
  • NoSQL and Scripting – ReachJS, Angular JS, MongoDB
  • Big Data and ML– Hadoop, Azure ML,
  • DevOps- Jira, GIr, JenKins

What is the salary of Infosys Specialist Programmer?

Infosys offers an annual CTC of 9.5 lakhs for freshers who are hired in SP role, which increases subsequently. For experienced candidates the annual CTC varies depending on their qualifications and previous work experience.

How to get placed in Infosys SP role?

The easiest or rather the most preferred route to get placed at Infosys as a Specialist Programmer is by appearing for one of Infosys national level competitions, namely:

  • InfyTQ
  • HackwithInfy

These are two of Infosys’ national level coding competitions, and candidates who perform exceptionally in these competitions are shortlisted for SP profile interview.

How to prepare for Infosys SP role exam?

To get selected in Infosys SP role, start practicing coding. The questions asked are of three categories:-

To know more about Infosys Coding exams check out:

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FAQ on Infosys Specialist Programmer

Question: What is the role of Specialist Programmer in Infosys?


SP or Specialist Programmers in Infosys are put on projects where they need to work with technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Question: How can I prepare for Infosys Specialist Programmer?


For SP role in Infosys, you have to be a good programmer. You can prepare using PrepInsta’s Competitive Coding Course

Question: In Infosys Coding exam is it compulsory for all test cases to run?


It is not compulsory for all the test cases to run. Of the 3 coding questions, the running the following number of test cases should be enough:

  • Question 1: All test cases
  • Question 2: 80% of the test cases
  • Question 3: 75% of the test cases 

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