How to Prepare for HackWithInfy 2024

HackWithInfy 2024

How to Prepare for HackWithInfy 2024? The answer to this question is given in this article below, make sure you prepare well for HackWithInfy.

HackWithInfy 2024 is a contest for all engineering students across India who are graduating in the year 2024 to inculcate the culture of rapid problem-solving and innovative thinking from early on.

Below you will get all the information about how to prepare for HackWithInfy 2024.

How to Prepare for HackWithInfy

HackWithinfy Coding rounds

Steps for preparing HackWithInfy

As a student if you want to explore your passion for coding and programming, if you want to earn a golden chance to compete and work for India’s one of the biggest company “INFOSYS”. This program is a perect launchpad for all of you

There are 2 Coding Rounds in HackWithInfy 2024:-

  • Round 1 – Online Contest

  • Round 2 -Grand Finale a 48-hour hackathon at Infosys Meridian


Round 1
Online Contest
  • Total Number of Questions - 3 coding questions on hackerrank.
  • Candidates who will able to solve the coding questions will get selected. Now after that selected participants( they decide on the basis of total number of participants) go to round 2.
Round 2
Grand Finale a 48-hour hackathon at Infosys Meridian
  • Round 2 which is basically a hackathon ( on hackerearth ) which will held at Infosys Meridian headquarter.
  • Top 100 finalists from round 2 will be invited in the grand finale and they will get a great opportunity of pre-placememt at Infosys for the role of Power Programmer. 
  • Winner will be rewarded with a prize of Rs 2 Lakh.
  • The first runner up will also receive a prize money of 1 lakh and second runner up will receive a prize money of Rs 50,000 .

HackWithInfy Exam Dates

  • Round 1:- Round 1 will be held in May 2024
  • Round 2:- This final round is held at Infosys Meridian venue and is an on-campus team formation 48 hours hackathon.

The top 100 participants from Round 1 will compete in the four-day virtual grand finale in July 2024. The finalists will also get an opportunity for a pre-placement interview for the Power Programmer role at Infosys.

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HackWithInfy Syllabus

Here below you will get the Syllabus of Hack With Infy. There is no particular syllabus for HackWithInfy but these are most asked coding problem topics of Hack With Infy coding rounds:-

  • Dynamic Programming
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Backtracking
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Mapping Concepts
  • Array manipulation
  • String manipulation
  • Tree
  • Graph
  • Bit Mapping and Hashing
  • Recursion and Heap
  • Divide and Conquer
HackWithInfy Preparation Steps

How to Prepare for HackWithInfy 2024

Below mentioned are some of the points that you should have in your mind if you want to know How to Prepare for HackWithInfy 2024?

 Good Command Over Programming Language

  • You should have a very great grip upon the language that you are coding so that you know all the tricks .
  • You should always choose a language in which you are most comfortable with.
  • However, I will suggest  you to code  either in C , C++ , Python language.

Choose Platform to Practice

  • You need to choose the platofrm where you can do the practice regularly to improve your skills.
  • Some coding platforms are:-Hackerearth, codechef etc. for practicing coding problems.
  • HackerRank is a place where programmers from all over the world come together to solve problems in a wide range of Computer Science domains

Be really fast at typing code.

  • If your code fails then you should have time in your hand to re-solve that.
  • To have time you will have to type the code really fast because the faster you will type the more time you will be able to save to recheck, resolve and retype.

Practice to Improve your skills

  • To master your problem solving skills you will have to practice, practice and practice because practice makes a person perfect as; the more time you invest in this the lesser worrisome you will be attempting the exam.

Solve Previous Year Questions

  • You should solve previous year questions of Hack With Infy .You will get a knowledge that how difficult and what type of questions are asked in Hack With Infy paper.

HackWithInfy Evaluation Sceheme

  1. Code Efficiency:- This is the number of test cases that the code passes
  2. Plagiarism:- you can’t do Plagiarism. If you will do there shall be negative marking for plagiarism.
  3. Difficulty Level:- Marks are assigned to the questions basis the difficulty level and solutions evaluated accordingly

Additional Information of HackWithInfy

  • HackWithInfy provides a great chance for students to explore their passion for programming, and an an opportunity to compete and earn a chance to work with Infosys.
  • B.E./B.Tech/M.E./M.Tech students graduating in the year 2024 can applyfor Hack With Infy.
  • InfyTQ, an Infosys learning and engagement platform for all students in India. Students who are already onboard InfyTQ can apply for #HackWithInfy.
  • Candidates who have cleared the round will get mail  of selection after each round  with proper guidelines, for the next round.
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Additional Information (FAQ's)

What is the eligibility for HackWithInfy this year?

B.E./B.Tech/M.E./M.Tech students graduating in the year 2024 Can apply for #HackWithInfy.

What is the Online Test Pattern of HackWithInfy

There are 2 rounds of Hack with Infy:-

  1. Round 1- Online Contest
  2. Round 2-Grand Finale a 48-hour hackathon at Infosys Pune