Accenture Interview Experience ASE

Accenture Interview Experience ASE

In this page you will find Accenture Interview Experience ASE of selected candidates. We have provided Interview Experience of candidates working in ASE role in Accenture.

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Accenture ASE Role

What is ASE?

ASE is the Associate Software Engineer Role in Accenture. 

In Accenture, Associate Software Engineers work in developing, designing and maintaining new technologies.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates from all streams and branches are eligible for this role.

Candidates should be good at coding, and be able to write and solve coding related problems.

Interviewers hire candidates who show good analytical and problem solving skills along with excellent communication skills.

  • Having a certification or experience in
  • SFDC

gives you higher chances of selection.

1. Accenture ASE Interview Experience

I got to know about Accenture Off Campus recruitment drive for ASE role from PrepInsta’s website. I applied through the registration link provided by Accenture. A few hours after applying I got an email that my registration was successful.

There were mainly 5 stages or rounds in the whole Accenture hiring process.

  1.  Accenture Pre-Placement talk
  2.  Cognitive and Technical Assessment round
  3. Coding Round
  4. Communication Round
  5. Interview

Accenture Pre-Placement Talk:-

It was mostly a meeting where they described the recruitment process, rounds and the job profile and about the company.

Cognitive and Technical Assessment

This was the first exam round. It consists of aptitude questions like quants and logical.

Accenture Coding Round

Accenture’s second round is a coding round. There were two coding questions.

Question 1 was based on string validation.

String is valid if it satisfies all the conditions.

  • at least 4 characters
  • at least one numeric digit
  • at least one capital letter
  • no space or slash(/)
  • starting character must not be a number

I wrote the solution in Python.

def CheckPassword(s,n):

   if n<4:

       return 0

   if s[0].isdigit():

       return 0



   for i in range(n):

       if s[i]==' ' or s[i]=='/':

           return 0

       if s[i]>='A' and s[i]<='Z':


       elif s[i].isdigit():


   if cap>0 and nu>0:

       return 1


       return 0




Question 2 was:-

Find the sum of all numbers in range from 1 to m(both inclusive) that are not divisible by n. Return difference between sum of integers not divisible by n with sum of numbers divisible by n.

Again i wrote the solution in python :

n = int(input())

m = int(input())

sum1 = 0

sum2 = 0

for i in range(1,m+1):

    if i % n == 0:





Communication Round

The communication round was conducted a few days later.

There were speaking and listening questions.

Accenture Interview

There was one interview, a combination of Technical and HR Round.

The interview lasted for around 20-30 minutes and was sort of a not so formal interview.

The interviewer focused more on the HR type questions than technical questions, and was testing my communication and analyzing skills.


1. Introduce yourself.

2.What are some of your favorite subjects in college?

3.Tell me about some of your achievements.

4.Then he asked me one puzzle. “Arrange 10 coconuts in 5 lines such that each line contains 4 coconuts.”

5.Tell me about the projects that you have mentioned in your resume.

6.What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This was my whole Accenture Interview Experience for ASE role.

For anyone applying or preparing for Accenture Interview, I would advise them to be confident and straightforward and go through each and every word from your resume. Also be thorough with your projects.

As for preparation, I would recommend PrepInsta’s materials. I have been following their materials since my third year and I referred their paid quizzes for Accenture.

2.Accenture Interview Experience On Campus

I recently appeared for Accenture Drive. Accenture visited our campus for freshers hiring.

Round 1:- Cognitive Round

It was an Aptitude round, conducted on CoCubes. The time duration for this round was 100 minutes. There were in total 3 sections:- verbal, logical and quants. I particularly found quants most difficult. The best tip for this round, is to manage the time efficiently.

Round 2:- Coding Round

After the cognitive assessment round, the results came in immediately and those who had cleared the round were then invited for the coding round. There were in total two questions, 1 was an easy question and the other one was relatively more difficult.

The second question was based on graph.

This is basically the most important round in the whole process. In Accenture a lot of focus is put on this round.

Round 3:-Communication Round

It was a 30 minute round. There were 7 sections. In each section we had to speak an answer or to listen to a question.

It was comparatively easier round and was not an eliminator.

Round 4:-Interview

There were more HR questions and only a few Tech questions.

Questions included:-

1. Self Introduction

2.Tell about your internships, including questions like:-

  1. What did you work on during this internship program?
  2. What was your role?
  3. How did you manage working under someone? Are you comfortable working with partners and team?
  4. What challenges you faced during the internship?
  5. What did you learn, or your key takeaway from this experience?

3.There were some behavioral questions, like what I would do in certain scenarios.

4.He asked me about my coding round and the questions and solutions for the same.

5.Explain your project, which included questions like:-

  1. Tell me about the working of the project. (I presented them a demo of my project which I had on my system)
  2. What were the challenges you faced while creating this project?
  3. How did you overcome those challenges?
  4. What is the future scope of your project?

6.Why do you want to join Accenture?

7.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

8.What leadership qualities do you possess?

3.Accenture Off Campus Interview Experience

I applied for Accenture through Accenture’s Job Post. The eligibility criteria included:-

  • all branches are eligible
  • minimum of 60% percentage
  • no education gap or backlog

Cognitive and Technical Assessment

It was conducted using Accenture Hirepro Platform. There were 6 sections and in total 90 questions. Each section had a cutoff.

Coding Round

The coding round was conducted immediately after the cognitive round.

There were two coding questions:-

  1. Zellers Congurence
  2. String question using loop.

Communication Round

There was also a communication round. There were audio based questions and some grammar question.

Accenture Technical and HR Round

It was a 30 minute interview round. Questions that were asked included Technical questions, some situational based questions and personal question and resume based questions as well.


1.Introduce yourself.

Ans-I gave a brief introduction which included my qualifications, interest, strength and weakness and extra co-curricular activities.

2.Tell me about your project.

Ans- I gave a brief about my project.

3.Define OOPs concepts.

Ans- Object-oriented programming (OOPs) is a method of designing a program by binding their related properties and behaviours into individual objects. Here we will discuss, basics of object-oriented programming in Python.

For instance, an object could represent a Student with properties like a name, age, class, marks, stream etc.


  • Student->
    • Name
    • Age
    • roll number
    • stream

4.What are the advantages of OOPS?

Advantages of OOPS:

  • OOPS reduces the complexity of the program and make the structure clearer.
  • Within OOPS, each structure forms a separate entity that is independent of other part of the system.
  • Objects can be maintained separately which makes them easier to locate and modify

6.Write a program for calculating the length of string without using strlen() function.

Ans- You can find the solution: here

7. What is a constructor and a destructor?

Constructor is a special method used to initialize the instance members of the class. The task of constructors is to initialize and assign values to the data members of the class when an object of the class is created.

Destructor is called when an object gets destroyed. 

7.Some situational based problems

8.Are you ready to relocate?

9.Why do you want to be a part of Accenture?

10.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This was all about my Accenture Interview. A few days later I got an email that I was selected.

To read more Interview Experiences of selected candidates, visit:

To read more Interview Experiences of selected candidates, visit:

FAQ on Accenture ASE Interview Experience

Question: Is Accenture Interview tough?


Accenture Interviews are challenging. The interviewers often ask a lot of situational and behavioral questions.

However the most important part to remember about Accenture Interview is that it depends a lot on the previous coding round, and your performance in that round greatly influences your interview round.

Question-What should I prepare for Accenture Interview?


1.Read about Accenture and the job profile for which you are applying. Be ready to answer any question that can possibly be asked from these two.

2.Go through the topics that you have mentioned in your resume and read up questions that can be asked from those topics.

3.Prepare behavioral and situational questions.

Question: How do I clear my Accenture Interview?


Accenture Interview focuses a lot on communication skills. So answer your questions confidently and comprehensively.

Also be thorough with your project explanation.


Question: Is there a coding round in Accenture?


Yes the second round in Accenture Exam is the coding round. 2 questions are asked in this round.

Often the same questions are also asked in the Interview Round.

Question: Does Accenture hire freshers?


Accenture hires freshers through both On Campus and Off Campus drives.