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147 comments on “All Companies”

    • HelpPrepInsta

      Hey Deepika, please study from our Top 100 codes page –
      This will help you in building up your basics, and then you can opt for any of our NanoDegree Programs


    Hi please enter dashboard for companies like Incture, Aptus Datalabs, Paypal, Buyhatke. The questions given by Buyhatke were quite tough in coding round. It would be really helpful if preparation strategies for the mentioned companies are posted

  • deepak

    Sir/man ,presently i am very low in coding,and my communication skills are also not so good, can prepinsta help me in getting job.
    Please reply.

    • HelpPrepInsta

      Yes Deepak sure, you can check our Interview Preparation Dashboard, or you can go for our Royal Pass membership, in which you will getting everything, like from the preparation material to resume building, and everything else that you can ask for