Deloitte Coding Questions and Answers

Deloitte Coding Questions with Solutions

On the Deloitte Coding Questions and Answers page, you will find out all the details related to the Hiring process of Deloitte including Coding Questions asked in NLA ( National Level Assessment ) and Technical Interview, Job Profile, Salary, Job Location, and other related details.


About Deloitte

Deloitte, formally known as Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited is a leading global services provider company. They provide services in consulting, financial advisory, tax management, risk management, audit, and assurance.

Deloitte is also having a Subsidiary, Deloitte US – India Consulting, which works under the Deloitte US Organization providing the same services as Deloitte US Organization gives.

About Deloitte Recruitment Process

This Hiring process consists of following steps :

  1. Online Assessment [ Aptitude, Verbal and Technical Based ]
  2. Technical and HR Interview

We have mentioned further details of Deloitte Recruitment Process in following Tabular Form for a particular Job Profile

Points Related Informations
Position : Analyst Trainee
Course :
  • B.Tech – CSE, IT, ECE, EEE & M.C.A.
  • Eligible Batch – 2024
Eligibility Criteria / Academic Qualification Required :

Minimum 60% or equivalent CGPA of 6.5 and above

Cost to Company (CTC) Rs 4,50,000 /- P.A
Selection Process :
  1. Applying on Official Website
  2. Online National Level Assessment (NLA)
  3. Technical & HR Interview
Joining Location : Remote

Pattern of  Deloitte Recruitment Exam :

Please be aware that this National Level Assessment has a 90-minute time limit and is divided into 4 sections, which are mentioned below :

Topics Number of Questions
Language Skills (English) 10 MCQs + 3 FUBs

General Aptitude

 12 Reasoning + 10 Quants
Technical  MCQs 30 Questions
Coding Questions 2  Questions 

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Deloitte Coding Questions

Question 1: Class Monitor

Problem Statement :

After JEE Mains, some students got admission into an engineering college. Now there is a class consisting of such n students, and the HOD came to say it is time to select the class monitor. But He never gets all of them at one time. So he brought a register, every time he gets someone with less rank than the previous time he cut the name and wrote the name of the student and the rank.
For a given number of ranks he gets each time, you have to predict how many names are cut in the list.

Number of Visiting<=10^9
ranks <=10000

Input Format:
Number of Visiting N in their first line
N space separated ranks the HOD gets each time

Output Format:
Number of ranks cut in the list

Sample Input:
4 3 7 2 6 1

Sample Output:

Question 2 : Corona for Computer  

Problem Statement :

Every decimal number can be changed into its binary form. Suppose your computer has it’s own CoronaVirus, that eats binary digits from the right side of a number. Suppose a virus has 6 spikes, it will eat up 6 LSB binary digits in your numbers.
You will have a bunch of numbers, and your machine will have a virus with n spikes, you have to calculate what will be the final situation of the final numbers.

Input Format:
First line, a single Integer N
Second line N space separated integers of the bunch of values as array V
Third line a single integer n, the number of spikes in Corona for Computer

Output Format:
Single N space separated integers denoting the final situation with the array v.

Sample Input:
1 2 3 4 5

0 0 0 1 1

5 is 101 in binary, when you cut the last two binary digits, its 1.

Question 3 : Help of Prepsters

Problem Statement :

Arnab has given me a challenge. I have to calculate the number of numbers which are less than a certain value n, and have exactly k set bits in its binary form. As you are a Prepster like me, help me write a code that will take input for n and k and give the expected output.

Constraints :
Input Format :
First line containing n and k space separated
Output Format :
Number of numbers present in a single line

Sample Input:
7 2
Sample Output:
11,110,101 -> These three numbers.

Question 4: Momentum LinkedList

Problem Statement :

Ratul made a linked list, a list made of n nodes, where every node has two variables, the velocity and the mass of a particle.
Since all the particles have the velocity in the same direction, find the total momentum of the entity made by the particles from the linked list.

Constraints :
Input format:
First line containing n, number of nodes
Then n lines containing the mass and the velocity space separated.
Output Format:
Single integer denoting the momentum

Sample Input:
1 3
2 4
2 3
4 5

Sample Output:

Question 5: Lazy String

Problem Statement :

Anish is the laziest person you can ever see. He is tasked to write the name of the winner in a game where two people take part. And he just writes the longest common subsequence over there, so that with minimum chane or no backspace he can edit the name to the winner’s name.
For two given names, you have to predict what Anish will write in his computer before the start of the name. If there are more than two longest subsequences possible,write the one with less lexicographic value.
Input Format:
Two lines including two strings of name(All with capital letters)

Output Format:
A single line with the lexicographically smallest possible longest common subsequence.

Sample Input:
Sample Output:
ACD and BCD these are the two possible biggest substring

FAQs related to Deloitte Coding Questions

Question 1: What kind of roles are available at Deloitte in India?

Deloitte offers a variety of roles across different domains like Audit, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk advisory, Tax and related services.

Question 2: Does Deloitte asks coding questions in there Recruitment Process?

Yes, Deloitte asks coding questions in there National Level Assessment and Technical Interview.

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