Deloitte JAM Round Topics

Deloitte JAM Round Topics 2024 For Freshers

Deloitte JAM Round Topics are given here on this page. But before going for the Topics one must understand What is Deloitte JAM Test?

Deloitte JAM stands from JUST A MINUTE Test. Like its name, this test is of one minute and it is more of a Group Discussion modified Round.

This round is new for most of the students. Don’t Worry PrepInsta is here to help you and will explain each and every detailed information of this round here on this page. Go through the page in detailed to know more about Deloitte JAM Round.

More About Deloitte JAM Round:
  • Time- 1 min
  • Difficulty- Medium
Deloitte JAM Round Topics 2024
Deloitte JAM Round Topics 2024

1 Topic

Topic Provided

1 minute

Total time

JAM Round Topics of Deloitte



JAM Round Topics of Deloitte For Freshers


Elimination Round

About Deloitte JAM Test 2024

Deloitte JAM Test Information
Number of Topics 1 Topic
Total Time 1 min
Difficulty Medium

Deloitte JAM Round Topics: Detailed Information

Deloitte JAM Round Topics 2024

What is JAM Test

In this round you will be divided into group of 15-20 students and you will be given one topic and you will have to to speak on the given topic for a minute straight.

 JAM Test: Steps

  • The round began with each contender selecting a random number between 1 and 25, and the host assigning a topic to that number.
  • We were also given a minute to consider the issue for a minute so that we could arrange our ideas.
  • The only stipulation was that we couldn’t pick a number that had already been picked by another applicant.
  • The subjects were simple and connected to current industry buzzwords, such as
    Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Security, Biometrics in Security, Agricultural Technology, Internet of Things, and so forth.

What is the purpose of Deloitte JAM Test?

  • This round is designed to assess your communication abilities and self-assurance. A group of 6 to 8 students is formed. Each student is given a number to pick from. Each number is linked with a topic.
  • A student has a total of two minutes to think about the topic and must speak for at least one minute.
  • You can request that the topic be changed if you are uncomfortable with it.
  • Speak clearly and follow the framework of the presentation: introduction, topic, example, and conclusion. Points should not be repeated.

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Deloitte JAM Round Topics 2024


  • Use of data for product advertisement,
  • Using AI to combat fake news,
  • Using bots on social media,
  • Usage of AR in e-commerce,
  • Pattern Detection in Healthcare,
  • Usage of AR in the retail industry,
  • Introducing AI in the healthcare sector,
  • Video calls replacing Voice calls,
  • Use of technology in sports,
  • Recommendation on the e-commerce platform to help customers in decision making,
  • Using VR for medical purposes in borders.
  • Technology
    • Effect on climate
    • Impact on future
    • In sports, farming
    • In Disaster Management
    • In healthcare Industry
    • In Reducing Crimes
    • In Education Sector
    • E-learning vs Classroom learning
    • Electric Vehicle
    • Financial crimes with Technology
  • Startups
    • Startup cultures: Boon or bane
    • Are they just a trend
    • Failure of Startups
    • Whether they will sustain in India or not
  • Others
    • Social Media Influencer
    • Social Media: Necessity or not.
    • Person you look upto
    • Should all software use as open source
    • E- commerce discounts are harmful or not
    • Are Netflix/Amazon reducing tv serial quality
    • Can India become a Manufacturing Power
    • Voice Calls vs Video Calls
    • Addiction to Online games
  • AI
    • Effect on Jobs
    • Life as a Robot
    • Drones
    • India increase in self driving cars
    • Flying cars can be a Reality
    • Usage of Cryptocurrency in Transactions
  • Farmers Laws and Protest in India
  • Tesla Motors in India
  • 3-D Painting
  • Corona Virus
  • Intro of chat bots
  • Television vs OTT
  • Data driver Marketing
  • Cybersecurity in Curriculum.

Do's and Don't for Deloitte JAM Test

Points to keep in Mind
  • First analyze all the points in your mind and then start.
  • Use Timer during your test
  • Make sure you are aware with all the points
  • Be confident and speak fluently and clear
  • Make a strong opinion
Do's of Deloitte JAM Round Test
Don't of Deloitte JAM Round
Points to Avoid:
  • Don’t get panic
  • Do not contradict your own points
  • Do not give mix answers
  • Don’t show them that you are nervous or unaware about the Topic.

FAQs on Deloitte JAM Round Topics 2024

what is the difficulty level of this round?

Difficulty level of this round is moderate. Before going for this round make sure to read current Topics and news so that you know about the topic and answer easily.

Is this round considered as elimination round?

Yes, this round is a modified Group Discussion Round and this is an elimination Round. If you will be able to clear this round then you will be shortlisted for Interview.