TCS Digital Interview Experience

TCS Digital Interview Experience

Read the latest TCS Digital Interview Experience of selected candidates. Here you can find the most asked TCS interview questions along with their answers. Know about the interview pattern and the recruitment procedure for the TCS Digital profile.

Page Highlights:

  • What is TCS Digital?
  • TCS Digital Interview Experience 2021
  • TCS Digital Interview Questions
  • TCS FAQs
tcs digital interview experience through nqt
tcs digital interview experience through nqt

TCS Digital Interview Experience

Read the latest TCS Digital Interview Experience of selected candidates. Here you can find the most asked TCS interview questions along with their answers. Know about the interview pattern and the recruitment procedure for the TCS Digital profile.

Page Highlights:

  • What is TCS Digital?
  • TCS Digital Interview Experience 2021
  • TCS Digital Interview Questions
  • TCS FAQs

About TCS Digital

TCS Digital is the most sought after profile in TCS. Through Digital profile you can get placed in TCS for the System Engineer role with a package of 7lpa. Through NQT, the top percentage of performers are given the opportunity to sit for the Digital profile interview.

To clear the TCS Digital interview, a candidate needs to have good coding skills along with the knowledge of the latest technologies like blockchain, machine learning etc.

1.TCS Digital Interview Experience for ECE

Name:- Abhirup Mukherjee

College:- Future Institute of Technology

Date of Interview:- 18/10/2021

I applied for the TCS Ninja Hiring Challenge through PrepInsta’s Instagram page. This was an off campus placement drive. I followed PrepInsta’s youtube video as well to prepare for the exam, especially coding round as I am from ECE background. 

For this drive there was the option to attend in-center or remote examination. I opted for remote. The exam was conducted on iLeon platform.

TCS Ninja Hiring Challenge:-

This was an aptitude test and there were in total 5 sections namely:-

  • numerical ability
  • verbal ability
  • logical ability
  • programming logic
  • hands on coding

TCS Coding Question:-

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()


    int a = 0,b = 0,i = 0, n;

    char num[100];

    printf("Enter the number:");

    scanf("%s",num);    //get the input up to 100 digit

    n = strlen(num);



        if(i==0)        //add even digits when no of digit is even and vise versa






        else            //add odd digits when no of digit is even and vice versa







    printf("%d",abs(a-b)); //print the difference of odd and even

    return 0;


TCS Ninja Topper Test:-

After my TCS Ninja Exam was over, I received an email a few days later that I was eligible for upgradation, which is the TCS Ninja Topper Test/TCS Digital Test. Clearing this round one can be eligible for the TCS Digital Interview.

This round was also conducted on iLeon, and had two coding questions. Both the questions were from competitive coding, and we could code in Java, Python, C or C++.

TCS Digital Interview:-

I got shortlisted for the interview round for Digital profile. There were in total three interview rounds conducted on the same day. Each interview was conducted by a different interviewer. 

TCS Technical Interview Questions:

The first interview was the technical interview round. The interviewer asked me questions from my project, some technical questions and also some questions related to my department.

1.Please introduce yourself.

2.Since you are from ECE, why are you looking for a job in IT side?

3.What is a signal? 

A signal is a wave that carries or transmits information from one network to another.

4.What is an amplitude modulation wave?

In amplitude modulation, the amplitude or strength of the system is altered with respect to the message signal. This technique is used to transmit messages over a rafio wave.

5.What is a phase modulated wave?

In phase modulation the phase of the carrier signal is modified keeping its amplitude and frequency constant. The phase of the carrier signal then changes following any change in the message signal.

6.What is white noise?

White noise is a signal which has equal intensity at different frequencies, making it have a constant power spectral density.

7.What is a repeater?

Repeater regenerates a weak signal by increasing its power and retransmits it.

8. Tell me about the project that is mentioned in your resume.

9.What are the OOPS concept?

The four major OOPS concept are:-

  • Encapsulation
    • encapsulation refers to hide data members and member functions.
    • using encapsulation the internal functionalities of the object is hidden from outside object’s definition.
  • Abstraction
    • the implementation details of the function is hidden, and only the interface is visible.
  • Inheritance
    • using inheritance one class is able to inherit the properties of another class on its own.
  • Polymorphism
    • using polymorphism a code can be used in multiple forms

10.What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a ledger that keeps record of transactions happening across a network. Blockchain is a part of DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology, where each transaction has a cryptographic signature, making it impossible to change or hack the transactions or the network.

11. What is cloud technology?

Cloud technology or cloud computing allows a user to store data and files over the internet instead and accessing that data from any device which has an internet connection.

This was all for the technical round. After this round was over, I was asked to join the interview for managerial round.

TCS Managerial Round Questions:-

This was conducted by a separate panelist. Here they asked a lot of behavioral questions, and scenario specific questions.

1.What is your opinion on work from home? If given the option which mode of working you would prefer? 

2.You have mentioned that you are comfortable in C, C++ and Python. What if you are given a project where you have to work on a different language like Go or R?

3.How long do you think it will take you to learn a new language, because we cannot give you a lot of time?

4.In your resume you do not have any project related to IT field. What makes you think you will be able to handle our projects?

This was all the questions asked in the managerial round. The last interview round was the HR round. 

TCS HR Round Questions:-

This was a short round, conducted by a third panelist member.

1.What are your strengths and weaknesses?

2.What is your goal for the future?

3.Will you be able to relocate?

This was all the questions. For anyone attending the interview, I would recommend them to keep a calm head during the process. Keep your schedule clear, because you never know how long the interview will last.

2. TCS Digital Interview Experience 2022

Name:- Prerna

College:- Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalay

Profile:- Systems Engineer

Date of Interview:- 20/10/21

I applied for the off campus TCS drive, registering myself for the TCS National Qualifier Test. This my interview experience for the whole process.

Round:- TCS NQT

After registering myself for NQT, I got the exam email. For practice I referred to PrepInsta’s materials. I got the exam link and credentials, a day before the exam. The exam was conducted on Digilam.

The pattern for the exam constituted of:-

  • numerical ability-26 questions-40 minutes
  • verbal ability-24 questions-30 minutes
  • reasoning ability-30 questions-50 minutes
  • programming logic-10 questions-15 minutes
  • coding-2 questions-45 minutes

My overall takeaway from this round was that it was of easy to moderate level. Most of the questions seemed easy and were common with what I practiced. Even the coding questions were easy. One question was on loops and the other was on string manipulation.

Round:- TCS Ninja Toppers Test

The top performers of NQT get the chance to write the Ninja Toppers Test for the reputed TCS Digital profile.  I was shortlisted for the test. It was also conducted on Digilam platform. The duration of the round was 1 hour and there were 2 questions.

The first question was based on string manipulation. The second question was based on dynamic programming and was a bit difficult compared to the other questions.

Interview for TCS Digital

There were three interviews in total, conducted on the same day. The interviews constituted of Technical, Managerial and HR round.

TCS Digital Interview Questions with Answers

TR Round

My first round was the technical interview.

1.Difference between list and tuple.

they are mutablethey are immutable
consumes more memoryconsumes less memory
built in methods are availablebuilt in methods not available
iterations are time consumingiterations are fast

2.Difference between pass and continue statement

In python a pass statement does not implement anything. It is used to write empty loops. While a continue statement skips the remaining loop and transfers the control to the start of the loop.

3. Can a continue statement be used outside a loop?

No, continue statement can only be used in loops.

4. What is local and global variable?

Local Variable:-

These variables are defined in small block of program such as function, control statement block, etc.

The default value of local variables is “garbage value”.

Global Variable:-

Global variable is outside function and is accessible to all the functions and value of global variable can be changed by any function.

The default value of Global value is zero.

5.What are the types of polymorphism?

Types of polymorphism:

  • runtime polymorphism
  • compile time polymorphism

MR Round

1.Can you explain one of your projects?

My project was a Deep learning based project which I explained. I did screen share and showed the working model of my project.

2.What is the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

HR Round

The last round was the HR Round

1. Why do you want to join TCS?

2. Do you have any active backlogs?

3. Are you ready to relocate if required?

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FAQ on TCS Digital Interview Experience

Question: What is the interview process in TCS?


To get recruited in TCS a candidate first has to clear the online assessment round.

Once a candidate has cleared round 1, the next step will be the interviews. 

There are two interview rounds that are conducted in TCS, one Technical Round and one HR/MR round.

Question: When can I expect my TCS interview results?


Within 1 to 3 weeks TCS sends out their interview results.  

Question: Is TCS interview difficult to crack?


Every interview can be cracked with the right preparation. 

For TCS, the technical skills of candidates is thoroughly tested as well as problem solving skills. Preparing aptly for the interview will make it easy to crack.

Question: Is year gap allowed in TCS?


TCS allows 2 years of gap. However candidate needs to present a proper reason for the gap.

Question: How many days does TCS take to give joining letter?


It usually takes around a month for the whole interview process to commence and the  offer letter to come through

Question: Can I join TCS with one backlog?


TCS allows one backlog during registration period. However during the time of joining the candidate must have no active backlogs.