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TCS Digital Verbal English Questions and Answers

TCS Digital Verbal English Questions 2020-2021



Time Durations


No of Questions

15 Ques( 10MCQ and 5 FUB)

Negative Marking



Click here to know more about TCS Digital Verbal Questions Pattern

Preparation Section of TCS Digital Verbal Ability 2020-2021


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Interview Experience

Student Interview

I had registered myself for the off-campus TCS interview on and was asked to appear for the first round on 6th Feb. I knew this round was crucial and so thoroughly prepared myself for this round. On the day of my first round, I reached the venue well in advance and relaxed before attempting the first round.

  1. Written Round:

The written round was divided into four sections. We were given a total of 90 minutes to complete all the four rounds. Negative marketing was there in the first two rounds and no negative marketing for the rest of the sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude section comprised of questions on Averages, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Percentages, Ratios, Number System, and much more. I felt all the problems were easy to do as I had already studied them using PrepInsta. It is a site that my seniors had suggested me so that I could prepare myself.
  • Programming Language Efficiency section consisted of MCQs that were based on basic programming concepts. I was able to solve a few of them.
  • Coding Test section comprises of coding questions on Real Time programming. Being an ECE student, I had minimal knowledge in this section, but I gave my best based on what I had learned from PrepInsta and some of the books provided by my friends in the computer science department.
  • Verbal Ability was the easiest for me. I was given a passage in which I had to fill in the missing blanks using options provided.

Overall the level of the paper was moderate. I was 70% sure that I would make it through the first round.

  1. Personal Interview

Going forward, I came to know that my next round will be held on 13th Feb, which was seven days after the online test. On the day of the interview, I was very nervous. I was eagerly waiting for my turn. When my turn came, and I entered the cabin, I found that there were three interviewers were seated, two middle-aged men and a female.

  1. Technical Round:

I greeted the interviewers and shared my resume with them. One of them started asking me technical questions. The first question was “What is the difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller”? to which I gave him the definition followed by practical examples and answered them correctly. Later, he asked me to write twoalgorithms for swapping two numbers: one with temporary variable and another without. In the meantime, the third interviewer got up from his place and left the interview. According to me, I appeared well for both the technical questions.

When the questions were asked, I answered them confidently. I can say that the TR round was overall good from my point of view.

  1. Managerial Round

As soon as I gave my answers to technical questions, the second interviewer asked me to explain myself. The questions were lengthy yet straightforward. It took me two to three minutes to complete my answer. While answering this question, I tried to mention all my strengths and how my skills will benefit the company in the long run.

Moving forward, he asked me a few more questions such as:

  • What is my favorite subject in B.Tech?
  • What was your role in a final year project
  • What did you do for last six months?
  • Why do you wish to join TCS?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”
  • Are you are comfortable relocating to any other city in India
  • Your favorite subject in B. Tech

I tried to give the best answer. And, now I am expecting for the overall outcome.

Whatever be the result, I have gained good experience from the interview and have learned that apart from sound knowledge one needs to have a reasonable confidence and excellent presentation skills. Also, formal attire is a must to make a good impression.

Analytics 2020

Stats About TCS Digital 2020

Number of Questions 15 15 Questions
Cut-Off 13 13 Questions
Difficulty High

Topic Wise Analytics

Reading Comprehension Number of Questions 3-4
Difficulty High
Importance High
Grammar number of Questions 3-4
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Synonym and Antonym number of Questions 3-4
Difficulty High
Importance High
Cloze Test Number of Questions 3-4
Difficulty High
Importance High


Sukanta Sen