Wipro Interview Experience

Wipro Interview Experience

On this page you will find latest Wipro Interview Experience of selected candidates and Wipro Interview Questions with Answers.

Page Highlights:-

  • About Wipro
  • Wipro Interview Experience of Selected Candidates
  • Wipro Interview Questions with Answers
  • Interview Preparation Course
Technical Interview Wipro NTH
Technical Interview Wipro NTH

Wipro Interview Experience

On this page you will find latest Wipro Interview Experience of selected candidates and Wipro Interview Questions with Answers.

Page Highlights:-

  • About Wipro
  • Wipro Interview Experience of Selected Candidates
  • Wipro Interview Questions with Answers
  • Interview Preparation Course

About Wipro

Wipro is a global multinational corporation, based in India. It provides services in information technology, consulting and business processing.

To know more about the company  visit:  www.wipro.com

Recruitment Process

Wipro hires through:-

  • On Campus Drives
  • Off Campus Drives-Wipro NLTH 


The most common profiles that Wipro hires for are:-

  • Project Engineer
  • Wipro Turbo

Wipro Turbo

Candidates who perform exceptionally in the first 3 rounds are offered the profile of Wipro Turbo.


There are 4 rounds in Wipro’s recruitment process-

  1. Aptitude Test
  2. Written Communication Test
  3. Coding
  4. Business Discussion Round

Interview Process

Wipro has renamed its Interview Round as Business Discussion Round. The round consists of the two parts:-

  1. Technical Interview
  2. HR Interview

The time duration for the Interview varies per candidate.

1: Wipro Interview Experience On Campus

Wipro came to our campus for the On Campus for the NTH Drive. I will try to walk you through my Wipro Interview Experience for the drive.

Round 1:- Written Test

Round 1 was conducted. It consists of 5 sections, that are as follows:

Section 1 : English

It consisted of:-

  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Antonym/Synonym
  • Comprehension(2-3 questions based on unseen passage)
  • Fill in the blanks(Based on grammar rules such as Article, Preposition, etc.).

Section 2 : Logical Ability

It consisted of:-

  • Coding-Decoding
  • Blood Relations
  • Directions
  • Sequences of numbers
  • Clocks and Calendar

Section 3:   Quantitative Ability

It consisted of:-

  • HCF-LCM based questions
  • Time and speed
  • Profit and Loss
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Percentage

You can prepare Wipro NLTH Quants  from Wipro NLTH Aptitude.

Section 4:- English Writing Ability Test

In this round, we were given 20 minutes to write an essay of about 200 words on a given topic.  My topic was “How can an IT professional help an uneducated person?”

Section 5:- Coding Test

There were two questions, one was easy and the second one was hard.

Ques 1.To Transpose a matrix.

#include <stdio.h>
int main ()
int a[10][10], t[10][10], r, c, i, j;
printf ("Enter the order of matrix: ");
scanf ("%d %d", &r, &c);

printf ("\nEnter the elements of matrix:\n");
for (i = 0; i < r; ++i)
for (j = 0; j < c; ++j)
printf ("Enter the element a[%d %d]: ", i + 1, j + 1);
scanf ("%d", &a[i][j]);

printf ("\nInput Matrix: \n");
for (i = 0; i < r; ++i)
for (j = 0; j < c; ++j)
printf ("%d ", a[i][j]);
if (j == c - 1)
printf ("\n\n");

for (i = 0; i < r; ++i)
for (j = 0; j < c; ++j)
t[j][i] = a[i][j];

printf ("\nTranspose of the Input Matrix:\n");
for (i = 0; i < c; ++i)
for (j = 0; j < r; ++j)
printf ("%d ", t[i][j]);
if(j == r - 1)
printf ("\n\n");
return 0;

Ques 2: To check for balanced parenthesis in the expression.


#define MAX 100

struct stack
char stck[MAX];
int top;
} s;

void push (char item)
if (s.top == (MAX - 1))
printf ("Stack is Full\n");

s.top = s.top + 1;
s.stk[s.top] = item;



void pop ()
if (s.top == -1)
printf ("Stack is Empty\n");

s.top = s.top - 1;

int main()
char exp[MAX];

int i = 0;

s.top = -1;

printf ("\nINPUT THE EXPRESSION : ");
scanf ("%s", exp);

for (i = 0; i < strlen (exp); i++)

if (exp[i] == '(' || exp[i] == '[' || exp[i] == '{')
push (exp[i]);


else if (exp[i] == ')' || exp[i] == ']' || exp[i] == '}')

if (exp[i] == ')')

if (s.stk[s.top] == '(')
pop ();





if (exp[i] == ']')

if (s.stk[s.top] == '[')
pop ();





if (exp[i] == '}')

if (s.stk[s.top] == '{')
pop ();







if (s.top == -1)


Tips: For the first round, I will suggest you to prepare from PrepInsta, you will definitely crack round 1 with confidence and it will help you as PrepInsta helped me in my preparation.

Round 2:-Technical Interview

Clearing the written test, I was shortlisted for the project engineer profile.

Note:-Wipro has recently combined their Technical and HR Interview Round to one Business Discussion Round.

Wipro Technical Interview Questions:

1.Difference between linked list and array.

ArrayLinked List
fixed sizenot fixed
elements cannot be accessed randomlyelements can be accessed randomly
arrays don’t have pointerslinked list have pointers
arrays have better cache locality mechanismcomparatively linked list have worse cache locality mechanism

2.Storage class in C.

Storage classes are used to describe the different features of variables and functions in C programming language.

These features include the scope, lifetime and initial value of a variable.

There are four types of storage classes:-

  1. Auto Storage Class
  2. External Storage Class
  3. Register Storage Class
  4. Static Storage Class

3.What is the size of a C structure?

The size of a C structure is 128 bytes.

4.Difference between structure and union.

each member has their own unique storage locationmemory is shared by individual members
several individual members can be accessed at a timeone one member can be accessed at a time
altering one member does not affect other membersaltering one member affects other members

5.Write a query to find the maximum salary from EMPLOYEE table.

SELECT MAX(salary) AS “Highest salary”

FROM employees;

6.Tell me about yourself apart from what is there in your resume.

7.What are your co-curricular activities?

8.Are you happy to relocate?

9.Why Wipro?

10.What are the skills that you want to improve before joining the company?

Finally, he told me about the bond. After a week or so I got to know that I am selected in Wipro as System Engineer Trainee.

Kudos to the whole team of PrepInsta!

2: Wipro On Campus Interview Experience

This year WIPRO came for the recruitment of candidates in our college. Our HOD informed through the mail, so I appeared for the rounds of the interview.

Before appearing for the interview, I went through Prepinsta’s website to get an overview of the recruitment process of Wipro.

There were in total 3 rounds:-

  • Written Test:
    • Quants
    • Coding
    • Written English test
    • Logical
  • Technical Interview
  • HR interview

Note:- Wipro has recently combined their Technical and HR Interview into one round known as the Business Discussion Round.

Written Test

There were 5 sections, divided in the following manner:-

SectionNumber of Questions    Time
Quants               16  16 mins
Logical               14  14 mins
Verbal               22  18 mins
Coding                2  60 mins
Written Communication                1  20 mins

Quants: This section had questions on Mathematics Questions including

  • basic Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics Engineering topics like LCM, HCF, Divisibility, Profit and Loss, Time, Speed and Distance and Probability.

Logical:The topics covered under this section were mainly from Coding, deductive logic, Blood Relation, Directional Sense, Objective Reasoning, Selection decision tables and a few from Inductive reasoning.

Verbal: The verbal section had questions on synonyms, antonyms, contextual vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and error identification.

Coding: The coding test had two questions, one on binary search and one on linear linked list.

Written Test: The written test is an essay writing test. My topic wasCrimes among children-Effect of spending less time with parents?

After clearing the Written Test I was shortlisted for the Technical Interview Round.


The Technical Interview started with a general introduction.

As I am from CSE background, the questions were related to coding and concepts of programming languages.


1.Introduce Yourself

2.What is your preferred programming language?

3.What is Recursion in C?

Recursion is a process where a function calls itself.

4.What is an Operating System?

An Operating System executes user programs and basically helps the user to interact with the system.

5.What is a Data Structure?

Data Structure is a way of organizing data such that it can be used effectively.

The HR Questions included:-

1.Resume based questions

2.Questions on my final year project

3.ER diagram of my project

4.Are you ready for relocation?

Overall my Wipro Interview Experience was awesome. I got an email from them that I was selected . I would also like to thank PrepInsta for their content, which really helped me a lot.

To read other companies interview experiences, visit Interview Dashboard: https://prepinsta.com/interview-experience/

3: Wipro NTH Interview Experience

I recently appeared for the Wipro NTH exam. I got to know about this exam from PrepInsta’s Instagram page. I applied through the provided link and got an acknowledgement mail.

Round 1: Wipro NTH Written Test

The test was conducted almost a month later. I had previously started my preparation using PrepInsta’s materials, especially the Prime courses which helped me a lot. I was pretty confident for the exam. The exam was conducted on Superset platform.

It was a 3 hour long exam and there were 5 sections:-

  1. Aptitude
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Verbal Ability
  4. Essay Writing
  5. Coding

For essay writing my topic was “Impact of Western Culture on Indians.”

Round 2:Business Discussion Round

There was only one Interview round which they called the Business Discussion Round. The interview was around 30minutes and a lot of it was around my project and team building skills.

The Questions included:-

1.Introduce yourself

2.Explain your project.

3.What were the conflicts you faced with your team members while making this project? How did you solve them?

I mentioned that we sometimes had arguments over the difference in ideas and such.

4.Did you get any criticism for your project? How did you handle that?

I told them about the feedback and criticism we got mostly by our faculties. And I told the interviewer about how we worked on the same.

5.What are your strengths and weaknesses? Explain how you overcame these weaknesses?

6.Has there ever been a situation where you had to learn any technical skills overnight?

7.Explain all the OOPS Concept.

  • Encapsulation:-Encapsulation is a feature of an entity that holds all secret data. Only the members of that class can see the details.
  • Data hiding:- Only showing the data that is necessary to the user
  • Inheritance:- Inheriting data of one class by another class
  • Polymorphism:- executing one operation in different ways.

8.What are the different kinds of inheritance?

  • Single Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Multilevel Inheritance
  • Hierarchical Inheritance
  • Hybrid Inheritance

After the Technical Questions, I was asked some HR Questions as well.

9.Is there any situation where you used your creativity?

10.Are you willing to relocate?

11.Are you ready to sign a one year bond?

12.Do you have any backlogs?

13.Do you have any questions?

I asked them about the work culture in the company. This was all about my Interview Experience with Wipro. I got an email a few days later that I was selected and they gave instructions for further procedures, etc.

Wipro Interview Preparation Course

In PrepInsta Prime, we have created a customized  Wipro Interview Preparation Course. This course includes:-

  • Videos of selected candidates sharing their Wipro Interview Experience.
  • Written Wipro Interview Experience of selected candidates.
  • Wipro Technical Interview Questions with answers
  • Wipro HR Interview Questions
  • Most common Technical Interview Questions
  • Most popular HR questions
  • and more..

To read more Interview Experiences of selected candidates, visit:

FAQ on Wipro Interview Experience

Question: How can I prepare for Wipro Interview?


The best way to prepare for Wipro Interview is to go through the Interview Experiences of candidates who previously and get familiar with Wipro’s recruitment pattern.

Question: What are the rounds in Wipro Interview?


After clearing the written exam, Wipro usually conducts one interview known as the Business Discussion Round. However depending on the profile there can be multiple interviews.

Question: What should I know before attending the Wipro Interview?


Know about Wipro and the profile for which you are being interviewed for.

Question: What is Wipro Turbo?


Candidates who perform excellent in written exam are shortlisted for Wipro Turbo which has a package of 7 lpa. 

Question: What is Wipro Embark?


Wipro Embark is an app that helps selected candidates with their onboarding process.

Question: How many days does it take for Wipro to release an offer?


Within two weeks of the interview, a candidate gets their result and offer letter.