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Wipro LCM and HCF Questions – Quantitative Aptitude

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LCM & HCF Quiz 1


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11 comments on “Wipro LCM and HCF Questions – Quantitative Aptitude”


    Yesterday i buy the royal pass how do i access the course and all the company material that are provided in royal pass

    • PrepInsta

      To access the Royal Pass Classes there is a simple Process, that you need to follow –
      1.) Do the Payment of the Royal Pass
      From here-
      2.) After Doing the Payment, you’ll receive a confirmation Mail from our side.
      3.) In that mail, you’ll find a PDF which contains all the Instructions on how to access the Online Classes as well as link to join our Whatsapp Group will also be there.

      Just go through these steps and you’ll be able to access all the Online Classes.

    • PrepInsta OffCampus

      Hi, Spoorthi. There is a process you need to follow to access the Materials
      1.) Do the Payment of the Particular Material Which you want to access.
      2.) you’ll receive an Order Confirmation Mail from our side.
      3.) Go through the Mail, you’ll Find an Attached PDF there.
      4.) All the instructions on how to access the Paid Materials are given there.

      Still, if you are facing any issue or problem, you could reach us out on – 8287659510

    • PrepInsta OffCampus

      When you pay for any product, a mail is send to your respective email id. Please open that mail, there is link to download a pdf.
      Kindly download the pdf and follow the instruction.

    • PrepInsta OffCampus

      Hi Chiranjiv,
      When you place any order, from our end one conformation mail is send to you. In that mail there is link to Download How To Access pdf.
      When you successfully download it . In that pdf you will find a link to join whatsApp group. All the instruction are provided in that respective group.