Wipro Written Communication Test 2024

Wipro Communication Test

After a long wait Finally Wipro has announced its drive for 2024 batch and this page with updated with all the latest information of Wipro Communication Test 2024.

Wipro has modified its Placement Pattern this year but don’t worry PrepInsta is here to help you and will provide you with all the latest and updated pattern of Wipro Written Communucation Test 2024 For Freshers. Go through the entire page to know the latest Wipro Written Communication Test 2024.

Wipro Recruitment Process 2022

Wipro Communication Test 2024

Wipro NTH Written Communication Test 2024 is basically an Essay Writing Round which holder high importance in Wipro Placement Exam.

writing plays an important role in both the written test and interview round as the interviewer may sometime ask you to justify the essay that you have written in Wipro NTH Written Communication Test.

Important Points covered:

Written Communication Test Wipro
Number of Questions 1
Time Limit 20 min

Wipro Essay writing Topics | Wipro 2024

Understanding the Topic

The first thing you should understand is whether the topic needs your view or opinion. Now the difference between giving your view and opinion is :

 What is View?

  • Lets say the topic is Education, now you can give your views about this topic , like what are the importance of it, its pros and cons using real life example.
  • Basically while giving your view you express everything related to the topic without being biased.

What is Opinion?

  • Lets say the topic is Education System in India, In this topic you will provide your opinion i.e. whether you are for or against this topic.
  • In this type of topic you have to be biased and have to prove your points with useful facts.

Points to be considered while writing the essay :

  • First try to plot the concept on how to start of with the essay.
  • A Well Structured or Well Ordered essay with meaningful section always apply a positive impact on the reader.
  • Use facts to support your points so that one cannot deny.
  • Structure of the essay should be in order so that each section express a meaning with support of one’s view on the topic. 
  • Conclude the topic by summarizing all the facts.

Evaluation Criteria in Wipro Writtten Communication Test

   Proper Organization

                Structure your essay properly and use definitive approach

   Genuine Diction
                   Improve the quality by using good words

    Innovative & Unique Ideas
                 Provide unique details to support your opinion


                  Be sure about the grammar used in the essay


                 Use different form of sentences to increase readability


                  Optimal length is 200 – 300 words

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Wipro Written Communication Test : Preparation Strategy

essay writing tips


Thinking is a very tricking concept and we need to be very careful while applying this in an essay.

Key Words

  • Look for keywords in the topic.
  • Use synonyms of keywords
  • Do not overuse keywords as it carries negative point


  • Use your facts wisely
  • Do not contradict your own point while discussing another one.
  • Do not give any negative idea or irrelevant point


  • Substantiate your essay with more number of relevant examples
  • Take insights from daily life or news articles
wipro essay writing tips


Describe the body of the essay in 3-4 sub parts and use every part carefully and distinctively.


  • Think about presenting the ideas in well ordered manner.
  • Plot it accordingly.

Pro’s & Con’s

  • List some pros of the topic in a well curated format
  • Draft some cons and put them in an innovative method


  • Summarize your thoughts by concluding the topic.
  • Enlist points that are important but missed in the explanation
written communication rules


Now you are prepared to write the essay but still keep these points in mind while writing the essay.


  • In first part explain the idea of the topic
  • Try to convey your ideas accordingly right from the introduction


  • In the explanatory paragraphs, state your opinions in support of the topic
  • Use  arguments as well to engage the readers and arouse curiosity


  • Use a definitive approach while concluding
  • Conclude the essay with factual points and strong validations
Wipro written communication test 2024

Sample Written Communication Test 2024

Practice Questions for Wipro Written Communication Test 2024

The Challenge of Education in India

Education has become the sole Performa of one’s profile index. Higher the levels of education, stronger the person’s profile. Education builds up one’s personality and also shifts our paradigm to a better level.

To start with, in India, education has undergone many phases. First, Gurukuls and then the modern education system that has been revamped a number of times.

Our government schools have become the biggest failure in India. This has widened the gap between the private schools and government schools. Cost of education is very high even for the people and places where it is accessible. The competitive pressure on students and parents forces them to opt for private tuitions and trainings to supplement the education system. Government aided colleges and universities have also increased the annual fees too much that it becomes very difficult for one to pay off.

With the population increasing, it puts tremendous pressure on the education system to provide quality education at affordable price and improve the literacy rate that is only 30% in India. In this tech-savy era, online teaching can be adopted. Practically thinking, replacing traditional education with technology can take lot more years, especially in country like India. 

However, the mentors should work on ‘Identifying the interest of students ‘ because that’s most important. Shaping and rearing a child according to his interest will surely make him excel that field. Schools should democratize the flow of education. Students should not compromise and not be lethargic when gaining knowledge. Complacency is what makes education a big failure in India. If every student leverages this platform we not only have consumers of knowledge but producers of knowledge too. If these objectives along with the lack of present education system are paid a heed, only then will the whole scenario of India improve.


What are the positive and negative impacts of GST?

The Government of India tried its level best in implementing the GST from July 1st 2017, where it had undergone paranoia to bring political consensus among different political parties for implementation. The full form for the acronym GST is Goods and Service Tax.

One among the positive impacts of the GST is that it brought transparency in India’s indirect tax reform. Moreover, it consolidated the various taxes such as sales tax, central excise, VAT. GST has two parts, central GST and state GST. GST is applied only at final point of consumption and now the entire tax regime is corruption free and transparent.

Some of the negative impacts of GST are that the system is claimed to have inflicted damage to the real estate sector and also brought lot of confusion in the market due to the multiple tax slab system. There will be a heavy loss to some states such has Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, etc. where the maximum number of companies and factories are located and would dwindle the amount in indirect taxes. The intention of GST is to have a uniform rate system that was prevalent in all over the world, but contradicting to the presumption it was constituted into five tax slab systems. There were apprehensions among some business sectors such as Gold, textiles etc. where implementation of the GST hinder their business due to surge in price. The other impact which it holds is increasing prices of service sectors.

It will take some time for people to get acquainted with the new system. It is against the ONE NATION ONE TAX where multiple tax slabs are available. There are critics who blasted the government on the GST issue because the economists are claiming that it had slowed down the economy.

Rise of Religious Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Soon after the heinous attack in New Zealand Mosque, another dreadful act took place in churches and hotels of Sri Lanka on 21st April 2019. This all was pre-planned brutal aims. Sri Lanka attack was not a mere terrorist attack rather a dreadful warning to all other countries for the next attack to take place in the name of religion. They only think of killing innocent in the name of God that lead them to land in heaven. Now a days religious issues have become an irresistible topic for each and every country to think upon and why not?

Starting from ALQUAIDA leader LADEN to ISIS leader ABU AL BAGHDADI, all spread their mass in the name of God. In this whole adventure of terrorism union somehow there lays an internal support to create internal global disturbances. It is always said that terrorism has no religion but the way these terrorist groups are marching ahead in the name of religion creates hatred in the society.

The member being brainwashed or being blamed for any terror attacks just because the name of his/her religion arises, couldn’t confine and restrict himself/herself from taking the 3rd road lead to the terrorism and becoming suicidal bombers to attack the opposite religious places.

After the terror attack on Easter Sunday at 3 different churches and luxury hotels, the government now realized the earlier warnings. Whether Sri Lanka will be able to prevent the next attack is quite impossible to say right now. As the terror attacks in the name of religious has grown to the extent that it could be stopped only if the whole world fights against these groups. Actually even though they knew it very well that this act is a heinous crime but still they never ever tried to go against them.

Is Social Media Evil?

If Human beings can’t imagine their life without social media, it’s a sign that they have fallen to the evil powers and impact of social networking. This itself is enough to say that Social Media is an evil in society. While social media can have a positive impact too, that doesn’t mean it’s all hearts and flowers
Spending too much time on social networking sites could adversely affect the mood of an individual which in turn will lead to poor mental health, including symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is always advisable to spend half an hour per day on social networks. So, as with many things in life, it’s all about moderation.

Fear of missing out is basically a form of anxiety that an individual can get when he/she is scared of missing out on a positive experience or emotions that someone else is getting. This fear is constantly fuelled by social media engagement. The more we use social networks, the more likely we get to see that someone is having more fun than we are right now.
This one probably comes as no surprise, but social media helps you to form unrealistic expectations of life and friendships. The networks that do it most are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

On top of increased rates of anxiety and depression, spending too much time on social media can lead to poor sleep. Numerous studies have shown that increased use of social media has a negative effect on your sleep quality. If you feel like your sleep patterns have become irregular and that this is affecting your productivity, try and avoid spending a significant amount of time on social media.
Finally, if we recognize any of them as our own symptoms it may be time to consider stop using social media altogether.

Impact of media on society

Media has become the limelight of the entertainment industry. It provides information on each and every aspect related to society. It also aids in the dissemination of ideas to every nook and corner of the globe. There are types of media in the world such as tv, radio, newspapers, internet. Media has been designated as a powerful way of communication.

With the arrival of media, images, and videos are played on television, mobile phones, etc. with this effect, people can get access to information and therefore public opinion becomes crucial in order to make any decision. An ordinary citizen can open his grievance through social media in a way that he could get justice. So, media has promoted transparency in a work environment.

Media is a source of entertainment where people can watch movies, documentaries and real-life stories which gives them a sense of rejuvenation. Media can work effectively by exposing the social ills of society to the government. It can also bridge the gap between the public and governments by framing an appropriate opinion so that the governments can act according to it.

Media can have a negative impact on the young as they believe whatever is shown on tv and social websites is true. As a result, most youngsters get addicted to it which may take a toll on their physical and mental well-being.

It’s a known fact that media has a bias towards different parties by which they tend to manipulate the information and try to project only one side of the coin. Finally, we can conclude that the media is a double-edged sword as it has both advantages and disadvantages. If used properly media can be an asset to society and benefit the public, or else it can cause social upheaval across the society.

True qualities of a leader.

Leadership is a combination of characteristics, behavior, and style that one displays by combining their thoughts, words, and actions. Skills and qualities are important assets in a leader’s life. In order to execute a task successfully, a lot of dedication, commitment and determination are needed. These 3 qualities reflect the capability of a leader.

A true leader always thinks innovatively by bringing up new ideas and has the courage to take effective decisions in any unexpected situations. For example, when people end up in an emergency situation, a single person has to take control immediately and handle it efficiently. If we go through the autobiographies of any successful leader, we can understand that they worked hard to get to that position and nobody was born with a silver spoon. The more challenges they face, the stronger they emerge. There is no match for hard work that a leader puts in and it often pays off.

A leader will always have a clear vision, manage his team during times of difficulty, stand for them and motivate them in order to bring out the best. Some of these qualities are inborn and are strengthened by the experiences of life. This gives confidence to an individual to face tough situations and also enable them to prepare their followers too. Leadership often involves taking in the initiative and executing a task

A good leader needs to have patience, self-confidence, dignity, self-respect, honesty and transparency. Hence, a person who not only benefits himself but also the others with his thoughts, words and actions consistently can be called as a leader. So, everyone in this universe will get the opportunity to become a leader when life offers a circumstance or challenge to face and at that point of time they have to exhibit their leadership.

Is Group Discussion necessary for recruitment?

A group discussion (GD) is a method used by corporate organizations, educational institutes, and other organizations to assess the level of communication skills of a potential aspirant. Communication skill has become an important part than technical knowledge in any corporate environment. So, it becomes important for the interviewer to select the right candidate by assessing his interpersonal skills. In my opinion, GD should be made a part for recruitment. Group discussion in an interview involves discussing topics with other individuals who you have never interacted before. It is also aimed at how clearly you express your point of view and be able to lead a discussion in which you can demonstrate that you are a team player.

Moreover, GD prepares employees for an efficient and effective corporate life where they have to be good at speaking skills, capable of interacting with bosses and clients, be able to lead meetings and much more. GD, therefore, becomes important to these types of jobs, and hence it is a very crucial part to be tested before hiring. A corporate company would never like to hire an inefficient employee who would be a disaster in communicating and waste their revenues.GD also gives the confidence to speak opinions as well as the ability to think from new dimensions and expand their knowledge.

A GD is more of a technique than a test. It can be a method to find out a person’s attitude, personality, etiquette, potential, and knowledge about the topic related to his job. The practice of group discussions has been going on in institutes and colleges which prepare the students for an actual interview beforehand.
Finally, I strongly feel that GD should be made compulsory where communication requirements and interactions are mandatory instead of making it compulsory for every job.

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