Do you prefer to be just a member of a group or the leader of a group?

Essay on Do you prefer to be just a member of a group or the leader of a group?

For being successful, a group needs to have members who know teamwork. The leader should manage a team and other members should follow the leader. This is the key feature of a successful group. I have worked in several groups and I have had different roles. Both of them, being a leader or a simple member, have their advantages.

A group member who is not a leader is less responsible and he has less stress. Working in a group for such a member is not time-consuming. For example, when I worked in the group for developing website of our department, I just waited for the leader to determine my tasks and I did it. I spent a few time and that was enough so I could study my lessons simultaneously. Evidently, every member of a group has a relationship with several members, but a leader should be in a relationship with almost all of the members. He should manage a lot of relationships but this is not true for other members and this makes work for a leader time consuming and stressful.

Almost all of the simple members of the group, can concentrate on their work. Their field is specified and this makes work easy and enjoying. They can develop their skills and learn new things. They usually work on a small area of a project but this is not true for a leader. A leader should know about almost all part of a project and he should be aware of progress and problems of every part.

I mentioned several advantages of being a simple member. On the other hand, being a leader has several other advantages as I experienced. A leader can implement his/her ideas. The leader works as a painter and paints what he/she thinks is better. A leader can help group more than other members and he can make members interested. Leader determines and changes group direction.

During managing a group, leader introduces with a lot of people. This is one of the important advantages of being a leader. The leader can use this feature in future if he would be successful and the group can finish it’s duty completely.

The leader can learn a lot of skills which are not taught in any class. I faced a difficult situation when I was a leader. These experiences learned me how to control group member. I learned how to listen to opinions of other members and how to find the best way among several ways and finally how to convince others to follow that way. Briefly being a leader is a valuable experience.

I believe the most important thing in a teamwork is the success of the group. Sometimes I think that I should work as a simple member and sometimes I have some ideas so I want to be a leader. It depends on conditions, my abilities and goals of a group. But most of the times I think I have abilities to be a group leader.