Internet is boon or bane?

Essay on Internet is boon or bane

In the today era internet had a great influence in our lives. We are becoming a slave of the internet directly or indirectly. Now the question what is internet? The Internet is the network of interconnected networks. Through the internet, many people are connected with each other.It is changing to accommodate yet another generation of underlying network technologies with different characteristics and requirements from broadband residential access to satellites. New modes of access and new forms of service will spawn new applications, which in turn will drive further evolution of the net itself.

The internet boom in India has become one of the major contributors of the economic growth of the country. The use of internet has increased more than 11 times in the last seven years. The internet boom has equally affected the metros, the towns and villages. Internet has revolutionised the access of information, telephony, television, sharing ideas among other things. With the strike of a button, all is done. The internet boom in India has also contributed to the generation of employment. The rise in the use of internet has led to the growth of cyber cities, cyber cafes and internet parlours throughout India. With the rise in its popularity in India, there is a need for professionals who would feed the information into the web. Content writing and management, web page designing, internet advertising have become booming sectors within the IT industry in India.

I think the internet is a boon for us if we use it properly. Youngsters are addicted to an internet they wasted their time on suffering internet not only the time but they are lacking the outside things and outdoor games. The Internet is the boom but if we using it as a medium of an information and use it accurately.