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PrepInsta Software Engineering

Below you will find all  the basic topics and concepts relating to Software engineering. These concepts are important for your college semester exams and are also asked in various online tests and interviews of a wide range of Companies. 


Introduction to Software Engineering

Following topics will help you understand the concepts that constitute Software Engineering. These topics are the introduction to the theory of  Software Engineering.

Types of Models in Software Engineering

There are various models in S/W engineering which assist the developer to choose the most feasible option as per the user requirement. It is one of the most easy yet important topic which is frequently asked in both college semester exams as well as placement interviews and examinations.

Software Engineering
Approaches in S/W engineering

Various Approaches Used

There are numerous approaches that can be used in the process of formulating a SDLC. Below you will find some major approaches used in S/W engineering.

Software testing And it's Types

Software testing is the most crucial process of SDLC. This is an important topic which is asked very frequently in college semester exams as well as placement examinations. There are a different types of software testing which are as follows.