Agile Model in SDLC

Agile Model

  • To overcome the limitation of the waterfall model, in the 1990s , the agile model was introduced.
  • Agile is the term referred as versatile. 
  • Agile model is the combination of iterative and incremental software development model.
  • In the agile model, the requirements are break up into many parts, called iterations, and then developed incrementally.
  • In this model, each iteration is planned, designed, implemented, tested and deployed to the customers to take the feedback.
  • If any changes required then the modification is done at that iteration then carry on the project.
  • Any error can be fixed at each iteration so there is no issue about presence of errors in the project.
Agile Model

# Advantages Of Agile Model :

  1. Provides more flexibility.
  2. Agile model provides customer’s satisfaction at each iteration.
  3. No issue of bugs.
  4. Can change or modify the requirement very easily.
  5. It reduces development time of software product.
  6. This model saves time.

#Disadvantages Of Agile Model :

  1. It takes a long time to complete a project.
  2. Agile model requires too much involvement of customers.
  3. This model does not define end point clearly.
  4. It can be more cost effective.
  5. Developers and testers have to work actively.
  6. This model is difficult to implement.
  7. More risk of maintainability.