Prototype Model in SDLC

Prototype Model

Software Prototyping :

Software Prototyping is the process of creating a prototype of the software product. the prototype is an incomplete form of software program to evaluate customer satisfaction.

  • Prototype model is the extension of iterative waterfall model.
  • Prototype model is one of the most popular used software development model in which prototype is built and tested to evaluate the customer satisfaction.
  • Prototype model proposes the system in which a prototype is developed before developed the whole software product.
  • This model is used when all the requirements and resources are not clearly defined at the beginning of the phases.
Prototype Model

Steps followed by the Prototyping Model :-

  1. Requirement Recognition and Gathering :  This step requires primary requirements so that a prototype is created.

  2. Prototype Development : Prototype is built on the basis of the requirement of the customer and this is developed to take the customer’s reviews.

  3. Customer Reviews : Prototype is send to the customer and take reviews of the customer. After taking the customer reviews, developer starts to make the                                             whole software product. If customer is not satisfied then it can be discarded and again create the prototype.

Advantages of Prototype Model :-

  1. It provides higher customer satisfaction and get reviews from customers.
  2. Requirements can change easily according to the customer. It means this model has high adaptability.
  3. Errors can be removed so fast and early hence it saves a lot of cost.
  4. It gives high flexibility.
  5. Prototype model increases the involvement of customers.
  6. Developers can identify the missing functionality very easily.
  7. This model helps to reduce the risks related to the software.

Disadvantages of prototype model :- 

  1. This model can be more costly.
  2. Prototype model can be more complex if a prototype is reviewed by the customers again and again.
  3. It does not provide clear documents.
  4. This model can take more time to develop a software product.
  5. If a customer refuses to accept the prototype ,then there may be wastage of a lot of cost and developer’s efforts.