Mindtree Interview Experience

Mindtree Interview Experience

Looking for Latest Mindtree Interview Experience? You are at the right place. Here you will find Mindtree Interview Experience of 2022 batch students.

Page Highlights:

  • About Mindtree
  • Mindtree Interview Experience for freshers
  • Mindtree Technical Questions
  • Mindtree HR Questions
  • Mindtree FAQs
mindtree fresher interview experience
mindtree fresher interview experience

Mindtree Interview Experience

Looking for Latest Mindtree Interview Experience? You are at the right place. Here you will find Mindtree Interview Experience of 2021 batch students along with Mindtree Interview Questions, Mindtree Recruitment Process and more.

Page Highlights:

  • About Mindtree
  • Mindtree Interview Experience for freshers
  • Mindtree Technical Questions
  • Mindtree HR Questions
  • Mindtree FAQs

About Mindtree

Mindtree is an Indian multinational technology company.

Mindtree’s services includes,

  • e-commerce
  • mobile applications
  • cloud computing
  • data analytics

To know more about the company  visit: www.mindtree.com

Recruitment Process

Cognizant hires through:-

  • On Campus Drives
  • Off Campus Drives


Mindtree hires for roles including:-

  • Developers
  • Analysts
  • Management


There are 4 rounds in Mindtree Recruitment Process,

  1. Online Exam
  2. Spoken English and Grammar Test
  3. TR Interview
  4. HR Interview

Note:- For On Campus drives Mindtree conducts a Pre-Placement talk, where they talk about the company, play some games with the students and ask and answer questions.

It has been seen that sometimes students who impress in the pre-placement rounds are directly called in for the Interview without having to appear for the Written Exam.

Therefore we will advise you if you have a pre-placement talk, show active participation there.

Interview Process

Like most service based companies, Mindtree also conducts 2 interviews,

  1. Technical Interview
  2. HR Interview

In the Mindtree Technical Interview, the questions will include:-

  • programming questions, write codes irrespective of the branch
  • ask the candidate their favorite subject from their discipline and base questions on that
  • Project questions

The Mindtree HR Round is simple and the they ask basic HR questions.

The most important thing that is checked in this round, is the candidate’s communication skill. Candidate’s who have good communication skills are the ones selected.

1.Mindtree Interview Experience 2022

My college placement cell informed about Mindtree’s off campus drive, and so I registered for it. This is my whole Mindtree Interview Experience. I received an email for the Online Test. There were 4 rounds which included:-
  1. Online Test
  2. Spoken English/Grammar Test
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

Round 1:-

It consisted of the following sections:-
                  Sections                                         Questions   
                   Aptitude                                         15
                   Logical                                         15
                   Verbal                                         10
                   Coding                                          6
The exam was conducted on the WeCP platform.
  • Quants was easy, but the time limit was a disadvantage.
  • In Logical section questions came from:-
    • statement and conclusion
    • coding deductive logic
    • number series
  • Verbal was the easiest round. In my test there was no comprehension type questions so it saves a lot of time.
  • I had 6 coding questions, including DSA and Advanced coding. Some of the questions that came were:-
1.Complete the Bubble Sort function in the editor. Input constraints were given and input and output were also provided. 2.Write a program to count the vowels in a given word.
#include  <stdio.h>
#include  <string.h>
int main()
    //Initializing variable.
    char str[100];  
    int i,vowels=0;
    //Accepting input.
    printf(" Enter  the string : ");
    //Initializing for loop. 
        //Counting the vowels.
        if(str[i]=='a'|| str[i]=='e'||str[i]=='i'||str[i]=='o'||str[i]=='u'||str[i]=='A'||str[i]=='E'||str[i]=='I'||str[i]=='O' ||str[i]=='U')
    //Printing the count of vowels.
    printf(" Total number of vowels in the string = %d\n",vowels);
    return 0;

3.Write a program to find the average of the given numbers.

4.Kirti and her friends are walking along the H-boundary wall and there is a security guard next to the wall, The don’t want them to be seen by the guard. To do this, everyone’s height should not exceed H. When anyone has a height larger than H, he or she must bend down so that the guard does not see them, The heights of each person are given to you.
Consider the width of the person walking upright equal to 1, while the width of the person who is bent is equal to 2. While walking, friends want to talk to each other, so they want to be as close as possible and walk in a row. What is the required road distance, so that friends can walk in a row and the guard cannot see them?

5.You are given two numbers L and R. You need to find out the count of all the integers between L and R(both inclusive) whose sum of the digits is divisible by K.

6.There was 1 question on co-ordinates, but I don’t remember it exactly.

Questions were of varying difficulty level and they had different marks for each.

Round 2:-

The second round was a listening and speaking round. The round has 4 sections and 71 questions.

                        Sections    Questions   
                        Speaking    18(10 reading, 8 listening and speaking)
                       1 minute speaking     3
                       Basic Grammar     34
                       Audio Comprehension     16
  • In Speaking Round, there were 10 questions that I had to read out and 8 questions that I had to listen to and speak them again. the second part was a little difficult and requires attention.
  • In 1 minute round, there were 3 topics and I had to say something about the topic in one minute. I had participated in debates previously so it was easy for me to clear.
  • The grammar section was basic grammar MCQ like the verbal round in Round 1.
  • In Audio Comprehension, audio passages were given and there were question that I had to answer based off of them.

Round 3:- Mindtree Technical Interview

I cleared the first two rounds and was invited for the Technical Interview Round.

Questions came from my projects and programming languages that I had mentioned in my resume,

Some of the questions included:-

1.Basic Introduction about myself.

2.What is your favorite coding language and why?

3.What is BCNF?

BCNF is an Advanced version of 3nf.

BCNF stands for Boyce Codd Normal Form. For a table to be in BCNF form, it must:-

  1. Be in 3nf form
  2. For every functional dependency, A->B, A must be a superkey, i.e, in any functional dependency LHS attribute must be a super key.

4.What do you mean by foreign key?

Foreign key constraint is a column or list of columns which points to the primary key column of another table. The main purpose of foreign key is to only allow those values in the present table that matches to the primary key column of another table.

5.Why is DBMS important?

DBMS is important, because :-

  • It manages the data
  • organizes the data such that it is easy for the users
  • dbms functions as a user interface

6.Difference between 2 tier and 3 tier architecture.

2-tier architecture3-tier architecture
client-server architectureWeb based application
It has two layers-Data Layer and Client LayerIt has three layers-Data Layer, Business Layer and Client Layer.
It buries the application logic within the server databaseIt buries the application logic in the middle-tier

7.Define thread and process.

Thread:- Threads are the smallest sequence of programmed instruction that can be managed independently by a scheduler.

Process:- Process is an executing instance of a program.

It is an active entity, that resides on the primary memory and leaves the memory when the system is rebooted.

8.How to add a node at the beginning of a linked list?

void insertStart(struct Node** head, int data){

struct Node* newNode = (struct Node*) malloc(sizeof(struct Node));

newNode->data = data;
newNode->next = *head;

//changing the new head to this freshly entered node
*head = newNode;

9.What is FIFO data structure? State any real life example of it.

FIFO is an acronym for First in First Out approach. The concept of FIFO is basically that elements present in the stack are removed in the same order in which they are filled. Therefore the element which came in first is the element that will be removed first. In real life scenario, a queue follows a FIFO structure, where the person standing first in the queue, gets to go out first.

10.Tell me in brief about your projects.

I was able to answer these questions and was called for the HR round.

Round 4:- Mindtree HR Interview

It was a very short session but the HR was friendly. The interview was quite casual and my communication skills were tested by the HR.

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why Mindtree?
  3. From how many companies have you received offers?
  4. Who is their in you family?
  5. Will there be a problem if you are sent outside India for an onsite project?
  6. In which domain you want to work should you be hired?
  7. Any questions?

My HR round was better than my Technical Round. I waited for the results and after a day, I got the email that I was selected for the role of Software Engineer.

To read other companies interview experiences, visit Interview Dashboard: https://prepinsta.com/interview-experience/

2.Mindtree Interview Experience 2021

Mindtree visited our campus for recruitment. I learned about the interview procedure from my friends and seniors before I appeared for the rounds. I prepared for my exams from PrepInsta as my seniors suggested.

The academic criteria for selection process was :-

  • CS/IT and circuital branches
  • B.Tech/BCA/MCA/BE
  • Education gap of two years or less than that,


The company divided the placement process into four stages:

  • Round 1– Written Test
  • Round 2– Written and Spoken English Test
  • Round 3– Technical Interview
  • Round 4-HR Interview

Written Test

Written test comprised of 120 minutes, in which we had to answer 46-48 questions. I was less anxious as I had prepared, but I also knew that I had to clear this round to make it to next level.

The written test comprised of 4 sections in total:

1. Coding

This section included three sub-sections related to coding, in which we were asked to solve questions based on:

  • Implementation
  • DS/Algo
  • Advanced Algo

The difficulty level was high and thus the time allotted for this section was not sufficient to complete all the questions.

2. Verbal

The English verbal sections were inclusive of questions related to grammatical errors, reading comprehension, and correction of sentences.

3. Quantitative Aptitude

The topics under this section were Average, Time and Work, Simplification, Profit and Loss, Probability and Percentage.

4. Logical Reasoning

This was the hardest part of the written test. The questions of logical reasoning were from coding-decoding and seating arrangements.

The online test results were declared and I was happy to see the positive results.

Written and Spoken English Test

This was a very different type of round. We had to listen to the audio and answer and solve grammar questions and audio comprehension.

There were 71 questions to be solved in 45 minutes.

Mindtree Interview Questions

I joined the online Zoom call for the interview. After the general introduction, the interviewer started asking questions. As I am from ECE branch, he asked me a lot of questions from my domain:

1.What is an 8051 micro-controller?

8051 micro-controller is a general purpose micro-controller that Intel makes. It is an 8-bit set which has 128 bytes of RAM, 4kb of ROM, 2 Timers, 1 serial port, and four ports on a single chip.

2.What is an interrupt service routine in Micro-controller?

ISR or interrupt service routine works when a micro-controller faces sudden interrupt.

It stores the address of current memory and takes the control to a new interrupt memory address. Once the interrupt is fixed it restores the control back to its original address.

3.What is deadlock? What are the conditions necessary to achieve a deadlock?

Deadlock is a situation in which two process are waiting to start, once the other finishes, thus neither starts and are left hanging.

There are four conditions necessary:-

  1. Mutual Exclusion
  2. Hold and Wait
  3. No preemption
  4. Circular wait

4.What is Banker’s algorithm?

Banker’s algorithm is used to avoid deadlock. It is named such as it is based on the banking system of allocating cash such that they are always able to serve their customers.


1) Let Work vector be length m

Finish be vector of length n

Initialize Work = Available

Finish[i]=false, for i=0,1,2.......,n-1

2) Find an index i such that

Finish[i] == false

Need i<= work

If no such i exists, got to step 4.

3)Work = work+Allocation

Finish[i] = true

Go to step 2

4) If Finish[i] == true for all i, then system is in safe state

5. What is De Morgan’s Theorem?

1.(A.B)’ = A’ + B’


6)What is polymorphism?

In Java, Polymorphism is the feature by which it can perform the same action in many ways.

7)What is a break statement?

Break Statement is to stop the execution of a loop when its condition is fulfilled. The break statement stops the loop from executing and the succeeding statement is executed.

I was able to respond to most of the questions with appropriate answers.

HR Interview

After completing the above rounds with satisfaction, I attended the last round.

The interview started with the interviewer greeting me. It was a better round from the previous one, and the questions were related to:

  • Family background
  • Location Preferences
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Internships

He ended the interview with salary discussion.

Anyone appearing for this round, I would advise them to be positive and confident.


Mindtree Interview Preparation Course​

In PrepInsta Prime, we have created a customized  Mindtree Interview Preparation Course. This course includes:-

  • Mindtree Interview Questions
  • Mindtree Technical Interview Questions
  • Mindtree HR Interview Questions
  • Video of candidates sharing their Mindtree Interview Experience  and more

To read more Interview Experiences of selected candidates, visit:

FAQ on Mindtree Interview Experience

Question: How do I prepare for Mindtree interview?


Mindtree focuses a lot on communication and comprehensive skill, in both Technical and HR rounds.

You can go through our Mindtree Interview Preparation Course, to prepare well for Mindtree Interview.

Question: What are the rounds in Mindtree?


In Mindtree hiring process there are usually 4 rounds.

  1. Online Assessment
  2. Communication Round
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

Question: Is there any negative marking?


No, as per their recent pattern, Mindtree does not have negative marking scheme.

Question: What is the platform Mindtree conducts its exam from?


Mindtree uses WeCP. To know more about WeCP you can visit our WeCP dashboard.

Question: What is the coding pattern for Mindtree?


There are 3 sections:-

  1. Implementation
  2. DS/Algo
  3. Advanced Algo

Question: What is the Round 2 of Mindtree about?


This round judges you on you verbal skills. It has listening, speaking and cognitive based questions.