Cognizant GenC Interview Experience

Cognizant GenC Interview Experience

In this page you will find Cognizant GenC Interview Experience of selected candidates. Read through them to find out the questions asked in Cognizant GenC Interview.

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What is GenC?

GenC stands for Generation Cognizant. It basically means the fresher hiring that Cognizant does. GenC refers to those candidates who enter Cognizant with no prior experience.

Cognizant GenC Profiles:-

There are 4 types of GenC Profiles for which Cognizant hires.

  • Cognizant GenC:-
    • Candidates with minimal to no coding experience are often hired for this profile.
    • For this role candidates are trained once they are hired to work with technologies.
  • Cognizant GenC Next:-
    • Candidates with advanced programming skills are hired for GenC Next.
  • Cognizant GenC Elevate:-
    • GenC Elevate is for candidate’s who have basic programming knowledge along with knowledge of DSA and DBMS.
  • Cognizant GenC Pro:-
    • For GenC Pro , candidates who know about technologies like SalesForce, Cybersecurity along with programming are hired.

The working and salary of all these profiles vary accordingly.

Cognzant conducts off campus and on campus drives to hire freshers for these roles.

1.Cognizant GenC Pro Interview Experience

I recently got hired in Cognizant for GenC, and then I updraded to GenC Pro through their upgradation exam. So Cognizant came to our campus for hiring.

There were 3 rounds in total.

Cognizant Online Exam:-

It was an online exam conducted on AMCAT.

There were 3 sections on Quants, Logical and Verbal. There was no Automata fix questions this time.

GenC Interview-

The second round was the Technical Interview. It was conducted on Superset platform and the duration was 30 minutes.

This whole round, the interviewer focused mostly on Communication and Technical Skills.


  1. Self Introduction
  2.  Project related questions.
  3. You are from ECE background, why choose IT?
  4. There were some basic aptitude problems he gave to solve.
  5. There were two coding questions:-
    a.Write a program to find whether a number is even or odd.

int main()


    int number;

    printf("Insert a number \n");


 //Checking if the number is divisible by 2

   if (number%2 == 0)

     printf("The number is even\n");


     printf("The number is odd\n");

  return 0;


      b.Write a program for the Fibonacci series.


int main()


     //To initialize variables

     int n1=0,n2=1,n3,limit,i;

    //To take user input

     printf("enter a limit of series \n");

     scanf( "%d",&limit);

     printf("Fibonacci series %d %d ",n1,n2);

     //To use this loop for given length



          //n1 and n2 sum  store in new variable n3




       //display serious

         printf("%d ",n3);


   return 0;


Cognizant HR Interview:-

The HR Round was also conducted on Superset and was only of 10 minutes.

It was mostly a Document Verification round and they asked for my marksheets and id cards and also asked some basic HR Questions.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  2. Why should we hire you?

Cognizant Profile Upgradation:-

After the HR Round I got into Cognizant. There they told us about Profile Upgradation and if we could complete some tasks then we can attend the interview for the same.


1.Self Introduction

2.Tell me about your projects.

3.What is software development life cycle?

Answer- SDLC is the process of designing, building and maintaining a software product followed by the software development team. It is basically a systematic approach towards developing a product as per the requirements.

4.What are OOPS concepts?

Answer- OOPS concepts include class, object, inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, abstraction.

5.What leadership qualities do you have?

Answer- Gave them an example where I had to lead a team.

6.What were the difficulties you faced while working on the project?

7.What are your interested areas to work in?

8.Some scenario based questions were there

9.What was your experience in college like?

10.What is the waterfall model?

Answer- Waterfall model is a linear sequential life cycle model which specifies the software development process in a linear manner. Here the output of the previous phase acts as input for the next phase.

11.Algorithms of software development life cycle

2.Cognizant GenC Next Interview Experience

I got placed in Cognizant for the profile of GenC Next as a Data Scientist. I would like to share my entire Cognizant Interview Experience with the readers of PrepInsta.

So from our campus, they had informed us about the drive and that students who are good in coding should apply for this round. I applied for the drive and got selected for the online exam.

Round 1: Cognizant Skill Based Assessment

This round was of 3 hours, and there were 3 sections.

  • Section 1:- There were 30 Multiple Choice Questions. These were from various topics including OOPS, JAVA, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL, Operating System and DBMS.
  • Section 2:- There were 4 coding questions. Among the four 2 questions were pretty easy while two were medium level. The questions were based on programming concepts like Greedy, Dynamic Programming, Graphs etc.
  • Section 3:- There were 2 SQL queries we had to write.

Round 2:-Cognizant GenC Technical Interview

The Technical Interview started with introductions, then the Interviewer gave me 2 coding questions to solve.

1.Write a program to perform Binary search on an array of N numbers.

#include  //header files

int binarySearch(int[], int, int, int);

int main() //main function


 int arr[10] = {9, 26, 33, 47, 53, 60, 75, 80, 86, 99};

  int item, location = -1;

  printf("Enter the item which you want to find ");


  location = binarySearch(arr, 0, 9, item);

  if(location != -1) //looping logic


    printf("Item found at location %d",location); //printing the element




    printf("Item not found");


  return 0;


int binarySearch(int a[], int start, int last, int item)


  int mid;

  if(last >= start)


    mid = (start + last)/2;

    if(a[mid] == item){

       return mid+1;


    else if(a[mid] < item){

       return binarySearch(a,mid+1,last,item);



       return binarySearch(a,start,mid-1,item);



  return -1;


2.Write a program to perform Merge sort on an array of N numbers.

Next he asked me a lot of questions on Machine Learning. All my projects were on Machine Learning and so they asked about it a lot.

  1. Explain all the stages of creating a machine learning model on a given dataset
  2. What are the different regularization techniques?
  3. What is poison distribution?
  4. What is the formula for gradient descent?
  5. Explain any clustering algorithm.
  6. What is PCA?

Next they questioned me on ReactJS as I had mentioned it in my resume.

  1. What is virtual DOM and why ReactJS uses it?
  2. What are the bounding methods in React?
  3. Difference between Class Component and Functional Component in ReactJS?

Round 3:Cognizant GenC HR Round

The HR Round was like a document verification round only. The questions asked in this round included:-

  1. Tell me about Yourself.
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. Tell me about your struggles to win your first hackathon (mentioned in my resume)
  4. What is your favorite technology?

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3.Cognizant GenC On Campus Interview Experience

Cognizant visited out campus for hiring. All batches were eligible for this drive. There were 3 rounds that were conducted.

Round 1:Cognizant GenC On Campus Assessment

The fist round was a skill based assessment round. In this round there were questions on pseudocodes, mcqs related to OOPS and General Programming concepts, SQL queries There were 2 easy coding questions based on array and string There were 2 coding questions based on DSA There were 2 sql queries.

Round 2: Cognizant GenC Interview

The second round was Technical Interview round. The questions asked in this round included, programming related questions, internships and project questions.

Cognizant GenC Interview Questions and Answers:-

1.Write a program for Heap sort.

#include<stdio.h> // including library files

int temp;
void heapify(int arr[], int size, int i)//declaring functions


int max = i;

int left = 2*i + 1;

int right = 2*i + 2;

if (left < size && arr[left] >arr[max])

max= left;

if (right < size && arr[right] > arr[max])

max= right;

if (max!= i)


// performing sorting logic by using temporary variable

temp = arr[i];

arr[i]= arr[max];

arr[max] = temp;

heapify(arr, size, max);



void heapSort(int arr[], int size)// providing definition to heap sort


int i;

for (i = size / 2 - 1; i >= 0; i--)

heapify(arr, size, i);

for (i=size-1; i>=0; i--)


// swaping logic

temp = arr[0];

arr[0]= arr[i];

arr[i] = temp;

heapify(arr, i, 0);



void main() // defining main()


int arr[] = {58, 134, 3, 67, 32, 89, 15, 10,78, 9};

// array initializing with their elements.

int i;

int size = sizeof(arr)/sizeof(arr[0]);

heapSort(arr, size);

printf("printing sorted elements\n"); // printing the sorted array

for (i=0; i<size; ++i)



2.What are the different data types in Python?

Different data types include:- int, float, double, string, dictionary, tuple, list.

3.What are the OOPS concepts?

4.What are the different types of Inheritance?

  • Single Inheritance.
  • Multiple Inheritance.
  • Multi-Level Inheritance.
  • Hierarchical Inheritance.
  • Hybrid Inheritance.

5.Create an empty class using pass keyword.

6.Write a code to print first 10 elements of Fibonacci series.

7.Explain your projects.

8.What was your learning experience in  your internships?

Round 3: Cognizant HR Interview

There was also an HR Round which was mostly around document and document verification.

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FAQ on Cognizant GenC Interview Experience

Question: Is Cognizant GenC Interview easy?


The Cognizant GenC exam is relatively easy. The candidates are expected to know about the basics of new and advanced technologies and basic to medium coding questions.

Question: What type of questions are asked in Cognizant Interview?


In Cognizant Interview questions are asked on new technologies like ML, AI. Along with that you can basic programming questions and coding questions. And some questions about Cognizant.

Question: Is there any chance of upgrading to GenC elevate is I perform good in GenC exam?


No. For whichever profile you have registered you will be shortlisted for that only. No upgrades are done.

Question: Are coding questions asked in Cognizant Interview?


Yes, coding questions are asked in Cognizant Interview.

You can practice coding questions here : Top 100 codes

Question: What questions can I expect in GenC Elevate Interview?


GenC Elevate interview is a combination of Technical and HR Questions. 

Question: Can I get rejected in Cognizant HR Interview?


All the rounds in Cognizant are elimination rounds, and there is always the chance of getting rejected after the Interview stage.

Question: How long is the whole Cognizant Interview process?


The Cognizant Interview usually lasts for 30 minutes. But it varies as per candidates and interviewers.

Question: Does Cognizant reject after document verification?


Cognizant does a proper background check and document verification after hiring. And if there is any misinformation then they can reject the candidate.