Cognizant GenC HR Interview Questions

Cognizant GenC HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

This page has the latest Cognizant GenC HR Interview Questions asked to freshers in interviews.

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Cognizant GenC Recruitment Process

For GenC, Cognizant conducts the following rounds:-

  • Cognizant GenC Aptitude Round
  • Cognizant GenC TR Interview
  • Cognizant GenC HR Interview

Cognizant HR Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1:- Tell me about yourself.


This is usually asked during the beginning of the interview. Keep your introduction short emphasizing your strengths and relevant skills for the job. 

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Question 2:- How do you handle stress?


Talk about your general stress coping mechanisms to the interviewer.

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Question 3:- Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?


Talk about your plans and what you hope to achieve in three years.

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Question 4:- What are your plans for higher studies?


Tell the interviewer if you have any plans to pursue further education or enroll in any diploma courses. 

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Question 5:- What are you expecting from this job?


Include what your expectations are from this job.

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Question 6:- Can you work under pressure?


Tell the interviewer whether you can or cannot work under pressure. You should support your answer with real-life examples.

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Question 7:- What is your biggest accomplishment?


Tell the interviewer what your biggest achievements are. It does not need to be something grand. It can be as simple as buying your laptop or moving out and living on your own.

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Question 8:- How do you adjust to change?


Change is a constant in the workplace. As an employee, you are subjected to constant changes in the workplace you should be flexible enough to accommodate them.

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Question 9:- How do you manage your time?


Time management is essential when working for a company like Cognizant. You should know how to balance your time between projects.

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Question 10:- How do you deal with feedback and criticism?


Feedback and constructive criticism are common in the workplace. You should know how to take them positively and how you can improve your work.

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Question 11:- Arranging 10 coconuts puzzle


Aman is given the task to arrange 10 coconuts in a particular structure. The premise, rule, and objective for the Arrangement of 10 coconuts are given below. Read them properly and find the solution for the same.

Premise – The task is to arrange coconuts as a Line.

Rule – Each line contains 4 coconuts.

Objective – To arrange the coconuts in 5 lines such that each line contains 4 coconuts.

Find the Solution:- Arranging 10 Coconuts Puzzle

Question 12:- Color of the Last Ball Puzzle

Premise – You have a bag that contains 20 blue balls and 13 red balls.

Rules – 1 – The task is to pick two balls in succession.

2 – If the balls are the same color then you remove them and replace them with a blue ball.

3 – If the balls are of a different color then you remove them and replace them with a red ball.

Objective – What is the last ball’s color?

Find the Solution:- Color of the ball Puzzle

Question 13:- Falling bear puzzle


A bear falls from a height of 10m on the ground in √2 seconds. What is the bear’s color?

Find the Solution:- Falling Bear Puzzle

Question 14:- Cheating husband puzzle


A certain town comprises 100 married couples. The town has a rule that if any of the husbands cheat and the wife finds out and reports him, the husband will get executed. In the town all the women gossip among one another and tell about the husbands of other women, however, no woman tells another woman whether her husband is cheating on her or not. Therefore every woman knows about all the husbands except her own. Now one day the mayor announced that some husbands are cheating, but the number is not known, whether one or more.

Assuming that none of the husbands confess their infidelity and only their wives can report the husbands, do you think the cheating husbands are caught? If they’re caught, then how?

Find the Solution:- Cheating Husband Puzzle

Question 15:- Russian roulette puzzle

Aman was caught stealing and brought in front of the King for justice. He pleaded to the King that he was a poor man and to show him some mercy. The King felt bad for him but couldn’t straight away forgive him as it would set a bad example. So instead he puts forward an alternative solution. He tells the man that he won’t hang him, but instead use a six-chambered revolver to shoot him. He would put two bullets into the chamber in successive order and spin the chamber and then take a shot. If the man does not die on the first shot, he can then choose to take another shot immediately or ask them to spin the chamber again before shooting. If he survives the second shot, he is free to go. The man agrees to this. The executioner comes and loads the revolver and takes a shot. It is a blank. Now the king asks the man whether he wants to take the next one or should he spin the chamber a second time.


What should the man choose to survive?

Find the Solution:- Russian Roulette Puzzle

Question 16:- If you make mistake how do you resolve it?


Everyone makes mistakes, what is important is that you know how to rectify them and avoid them in the future.

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Question 17:- Are you ready to relocate?


Yes, I am ready to relocate if necessary for this job.

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Question 18:- What services Cognizant provides?


Cognizant provides IT services and consulting.

Question 19:- Who is the CEO of Cognizant?


The CEO of Cognizant is Mr. Brian Humphries.

Question 20:- Any questions for me?


This is the concluding question for an interview. You should ask the interviewer some questions before leaving. For example:-

  • Ask about the job. responsibility
  • Ask about the general work day.

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