Do you have any Questions for me?

Questions to ask an Interviewer at the end 

The last and final question of an interview often is “Do you have any questions for me?”. This is an important question, and many candidates fumble to answer this one. On this page, we have included the best ways to answer this question.

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  • Why: “Do you have any questions for me?” is asked.
  • How to answer: “Do you have any questions for me?”
  • Top 30 Questions to ask at the end of an interview.
important questions to ask an interviewer

Why: “Do you have any questions for me?” is asked.

Interviewers often pose the question “Do you have any questions for me” as the last question in interviews. This question is asked to check just how much a candidate was paying attention to the interview, and how interested they are to know more about the company/brand.

How to answer: “Do you have any questions for me?”

Candidates are often put off guard by this question. Many candidates don’t really know what to ask the interviewer and either end up saying they have no questions or ask a wrong question to the interviewer. Therefore it is very important to prepare for this question beforehand and ask impressive questions to the interviewer.

Important Questions to ask the Interviewer:-

Important Questions to not ask the Interviewer

30 Best Questions to ask at the end of an interview

Below we have listed the 30 Best Questions to ask at the end of an interview, and why you should ask these.

Questions 1:-What is a typical workday like?

Questions 2:- Can you tell me about the office culture/work culture?

Questions 3:- Will there be any training for this role?

Questions 4:- What are the next steps of the recruitment process?

Questions 5:- Where do you see this organization in the next three years?

Questions 6:- How does a person in this profile, contribute to the company’s overall success?

Questions 7:- How would you describe an ideal employee of this organization?

Questions 8:- What makes this company better than its competitors?

Questions 9:- What makes people stay in this company?

Questions 10:-What is the most challenging aspect for someone in this position?

Questions 11:- What are the expectations from this role in the first month?

Questions 12:- How do you test the performance of your employees?

Questions 13:- Do you have any hesitations about me for this profile?

Questions 14:- What new initiatives are being implemented in this company?

Questions 15:- Is this a new position? If not, then why did the person before me resign?

Questions 16:- What will be your expectations from me in this position after a year?

Questions 17:- How do you handle internal conflicts or staff conflicts?

Questions 18:- What is the most challenging aspect of working here?

Questions 19:- Can I get to know more about the team I will be working with?

Questions 20:- Is there any chance of meeting my potential teammates/manager?

Questions 21:- How do employees communicate internally?

Questions 22:- If I am hired, what are the three things you expect me to accomplish within six months?

Questions 23:- What is your staff turnover rate? And how do you plan to reduce it?

Questions 24:- What is the most interesting project that you have done for this company?

Questions 25:- Is there anything on my resume that requires more clarification?

Questions 26:- Is there something we have not covered that I should know for this role?

Questions 27:- What is the team structure here?

Questions 28:- What is the onboarding process for new employees?

Questions 29:- What have previous employees done to achieve success in this position?

Questions 30:- What is your favourite thing about working here?

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FAQs on Do you have any Questions for me?

Question: How many questions should I ask?


One to two questions should be enough. Do not ask too many questions to the interviewer at once.

Question: Can I ask about the latest technologies the company is working with?


You should not ask questions like these as most of these answers are available on the internet. If you start asking the interviewer about the technology or services then it will give the impression that you have not at all researched the company before appearing.

Question: Can I ask about the salary I'll get?


You cannot ask the interviewer about the salary or compensation. If the interviewer themself ask you what salary you are expecting then it is different. 

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