What Are Your Plans For Higher Studies?

This is kind of a single coin double side question that ” What are your plans for higher studies”. While on one hand the interviewer wants you to aim higher and get more knowledge that could be beneficial for their growth, on the other hand, the employer or the interviewer is also critical of the candidates who view their company just at the first step or a boon to give a heads up to their career and then move on to other companies.

What the interviewer really wants to know?

The interviewers are keen to know about your future goals or how motivated you are to aim for something big. When they ask you this question about higher studies or future degrees, their motive is to measure the level of your dedication. If you come out as someone who is reluctant to know or lean more, you stand at a dead end of the interview.

The employer wants to believe that you’ll prove to be a valuable asset for the company, so they get into your space and try to look for something that lets them hold on to you for good.

what are your plans for higher studies

How To Answer The Question of "What Are Your Plans For Higher Studies"

Any candidate applying for a specific job role should know how further education will help to stand true to the role. There are some job profiles which you can excel at only after completing a certain degree or graduation level.

However, there are some roles where firms expect you to go back for further education at some point in the future. So having a good knowledge of the requirements of the role before jumping to the answer should be valued. Then draft your answer in a way that it not only shows your interest in excelling in the job role but also that you aim for a more advanced future.

As such, it is a little difficult to address this issue. Job hopefuls, of course, want to come off as eager to learn and improve. However it might affect the prospects of jobs if it is at the cost of the company.

Often respond frankly and honestly to interview questions. This tells bosses that their time and effort is valuable for a worker. And if they don’t want to hear the response, it is best to discuss it early in the recruiting process.

Points To Use

  • Use points such as you’d keep attending seminars or workshops that’ll help you learn and grow in your job

  • Saying you want a degree to better yourself at the job is credible

  • Use technological knowledge or advancement to relate to your professional goals

  • Say that you want to learn and grow but also want to stay with this company too.

Points To Avoid

  • Do not show your aversion towards education or learning

  • Do not relate education with earning money solely

  • Do not say that you have sufficient knowledge about everything and you are a ‘know all’ person

  • Never reflect education as a hurdle or obstruction to your professional growth

Best Possible Answers for "What are your plans for higher studies?"

Possible Answer:

I am now focusing on the moment. In addition to gaining experience in retail jobs here there is a potential to gain skills in supporting clients with home designs. I will welcome any incentive for learning to help me better support patrons

Possible Answer:

Although I have no intentions at this time to pursue an advanced degree, in terms of either internal or external study, I am still open to further schooling. Because technology evolves rapidly in our profession, with my own personal study, I do my utmost to remain on top of these changes. My boss has even sent me to business training in the past on a daily basis to ensure that my qualifications are kept up to date.

Possible Answer:

I consider schooling as a process that takes a lifetime. Even though I’m going to graduate in the spring, I want to continue to practice as much as I can to be better. So if that’s a mixture of internal and external preparation, I’m ready and willing to continue learning in the job.

Possible Answer:

I am ready to take up any course or degree that will help to get a deeper insight into the job and responsibilities of the post I’ll be hired for. I am prepared to give my all to it and flourish myself and the company with all the knowledge I can get.

FAQ of What Are Your Plans For Higher Studies

Question: Why does the interviewer ask this question about higher studies?

The sole reason for this question being asked during the interview could be that the companies spend a huge amount and time training the employees and coaching them to excel at their job. While the employees are trained, the company wants people who’ll stick with them and grow together for a long time. Hence, the question.

Question: Some brief tips to answer the question.

  • Be honest
  • Be open to learning
  • Show interest in the company
  • Use the principles of loyalty and dedication when/if chosen for the job
  • Embrace coaching to grow with and in the company

Question: What could be the follow up questions?

  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
  • What are you expecting from this job?
  • What are your biggest failures and what did you learn from it
  • What motivates you to do a good job?