What Are Your Plans For Higher Studies?

Are you Planning to go for Higher Education?

Interviewers ask candidates questions like “What are your plans for higher studies” to know more about a candidate’s plans for the future. In this page you will find the guide on how to answer this question.

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  • Sample Answer : “What are your plans for higher education”
what are your plans for higher studies interview questions

Why: “What are your plans for higher studies” asked?

The interviewers ask questions on higher studies to know what the candidate’s long term aspirations are and how driven they are towards achieving them. However another side of this question is to see how serious the candidate is about the company. Whether they are serious about the company and are planning to stay for a long time or are looking at it more as a first step to gain some experience, and then once you have achieved higher education move on to a different company.

How to answer: “Are you planning to go for higher education”

Companies always look for candidates who are always seeking knowledge and trying to improve their skill sets. When you are asked in an interview whether you are planning to go for higher education or not, the best way to answer is be frank. Tell the interviewer whether or not you want to pursue, and justify your answer.

Important Points to Remember

do you have any plans to pursue higher education interview question


  • Tell the interviewer how you would continue attending lectures or conferences to learn and improve your skills
  • If you are willing, tell them about the degree you are planning to pursue 
  • Incorporate how gaining a new degree/ new skills will help you deliver more better results for the company
  • Make the believe that although you are planning to pursue higher education at some point, you would still remain with their organization

what are your plans for higher education interview question


  • Say you are not interested in pursuing any sort of higher education as it will make you sound unambitious
  • Mention making a higher income as the reason you want to pursue higher education
  • Try to implement that you already know all about your domain, and therefore do not need any higher education
  • Reject higher education by citing it as a roadblock to your career in the organization

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Sample Answer: "What are your plans for Higher Education"?

Refer the answers given below and use the frame your own answer.

Answer 1: "What are your plans for Higher Education?"

I’m now concentrating on the present. In addition to acquiring retail expertise, there is the possibility of developing skills in assisting clients with home design. Any opportunity for learning that will assist me in providing quality service to patrons will be welcomed.

Answer 2: "Are you planning to pursue Higher Education?"

While I have no plans to seek an advanced degree at this time, I am open to further education, whether it be internal or external. Since technology shifts so quickly in our industry, I try to stay on top of it in my own personal research. My employer has also sent me to regular business training in the past to ensure that my skills are up to date.

Answer 3: "Do you plan to pursue higher education?"

Schooling, in my opinion, is a lifelong operation. Even though I’ll graduate in the future, I want to keep practicing as soon as possible to improve. So, if it’s a combination of internal and external training, I’m ready and able to learn more about the job.

Answer 4: "What are your plans for Higher Studies?"

I’m looking for a business where I can not only appreciate my work but also advance into new roles. I am really good at what I do, but in the computing world, new techniques and technology are constantly being created. I want to work for an organization that encourages me to develop new skills and broaden my horizons.

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Question: What do I say if I have no plans to pursue higher education


Even if you have no  plans to pursue higher studies, you should not straight away say that to the interviewer. Instead you can say that you have no immediate plans of getting a higher education. You are more focused on getting experience and applying the skills you have learned in UG to practical work. 

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