What Are You Expecting From This Job?

What are you expecting from this job?

“What are your expectations from this job?” is one of the most frequently asked HR questions. You might be wondering why this question. So, let me answer this question first.
The interviewer here checks whether your expectations match the job responsibility or not. They also ask to know about your past experiences(if any) and whether your expectations are reasonable or not. 

How to tackle this question:

  • Talk about the skills that you can offer to the organization.
  • Always answer with respect to the job you have applied for.
  • Answer positively.
  • Be realistic.

How to answer "What are you expecting from this job?"

Be specific in your answer about the details. Answering this question using precise details ensures there is a clear understanding between you and the employer of both your and their expectations. 

Your all experiences might not be good but staying upbeat about your prior experiences shows the interviewer you can reflect on the positives in any situation and assures them you won’t speak negatively about their company later. Focus on the good part rather than talking about the areas of stress or concern.

To make sure your answer does not ramble on too long, focus on one specific area and your expectations there. Be prepared to share examples of how the role was a match for your career path.

Make sure your answer is realistic and don’t put false expectations on the table. As asking too much and saying irrelevant points seems like you have not done any research about the job role and knows nothing about the company. So, keep the job description in mind and answer accordingly. 

Some Sample Answers For "What are you expecting from this job?"

Possible Answer:
I have learned a long time ago that doing the same type of work every day is not my thing.  And as you describe to me about the job role, it seems exciting and exactly what I have looking for. I will work on several projects and this would be different and interesting.
Possible Answer:

I am looking forward to putting my varied skills to good use and making working relationships where we can always count on each other for help. And I would like to use my experience of working in a team, which includes my skills in resolving a conflict between people which usually occurs when people work together.

Possible Answer:

I also want to work on different kinds of projects with different teams so that I could work in an environment that propels my growth beyond this job description. I am looking for an opportunity where I get to use my skills and experience so that I can contribute to the company and also grow with this company professionally and personally.

Possible Answer:

I am looking for a company where I not only enjoy what I am doing but I can also grow into new positions. I am very good at what I do, but in the computer field, there are always new tools and technologies coming out. I want a company that allows me to learn more and expand my capabilities into new areas.

Possible Answer:

My expectations for the company would be to provide a work environment in which I can contribute to the team, I receive appreciation for my contributions, I have job stability and the ability to grow with the company.


Question: What to say if you find your old job better?

Answer:  You might get this random thought in your mind after knowing about the job role or salary, but still, try to answer the question positively. Your thoughts and answers might impress them and provide you a better opportunity because many times HR just plays with your mind.


Question: Talk about salary expectations?

Answer: Avoid talking about salary in this question and talk more about growth, culture, and experience. Your answer should make you look like you want this job only for salary.