What Are You Expecting From This Job?

What are your job expectations?

“What are you expecting from this job” or “What are your job expectations” is a common HR Interview question. In this page you will find the complete guide to answer this question.

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  • Why: “What are your job expectations?” asked
  • How to answer: “What are you expecting from this job?”
  • Sample Answers: “What are your job expectations?”
Wat are you expecting from this job

Why: “What are your job expectations?” asked?

It is commonly observed that a candidate often interviews for a position without knowing exactly what the job entails. In doing so, once they start working they start feeling burnout and are not motivated to complete the job. This negatively impacts both the employee and the employer (the company). Therefore interviewers often ask this question to see what exactly the interviewee has in their minds regarding the company and whether their expectations are in line with the company.

How to answer: “What are you expecting from this job?”

The interviewer wants to know what you or the candidate is expecting from the company and from the job role. Lot of times candidates have a different picture in mind than what is the reality of the company. To answer this question, you can do the following:-

Important Points to Remember

what are your expectations from us Do’s

cross for fill in the blank Don’ts
  • Be specific with your answer
  • Mention anything negative about the company or the job role
  • Incorporate any prior experience if you have any with a similar job position
  • Unrealistic expectations which the company cannot meet
  • Keep your answer short and focused
  • Talk about things that are irrelevant to the company or to the job profile
  • Give real life examples showing how this role is good for you
  • Talk about money or materialistic things(salary,compensation)

Sample Answer: "What are your job expectations"?

Refer the answers given below and use the frame your own answer.

Answer 1: "What are you expecting from this job?"

I’ve known for a long time that doing the same thing every day isn’t my thing. And, based on what you’ve told me about the work position, it seems to be interesting and just what I’m looking for. I’ll be working on a variety of designs, and this one will be exclusive and exciting.

Answer 2: "What are you expecting from our company?"

I’m looking forward to putting my diverse talents to use and forming working relationships in which we can all depend on one another for assistance. And I’d like to put my teamwork expertise to good use, particularly my skills in managing interpersonal tension, which is common when people work together.

Answer 3: "What expectations you have from this job?"

I would like to work on a variety of projects with a variety of teams in order to work in an atmosphere that encourages me to develop beyond this job description. I’m looking for a position that will allow me to put my talents and expertise to good use while still allowing me to develop professionally and personally with the business.

Answer 4: "What expectations you have from our company?"

I’m looking for a business where I can not only appreciate my work but also advance into new roles. I am really good at what I do, but in the computing world, new techniques and technology are constantly being created. I want to work for an organization that encourages me to develop new skills and broaden my horizons.

Answer 5: "What are your job expectations?"

My goals for the company are that it have a work atmosphere in which I will contribute to the team, be recognized for my efforts, provide career security, and have the opportunity to advance within the company.

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