Tell Me Something Which You Haven’t Mentioned In Your Resume

Tell me something which you haven't mentioned in the resume

An interview isn’t just about your qualifications. It goes beyond it referring to your qualities, extra curricular and achievement.

The interviwer wants to know more about your life by prodding questions like this and thus starting an open-ended conversation with you.

If you come across this question during the interview make sure to include more compelling information to share with them that is not in your resume but will give you an edge among others.

Tell me something which you haven't mentioned in the resume

How To Answer "Tell me something which you haven't mentioned in the resume"

Your resume states the facts, but the interviewer wants to know about the person behind the work history. Construct this answer carefully since this would help the interviewer to evaluate if you’re suitable for the respective job profile or not.

You might encounter some real in depth questions that dive into your personal life to know what qualities and events you’re made up of. The ultimate aim is to confirm if the personality they are looking for in a candidate resides within you or not.

Strategies to Adopt to Answer the Question

  • Share your strengths that you have not included in your resume
  • Incorporate some hidden qualities or values that you think will help to score good points
  • Relate your qualities with the job profile you’re interviewing for
  • Make sure to emphasize on why you want to join the company and sight some subjective examples for the same. (real life examples)
  • Do include any kind of extra curricular activity that you’ve taken part in but couldn’t mention in the resume
  • Any volunteering work or internships that you’ve undertaken but missed n the resume is very vital
  • Your personal experiences with some unexpected situations can prove to be golden talk.
  • If there’s anything you’ve accomplished recently; maybe a problem situation that you faced and solved or received appreciation for a task which you did not mention in the resume, use them to please the interviewer
  • If you’ve taken any minimal or higher level leadership activity, mention that.
  • Talk about your goal or dream
  • Use humour as a start to gel well

What You Shouldn't Say

  • Rambling and Talking Without Sense
  • Projecting Anything Negative
  • Re reading your resume all over again
  • Being Unprofessional or too casual
  • Over Sharing Things

Best Possible Answers for" On Tell me something which you haven't mentioned in the resume"

Possible Answer:

“I was handed over with the responsibility of managing a band in high school. My work was to advertise the band and organize gig for it. I carried out all the task including to make sure the band got paid. This was a good way out to make some extra pocket money for yourself and also taught me a good and useful marketing an management principle

Why it works: This answer clearly shows how you have the required leadership and smart working quality within you.

Possible Answer:

With regard to my last position as the office resource manager, I found out that the company was spending a lump sum amount of 25,000 on the materials that went unused by the employees. I rummaged through the documents and bills and made a note of all the products that were most and least important according to our company. I then negotiated with the respective vendors and agreed on a mutual discount rate for the supplies. This helped our company save a good amount and use it for something more productive.

Why It Works: This is quite an impressive answer — the candidates actions reflected that he was a strong negotiator and planner and how he can adjust things for company’s good.

Possible Answer:

I owe my sales record to my competitive nature. I have a keen eye for challenges and hurdles. Last year, I took part in my first fitness marathon and hve been crazy about this since then. I love training in my free time and also whenever possible. I also value the peace and focus that I’ve gained through my efforts to continuously improve.

Why It Works: This answer gets personal, but handily shows that the person is dedicated and focused with what is at his hands.

Possible Answer:

One thing that I haven’t mentioned in my resume but is proud about is my adaptability to the situations. I had been to a camp where there were least resources to stay and eat. Severe cold weather and lack of coverings made it difficult, but I went for a hunt, gathered some sticks and lit a fire for myself and colleagues and somehow managed to survive the night. That way I know I can adapt to any given situation and find out means to come out of it easily.

Why It Works: This answer presumably gives a closer look into how the candidate can be self sufficient in situations which are critical to life and surroundings.


Should I tell them about my any personal habit that can help me for the job?

Yes, you can but it shouldn’t be too personal or unprofessional. If it anything related to your job profile that the interviewer might be interested in then go ahead. Try to ignore habits like waking up early or sleeping early until and unless your job is about early morning shift.

What if I do not have anything else to answer that is not on my resume already?

In that case you can very politely say that they know everything already but do make an effort to sight at least one small thing that is not on the resume. It can be an unknown experience, an unexpected situation, any small competition or victory or even something out of your daily routine which can reflect dedication and concentration.

Do real life experiences really matter?

Yes, if you share something that is real and is a first hand experience, the interviewer connects to it automatically. In case you’re planning to just make up a situation to impress the interviewer, it would better if you try really hard to think of one real incident and only then make it into a hypothetical one. Reality has the aesthetic value which the made up situations will never have.