Give me an example of your creativity


Give me an Example of your creativity?

Give me an Example of your creativity? is the commonly asked question in HR Round. The process of creating new, creative ideas is known as imagination. It is frequently useful for managing conflicts and interacting with colleagues. Identifying trends, drawing correlations with objects that are usually unrelated, and coming up with new ideas are all manifestations of innovation.

You are innovative but not inventive if you have ideas but don’t move on them.

Example of your creativity : Points to Consider

  • In a former or current position, explain how you creatively solved a problem.
  • Offer innovative examples of how you contributed to a project or worked with others to create something worthwhile.
  • You should ideally offer examples of occasions when you used an innovative solution to address an issue in your academic life.
  • Avoid mentioning your extracurricular habits.
  • Don’t take your imagination outside of the workplace.

Why Creativity is important?

Reasons why creativity is important:
  • Improved problem-solving skill
  • Collaboration has improved.
  • Recruiting and retention improvements
  • Being responsive to your environment is an important part of being creative, so make sure that comes through in every step of your response.

Best Possible Answers "Give me an example of your creativity"

Possible Answer:

Creativity is described as bringing new ideas into motion using the tools you already have to make it practical and convenient to use.
Take, for example, Mangalyaan, which was built by ISRO scientists with the same tools as other countries’ space researchers but was achieved at a much lower cost due to their creativity and set a great example for others.

Possible Answer:

Everyone is born with the potential to be imaginative. Some people have a remarkable attribute, but it is not their ability to be imaginative.

I assume that ingenuity means that you treated any issue or dilemma in a successful or constructive way without damaging others.

Possible Answer:

Creativity is the desire to view things from various viewpoints. For instance, if anyone calls me old, I correct them and say “ancient.”

Possible Answer:

In my former work, I was charged with seeking a new demographic for our goods, and one of my most innovative successes happened there. I started by holding a brainstorming session with a few people in my department to come up with suggestions for optimizing our capital.
Since the demographic we were approaching was younger, we wanted to go for social media video sites. , Funny video tutorials, I agreed, would add the most value and be the most entertaining. I figured that people would be more likely to watch the videos in their entirety because they were entertaining.
We were able to establish a new fan base on the website within two months of releasing our video series, mainly by word of mouth.
It became a new stream of leads for our organization and produced $50,000 in new sales within six months.
It was a brilliant endeavor, and I’m incredibly happy with the outcome. “

Possible Answer:

Really, if we do our job in the right time and in the right place, we can be more innovative. It would not be impressive if we do the same good work at the wrong time or in the wrong place. Although, as a result of achievement, innovation is no longer based on one’s way of thought. The effect would be optimistic if you think creatively and differently.

Other Possible Answers

Possible Answer:

“To keep encouraging yourself to see beyond the box and love to challenge your limits” is what imagination entails. “.

Possible Answer:

Creativity, in my view, includes not just the development of new things but also the refinement of existing ones.

Creativity isn’t just about making new things; it’s all about doing things differently.

For eg, I am a really funny person who can make a crying person laugh, so I am still dreaming about different ways to make people happier.

Possible Answer:

Some people believe that doing new ideas is innovative, but I disagree. My father taught me that inspiration comes from doing it well rather than doing things differently.

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What should be the main focus in the answer?

Make sure to talk about the creative process. Talk about how you came up with the idea for the solution that you’re discussing. If relevant, discuss the process you used to compare your idea to other options and how you came to a decision. By showing how you considered different options, you can help the hiring manager better understand your problem-solving process and that you were methodical in your decision.

Why does the interviewer ask this question?

An example of creativity helps them understand how you used your creative thinking to solve a problem or brought about a change in the situation. Employers value creativity in the workplace, discussing examples of how you have utilized creativity can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates.

What is creativity and why it is valued?

Creativity is converting hard work into smart work by understanding the very basic cause and effect of an action. Neither doing in a different way nor a different thing, it’s just the basic of basic observation which makes everything short and simple. It is much valued as it shows your approach towards a problem and shows how beneficial you can be to the company.