Give me an example of your creativity


What is creativity?

Creativity is the act of generating new, imaginative ideas. It is often beneficial for solving problems and communicating with others in the workplace. Creativity can involve identifying patterns, making connections between things that are normally not related, and thinking of new ideas.

If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.
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Points to Consider

  • Talk about how you creatively solved a problem in a previous or current position.
  • Give creative examples of how you put in your efforts to some project or with peers to bring out something substantial.
  • You can quote examples where you took a new approach to solve any problem in your academic life preferably.
  • Avoid talking about your extra curricular.
  • Don’t go to out-of-office examples of your creativity.

Why Creativity is important?

Reasons why creativity is important:

  • Better problem-solving
  • Increased collaboration
  • Improved recruiting and retention
  • Creativity is about being responsive to your environment, so make sure that shows through at every step in your answer.

Best Possible Answers "Give me an example of your creativity"

Possible Answer:

Creativity can be defined as implementing new ideas with the existing resources you have to make things feasible and easy to use. We can take an example of Mangalyaan created by ISRO scientists who have the same resources as other country’s spaces researchers but still they completed it with very much less cost with the help of their creativeness and set a great example for others.

Possible Answer:

Creativity is natural in everyone. Some people have some special quality, but that is not their creativity.

I think creativity means, in every situation or every kind of problems, you handled it, in an effective or positive manner without hurting anyone.

Possible Answer:

Creativity is ability to see things in newer perspectives. My example would be, if somebody calls me old I correct them and say I am “ancient”.

Possible Answer:

One of my most creative accomplishments occurred in my last job, where I was tasked with reaching a new audience for our products. I started by meeting with a few people in my department for a brainstorming session to come up with ideas for maximizing our resources. We decided to go after social media video platforms since the audience we were targeting was younger. I decided to bring our new intern to the project. He was a student majoring in photographic arts and I felt he could add a lot of value for this project. After evaluating videos in different niches for ideas, I decided that funny video tutorials would add the greatest value and be the most entertaining. Because they were entertaining, I felt viewers would be more likely to watch the videos in their entirety. After launching our video series, we were able to grow a new fan base within two months on the platform, primarily through word of mouth. Within six months, it became a new source of leads for our company and generated $50,000 in new revenue. It was a great effort and I’m really proud of the results we achieved.”

Possible Answer:

Actually when we are doing the work at right time at right place it will be more creatively. If we are doing the same right work at either at wrong time or wrong place it will not impressive. But success put it beyond, the creativity depending upon way of thinking. If you think quite smart and differently the result will be good.

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Other Possible Answers "Give me an example of your creativity"

Possible Answer:

Creativity means “to keep pushing yourself to think out of box and love test your boundaries”.

Possible Answer:

According to me, creativity is not only in making new things but also in the improvement of existing things.

Creativity is not only making different things just do things differently.

Eg: I am very much entertaining person as I can make laugh a crying person, so I always have various ideas in my mind to make everyone happy.

Possible Answer:

Some people think that doing different things is creativity, But I don’t think so. My father taught me, that don’t do different things just do things differently, and this is creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the main focus in the answer?

Make sure to talk about the creative process. Talk about how you came up with the idea for the solution that you’re discussing. If relevant, discuss the process you used to compare your idea to other options and how you came to a decision. By showing how you considered different options, you can help the hiring manager better understand your problem-solving process and that you were methodical in your decision.

Why does the interviewer ask this question?

An example of creativity helps them understand how you used your creative thinking to solve a problem or brought about a change in the situation. Employers value creativity in the workplace, discussing examples of how you have utilized creativity can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates.

What is creativity and why it is valued?

Creativity is converting hard work into smart work by understanding the very basic cause and effect of an action. Neither doing in a different way nor a different thing, it’s just the basic of basic observation which makes everything short and simple. It is much valued as it shows your approach towards a problem and shows how beneficial you can be to the company.